Meanwhile, Down Here In The Rabbit Hole …

While I very much enjoyed writing my “good people” post for this morning, a quick glance at the news shows me that I must now go back down the rabbit hole.  Sigh.

Yesterday Donald Trump was a very busy man.  He gave the most disgusting speech ever to be given at a Boy Scout Jamboree (see previous post) and then moved on to a campaign-style rally in Youngstown, Ohio where he was equally obnoxious (is he capable of being otherwise?).  Not surprisingly, he spent most of the hour-long speech tooting his own rusty, off-key horn, but there were a few things to note.  I was appalled and somewhat angered to read that he “appeared before a crowd of adoring supporters”.  Adoring supporters???  These are NOT my fellow countrymen!

A few of the “highlights” from his speech:

  • “It’s much easier, by the way, to act presidential than what we’re doing here tonight, believe me. And I said with the exception of the late great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office. That I can tell you. It’s real easy.”  Then why don’t you try it, just once?

  • “I’m here this evening to cut through the fake news filter and to speak straight to the American people. fake news. fake, fake, fake news. Boy oh boy, people. Is there any place that’s more fun, more exciting and safer than a Trump rally?” Yes, I’m thinking open heart surgery would be more fun.

  • “Yes, our Second Amendment is very, very sound again. that would have been gonzo. It would have been gone, but I never had a doubt. We support the constitution of the United States and believe that judges should interpret the constitution as written and not make up new meaning for what they read.” Support the 2nd but trample the 1st.

  • “But I think that with few exceptions no president has done anywhere near what we’ve done in his first six months. Not even close. But they don’t let you know. They don’t want to write about it.” Quite right … no president has ever destroyed as much in his first six months as Trump.

  • “And boy, have we put those coal miners and coal back on the map.” Wrong. Coal is a dying industry.

  • “The great president from the state of Ohio, William McKinley and you know William McKinley, does anybody know who the hell he is? Do you know who he is?” Sigh.

  • “Every single President on Mt. Rushmore — now here’s what i do. I’d ask whether or not you think I will someday be on Mt. Rushmore …” Bozo the Clown would stand a better chance.

  • “We are actually liberating towns and cities. We are liberating — people are screaming from their windows, thank you, thank you to the border patrol and to General Kelly’s great people that come in and grab the thugs and throw them the hell out.” Somebody please get the duct tape for this guy’s mouth.

And the pain goes on … and on … and on.  But two other things stood out apart from Trump’s own hateful rhetoric.  First, he called a man from the audience, a man named Gino Defabio, who claims to be a long-time democrat who voted for Trump and says, “I love this guy, this guy’s got something, he’s the real deal. Every one of these people love you, Sir. And I don’t want to sound silly or anything, but i thought what would I say to the President if I ever got to meet him, which this is an honest to god over the top moment for me. I thought you know I’m just going to tell him something. And sir, like I said, thank you for Justice Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Right?”  It was almost surreal … I have to wonder if he wasn’t a paid actor.

And the second, very disturbing thing, was that protesters were thrown out for nothing more than holding a sign!  Think about this one … it curtails our right to free speech in a most chilling way.  The first protester removed was holding a sign that read, “Trump/Pence Must Go.” Trump watched as police removed the protester and then turned back to the audience, saying “Where the hell did he come from?” The second protester was physically removed for holding a Russian flag. Two other protesters were removed, though I do not know the nature of their “crimes”.  When questioned, a spokesman for the Youngstown police department explained the violation of 1st Amendment rights thusly:

“Those situations can be explosive and we were able to keep everything to a minimum. We use a force continuum. We react to what they display to us. With those gentlemen that had to be pushed and prodded to get them out of the building, they were at a point where they were ignoring verbal commands.”

Folks … think about this one for a bit.  These protesters were doing nothing wrong. They were not being disruptive; they were not yelling obscenities or shaking fists.  They were simply displaying signs and flags to express their opposition to Trump.  We DO have the right to do this!!! The lawbreakers here were the police.  Isn’t it interesting how emphatically Trump and his minions defend the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution while trampling all over the 1st Amendment?  Freedom of the press is being vehemently challenged, and now our rights to stand quietly holding a sign that expresses our opinion is being quashed.  I am suddenly chilled to the bone.

*Time has published a full transcript of Trump’s Youngstown speech for any who can stand to read it.

42 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Down Here In The Rabbit Hole …

  1. Dear Jill,
    And why does he have to belittle everyone. He can dish it out but he can’t take the returning fire. He had to tell the young protester with the Russian flag, ” Get out of here. Looks like a nice little guy, actually. Go home to mommy. Bye. Go home to mommy. Tell her to tuck you in bed. Aw, he’s such a nice guy.”
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, I read that also … why does he do it? I don’t know, my friend. The only thing I can figure is that he truly has no conscience, not a shred of human decency. He is cruel and seems to be proud of it. I have often wondered, if one of his children were to die, would he even shed a tear? I think not.

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  2. Perhaps we need to come up with a code word for DdT… Given his sudden distaste for any opposition, and removal of all indication of such speech, it is reminiscent of book burning.

    The removal of net neutrality means governments may move in with just a bit more than spyware into our on line lives.

    I digress slightly to say that I saw such an indication of this possibility on the social network Care2. I saw blatent vile harassment to myself and others when I objected to the removal of a founding participant who took it upon herself to help people to navigate the site (and to help them delete otherwise undeletable stuff from their profiles). She was rewarded with being permanently ousted, and I and others were trolled by the administration for days. All I had said was that ‘there was no freedom of Speech at Care2, and that this person they had blocked was not doing anything bad.’ Except, she was…she had learned some of their dirty little secrets. I did some digging in the corporate records….I won’t go into it here, but I found some very distasteful things about that enterprise, not least of which is that I found some very interesting links to other not so savoury projects. Tenuous links, yes, but some of them all operate out of very high value real estate addresses as that social website. I will have nothing more to do with them.

    The world of internet is not a very safe place, and I have no doubt that his Trumptness will be looking at that very soon…so very, very, soon. His Twitter feed is not just a silly pastime…he likes to be controversial to gain followers. And they are many…so many, many…so great, so great….😨😨😨

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    • Wow … what you related about Care2 is chilling! I never heard of that site, and now that I know, I will never care to go there. As re Trump’s Twitter … I do NOT follow him, but frequently respond to one of his obnoxious tweets. It gives me a moment of pleasure to do so, and if he blocks me as he has others … so what? I can see all of his tweets on any news site every day! I have speculated more than once that eventually, if he remains in office and continues to abuse his power, blogs like mine, Keith’s and Gronda’s will come under scrutiny and may be shut down. I hope I am wrong, for if that happens then we will know we have lost our freedom of speech. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t copy my posts onto Facebook as I usually do, and in my paranoia, I wondered if I was being censored. Turned out it was just a transitional thing while Facebook made some changes, but it is telling that my first thought was so paranoid.

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  3. Well folks….
    Y’see there was this fellow George, a man of Hanoverian lineage III in line of that name to rule Great Britain and Lord North his Prime Minister said these colonies should pay taxes, those colonists didn’t like and as Great Britain had done pretty well in the Seven Years War, what was to stop old GB? Right?
    Now going back to the 1950’s you had good old Tail-Gunner Joe out of Wisconsin and since everyone was worried about the Communists he did pretty well out of that for a time, until he over-reached himself, and Boom! Bye-Bye.
    And back in the 1960s & 1970s there were LBJ & Old Tricky-Dicky who both won elections by a landslide but they was still nervy fellows who just kept seeing demons everywhere and just couldn’t see think straight in the end.
    And this bloated clown?
    He doesn’t come close to any of them, so what’s his chance of making it into History as nothing but one of the biggest cavities
    Just saying, that’s all
    Take care folks.
    Keep on keeping on..

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  4. I’m wondering what’s happened to the Youngstown police. In this case, they were definitely lawbreakers and didn’t even seem to notice. Who’s in charge there? It would definitely sicken me to read the full transcript. Of course, those people loved DT. Who else would come to hear him speak? —- Suzanne

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    • Best guess is that the chief of police and mayor are both staunch Trump supporters and instructed the officers to do this. Who’s going to stop them or hold them accountable? Now, if they had beaten or shot someone, then yeah, there would be consequences, but … even a good lawyer probably couldn’t make a case here.
      And you are right … who but a Trump supporter would attend one of his rallies? I sure wouldn’t … I cannot even watch him ontelevision without losing my appetite and feeling the need for a shower!

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  5. Surreal. Sad. Stunningly stupid. … But you do remember what happened to Trumpty Dumpty down there in the rabbit hole in the end? … All the king`s horses and all the king`s men, couldn’t put Trumpty Dumpty together again… At one point, he will fall. Let`s just hope he falls before democracy does.

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    • Exactly … and that is what I am seriously beginning to question. And if democracy dies first, the entire world will feel the repercussions. I was once pretty sure I knew how this story ended, but now … I’m not so sure anymore.


        • I do so hope you are right! With one or two exceptions, my friends outside the U.S. are more optimistic than those of us who are here. Perhaps it is one of those “can’t see the forest for the trees” situations. I’m always grateful for yours and others ability to offer a more positive perspective! 🙂


  6. Jill, it is always interesting to hear Trump Truths from the parallel universe. Earlier in the day, Senator McCain contradicted the President saying we have not done a whole lot.

    As you note, the what he has accomplished is to make the world trust the US less, have little trust in its President, abdicate agreements made by this country calling them disasters (his favorite word), been at odds with US diplomats and make us less safe by making everyone who disagrees with him the enemy and emboldening domestic terrorists groups. Keith

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  7. He still has trouble forming a coherent sentence doesn’t he? Soon the protesters will be enough for him to declare a state of emergency and call the National Guard out. While you’re not watching the Republicans will plead with him to take over and govern without elections until it’s ‘safe’.
    xxx Cwtch mawr xxx

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  8. I am not sure Drumph knows that there are any amendments other than the 2nd – that’s the one his minions keep talking about, after all. I’m wondering if he knows what it’s an amendment to…

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    • You make a good point. I heard a while back that before he talks about anything, his staff prepares a little ‘cheat sheet’ for him with facts he needs to know. They must have forgotten to give him the information on McKinley 🙂 But he even admitted once last year that he had never read the Constitution. Just under 8,000 words, takes less than an hour to read … guess that was too much for his little brain. 😦

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    • That is the direction I see us heading, especially if he is successful in firing Robert Mueller and thus effectively shutting down the Russian investigation. 😥 My prediction is that before long we are going to see journalists jailed …

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        • Yes, and it certainly would not surprise me! A lot of anger and resentment here these days. In a way … I would almost welcome it. But then … I fear Trump would use it as an excuse to declare martial law. He is not so different from Erdogan … less refined, less intelligent, but he has advisors, or perhaps puppetmasters who have the intelligence. Many hugs, dear friend!!!

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