Are you sure you want to double down on fossil fuels?

On Tuesday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offered clear signs that it is likely to weaken Obama’s fuel economy standards: It is considering freezing the fuel efficiency targets, instead of raising them each year as the Obama administration had proposed. This is a step in the wrong direction if one cares about the planet. Blogger-friend Keith Wilson, however, has written an inspiring post telling us of what some other nations are doing to drastically reduce or even eliminate emissions from autos! Please take a moment to read and ponder! Thank you, Keith, for some great news and for implied permission to share!


The United Kingdom just announced it will ban sales of combustible engine cars in 2040. Australia announced the same week the planned development of a super highway for electric cars, complete with charging stations.

These announcements come a month after France made a similar decision to the more recent UK one to ban combustible cars and Volvo said they would no longer make combustible cars after 2019. And, not to be outdone, several cities like Paris, Mexico City, Madrid et al, want to ban combustible cars much sooner by 2025.

In fact, as reported in the book “Climate of Hope” by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Sierra Club ED Carl Pope, cities around the world are leading the way on the climate change fight. They are making huge strides in making buildings more green, improving the time for taxis and cars to move across the city which produces less…

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  1. Keith produced another quality post.
    One point which seems to be missed in many arguments is simple. We are of This Planet. We don’t own it. If your tastes run to the lessons (not the literal- people) inherent in Genesis we are custodians. We do have the intelligence to be aware of this, but some folk would rather believe that if they say loud enough, the problem is not there it will go away

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    • Quite so. As has been said many a time lately, the planet can survive without us, but we cannot survive without the planet. We were given a wonderful place to make our lives … a place with forests, rivers, oceans, and all the resources we would ever need. But were we satisfied? No, we had to have more and more, taking from the earth, but never giving back. So now it’s decision time, but some are too addicted to their conveniences, their toys, to wake up and do what we must.

      Yes, Keith does good work … he’s a smart hombre! 🙂

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      • Ah, we’ll be a smear on the fossil record, though later civilisations will ponder on the spikes in radioactivity.
        Keith wields dignity and maturity in a formidable manner. A pleasure to read.
        And this cranky old hard-left brit has learnt to have great respect for the genuine Republicans.

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        • It’s interesting how we take everything so seriously, and yet … in the grand scheme of things, even if we live to a ripe old age of 80, 90, or 100+, we are but an insignificant blip on the radar … here one minute, gone the next. Does what we do or say today really matter? Only today, I think …

          And yes, there are some good ones in the republican party, but far too many boot-lickers at the moment who think that riding on the coattails of the idiot-in-chief is going to reward them in spades. We shall see. 😉

          Personally, I have come to rather like ‘crusty ol’ hard-left’ Brits! 🙂

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          • Our favourite hobby is to outrage or scare the socks off of the Fashionable Left when we explain just what we mean by Socialism.
            Mind you put five socialists in a room and you’ll get at least six different versions of the system!!

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            • Now THAT is so true! In fact, I am not a fan of the traditional definitions of socialism, but I am more along the lines of Bernie Sanders’ style of socialism. I think it is like what I’ve been saying about party ideology … as the right moved farther right, it forced the left farther left, until the middle ground was no more. The middle ground is now but a huge chasm, and those of us who are most liberal in our thinking, border on socialism. So, those are my words of profundity for tonight … and I now return you to your regular programming … 😀

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              • This is a sad trend Jill with is ‘nothing new here folks’.
                Three examples: We both had our Civil Wars. Spain had one in living memory.
                This one won’t go that far (because you throw presidents to the wolves every four years! 😁), but once the shouting begins it needs a calm unflappable, sometimes mundane leader to be at the helm.
                You had Eisenhower- arguably we had Stanley Baldwin (not related to any of your acting Baldwins 😁) during the 1926 General Strike- not so much a leader as ‘Let’s All Be Jolly Calm About This’.
                Regrettably you have an oaf at current time.

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                • 😀 You make me laugh even when you are being serious! Good job! And methinks we will not throw this leader to the wolves, for I am a huge fan of wolves and I would not insult them by giving them something so rotten! 🐺🐺🐺

                  Yes, an oaf at the helm sums it up nicely. And since there is nothing either unflappable or mundane about him, my fear is that in ANY situation, be it domestic or international, he is only likely to exacerbate the situation rather than be a calming influence. Which is why he must leave office soon. Also because he is interfering with my enjoyment of life and we cannot have that now, can we? 😀

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                  • Ah, but these are the special packs of wolves that every villain in rural based fantasy stories should have, so on a stormy night the said villain came say
                    “Yes Master,”
                    “Release….Release…hahaha…Der vulverz! Ahoooo! Ahooooooo!!”
                    And they don’t anyone eat anyone just chase them to their doom over a cliff, or summin’ like that. 😁
                    No, By Timothy! We cannot have your enjoyment upset by such a small person.
                    For a start, there’s ‘Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness’ and then there’s ‘Cruel and Unusual Punishment’ and he’s certainly inhibiting the first and causing the second.
                    Shucks m’am he an’t even fit to be a deputy street sweeper in the town of Nosepick ‘cas that’s hard work! 😀

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                    • Yes, those special wolves would indeed do the trick! Actually, I have a friend out west who raises wolves. She offered me a wolf pup a few years ago, but with cats … I somehow didn’t see that one working out too well. 😀 However, if she has several in residence at the moment, perhaps they could be trained … a special pack … hmmmmm …

                      Yes, that’s it! We are promised Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and how can I pursue happiness if I am stuck day and night with my nose in front of the computer screen saying “frib, frib, frib”? I sometimes entertain myself with the vision of him doing manual labour, like street sweeper or … wearing horizontal stripes and leg chains, busting up rock piles! 😁

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                    • Maybe a wolf cub raised with cats might work. We knew a couple who had a raggedy old disreputable tomcat and brought a young Rottweiler into the mix, who eventually washed herself just like a cat. 🙂
                      Cleaning prison toilets with a toothbrush?😁

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                    • 😀 The vision of him scrubbing prison toilets with a toothbrush makes me smile! 😀 😀 😀

                      With just one or two sane cats, I would have considered the wolf pup, but … with 7 crazy cats, one of whom already spends most of her days hiding under the couch (feline equivalent of Down’s Syndrome, believe it or not!), I fear the wolf wouldn’t have stood a chance!

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  2. colettebytes There is more CO2 trapped in oceans than may be manufactured by people. Just one or two volcanos in the ocean deeps, will create more CO2 in the atmosphere. Air quality? I’m all for that! Yet I find it surprising that people seem concerned over this? When radiation from Fukushima Daiichi since 2011, is pouring into the Pacific. The plastics now floating in oceans and so on. Even Hanford WA since 1960’s, is spewing out radiation, from inadequate storage of highly radioactive substances. The heavy metals from battery production etc. Make their way to the Arctic circle and the fish and animals. There are far more perilous things than CO2. The time to put that genie back in the bottle, would have been 100 years ago. Survival of the species? You could take a look at the drop off of male sperm levels? Might just make that argument, redundant? What makes you think that homo sapiens is somehow special, in the first place?

    It is heavy industry that makes the most CO2. Will you deny people of Africa and Asia the rights to industry, air conditioning, or transportation. Other than by donkey? Barack Obama waged war in Afghanistan, a country that has the most rare earths. He said he would stop? But he did not. He ramped it up and kept the opium coming.

    Climate? Our star, Sol, drives climate as it does throughout the solar system. Our impact on the planet, is but negligible in comparison. That star we call the sun, has been controlling the temperature and conditions here since this rock was born.

    In the 1970’s Uwe George wrote a book “In the deserts of this earth”. Perhaps people, are nature’s mechanism to produce the natural order of things … deserts?

    It is an imperfect world and who is to blame for that? Mother Nature? God?
    Cheers Jamie

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    • I don’t disagree with you hirundine608. I am not a fan of nuclear. And also agree that heavy industry (especially in the minerals mining and concrete production areas) are responsible for much of what goes up into the atmosphere. And yes, the oceans are a carbon sink… But they are acidifying at an enormous rate now and reaching a tipping point for that. I am not an advocate for denying access to poor people for the trappings of modern life either. But again, you have missed the point.
      Yes, the sun and the planets do have a balancing mechanism, but it is a slow process over millennia. We are in the throws of abrupt climate change and the results of that are unpredictable. The best case scenario right now is that many of us are going to experience some never before recorded (by man) sudden climate shifting. Your rant on the unfairness of governmental manipulations around it won’t change the fact that if we do not all prepare ourselves, this road to perdition will swallow us and spit us out piecemeal!

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    • Well … I shan’t argue with you, because you life in the UK and I am but observing from a distance. And besides … why would I want to argue anyway? That said … I think they will at least make an effort, and I think we will also in a few years, when Trump is gone and the dust has time to settle. We’ll see …

      Bunches of hugs and much love, dear Jack!!! ❤


  3. The idea that CO2 causes climate change is absurd. We are a carbon based planet and life form. CO2 follows warming, not pushes it. One of the easiest ways of absorbing CO2 is through plant life. Plants and trees take in CO2 and give back oxygen. So why do governments cut down trees without proper replacement? The push to car systems running on electrics is fine enough and really a stand-alone issue. Yet, watch out for an abrupt rise in costs. Both in the cost of batteries and the electricity required to charge them. When you have rolling power cuts. how will they be charged then? Any planetary warming can be explained through other things, than the infernal combustion engine. Maybe the human race can go back to walking? Much better for you, than riding everywhere. It would change the dynamics of urban living, for sure.

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    • By the time electric cars are a necessity and deadlines reached, most electric cars will be built of solar energy absorbing Graphene materials and battery storage will be into Super conducting with 10 times the power of anything currently in use.

      CO2 is not the only Greenhouse gas, but eliminating it and NOX from our vehicle exhausts will go a long way to improving air quality in cities. There will be plenty of CO2 left for the plant life…there are enough people who still spout plenty of hot air for that.

      You have missed the point that climate change will occur anyway, we just need to try to lessen the effects of it (if we can) so that we have even a remote chance of survival as a species without having to fight food and water wars and deal with massive migrations!

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      • Excellent summation! Especially the part about “plenty of CO@ left for the plant life”. After all, the plant life thrived for thousands (millions?) of years before cars were even invented! Thanks, Colette!

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    • Let me guess, Jamie … you do not believe that climate change will destroy our environment in time? 🙂 I respectfully disagree, but I know from previous experience that neither of us will change the other’s mind. Plus, it is 3:30 a.m. here and my brain has not got the ability to formulate a cohesive sentence, let alone a scientific argument, so I’ll just respect your opinion and hope you respect mine. 🙂

      Cheers, my friend!


      • Ms. Dennison, honestly? I don’t know? Yet, this planet has done just fine, with and without us.There is much scientific evidence that what today we call greenhouse gases. Were in larger supply, in other ages of the world. When dinosaurs roamed the planet. Huge beasts, eating the plants. Caused large amounts of methane from their excrement, etc. As an example.

        Besides. This solar system was not born of the Milky Way. We were once part of another galaxy, called the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical galaxy. SagDEG. The MW is currently eating that galaxy. As it breaks SagDEG apart. Life is larger than homo sapiens.

        I do not think of myself as a Christian. Yet I do believe in a power called God. I hold dear many things that we describe as good. We, as a species, should be looking after this planet and it’s inhabitants. If we wish to change the world? Change yourself.

        Death is not an end. Its another beginning. While we cling to life, of course it’s natural to avoid death. That’s the nature of all life. Self survival and procreation, is our natural being.

        Climate here and throughout our system, is driven by larger things than what we produce. Cosmic rays and sunlight, drive the agenda. Here on Earth and on Mercury, Mars, Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and beyond. It is an electrical universe.

        Is the question, “can we go on tearing the planet apart for profit”? Answer: “I think not.” Yet CO2 is not the culprit.
        Cheers Jamie

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        • Ah, Jamie! Remember the dinosaurs? True, planet earth will not be destroyed, but I do believe it will become, at some point, unable to sustain human life. Even if we do everything in our power, I believe that humans will eventually become extinct, either because they will destroy the human race with nuclear bombs, or because they will continue to muck up the air and the water supply, and we cannot live without either.

          And Jamie … I’m Jill, just plain ol’ Jill … no formality here. And you are my friend, Jamie … even if we don’t always see eye to eye, okay?



          • Sure, thanks Jill! Yet it try to be polite, because so much of our world has lost the habit.

            I have written this before … somewhere? It is said that birds are descended from dinosaurs. The latest information we have, is that creatures like tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptors were feathered? If so, logic might dictate? That instead of roars, they tweeted and chirped? Can you imagine the dawn chorus of that?

            Destruction is a harsh word. I prefer, to let our soul soar and not be beaten down; by destruction of spirit.

            The rhetoric that Russia tampered in some way to aid Mr. Trump in winning is an absurd meme. Mr. Trump won because many Americans bought into, what he was saying pre-election.

            Having written that, it seems that Americans who believe in liberal ideas. Have an opportunity. They have four, now three, years to find a better candidate who will stand for their beliefs and truly “drain the swamp”. Mr. Sanders seemed to have the nomination race sewn up? He would have been a better person instead of Ms. Clinton. Who had too many albatrosses draped around her neck. As substantial as that neck has become.

            Personally, I’m not holding my breath. It will play out like so many others, in the end.

            Lastly of course we are friends, blogging friends. If we knew each other personally? I feel sure we would have some good conversations, over a glass of wine, or cup of coffee.

            Cheers Jamie

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            • I know, and I appreciate your politeness … it’s just that “Ms. Dennison” makes me feel even older than my 66 years. But I do appreciate it, but please … just call me Jill 🙂

              Thinking of dinosaurs chirping at sunrise indeed makes me laugh! 😀

              As re Russia throwing the election … obviously I am not privy to the evidence that has been gathered by the intelligence community, but I firmly believe that, at the very least, their proven hack into the DNC and Hillary’s servers caused Hillary to become less popular and started rumours, most of which were untrue, but perpetuated by Trump, that caused her to lose. She DID, in fact, win the popular vote by nearly 3 million, but unfortunately not in all the right places to garner the electoral win. I suspect there are more ways that Russia played a role, and maybe we will never have all the information, but I do believe it to be so.

              I do firmly agree with you that now is the time for the Democratic Party to get their ducks in the pond and lined up for 2020, and I am disappointed that I see no evidence of this happening. I like Bernie Sanders, but … his ideas were pie-in-the-sky and he would never have been able to implement most of them, so he would have had an unsuccessful presidency. The main thing that hurt him, though, was a label … one I somewhat share … “socialist”.

              Indeed we are blogging friends! I have found, in the last 2 years especially, that my blogger-friends are true friends … we support one another when we have troubles, cheer each other on, and sometimes disagree, but always with respect. I am closer to some of my WordPress friends in a way than i am people I actually know! But yes, we would have some rousing conversations, you and I, if we ever sat across the table from each other!



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