For Trump, Loyalty Is A One-Way Street

trump-sessionsLast year, 2016, then-Senator Jeff Sessions was the only senator to endorse Trump for much of the presidential campaign. His loyalty and dedication were not, however, what earned him the position of Attorney General under the Trump regime. His willingness to roll back certain civil rights protections and be tough on immigration issues were what earned him the position.  His loyalty and dedication have earned him the right to be belittled, humiliated and bullied in public statements nearly every day by his boss.

And now, the bullying tactics have become an obvious attempt to coerce AG Sessions to resign.  Speculation is that if he does not resign, Trump will seek an opportunity to fire him.  This is how Mr. Sessions’ loyalty is repaid.

I have no sympathy for Jeff Sessions. He’s a terrible attorney general because he’s a terrible human being. Since taking office, he has encouraged police to increase asset forfeitures, told federal prosecutors to put people in jail for as long as possible, spoken to an anti-gay hate group, ended an effort to raise standards of forensic science, ramped up enforcement against undocumented immigrants, shut down reviews of abuses by police departments, threatened to take DOJ grants away from sanctuary cities, stopped a DOJ fight against a Texas law rolling back voting rights, and moved backward on transgender rights. That said, those are the very things Trump hired him to do.

Jeff Sessions is an employee of Donald Trump, and all other considerations such as legality, fairness, underhandedness aside, Trump can, in fact, fire Jeff Sessions.  But the men and women in Congress are not employees of the president, they are elected representatives of We The People, and Trump cannot fire them.  However, that does not stop him bullying them.

After Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky went on television earlier this month to oppose the Senate health care bill, Trump ranted to other Republican senators that Paul was ‘grandstanding’. One of his milder attacks, and Paul brushed it off.


Senator Lisa Murkowski

But then there was his tirade against Representative Lisa Murkowski of Alaska after she voted against a motion to proceed to healthcare legislation despite heavy lobbying from Trump, saying she “really let Republicans, and our country, down.” I appreciated Murkowski’s response: “We’re here to govern. We’re here to legislate. We’re here to represent the people that sent us here.” Not only did Trump tweet publicly his displeasure with Murkowski, but then Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke phoned both of the senators from Alaska to tell them the vote had put Alaska’s future with the administration in jeopardy. What kind of administration threatens one of the states based on the vote of a senator?  Members of Congress are expected to vote in the best interest of their constituents, not to stroke the president’s ego.  What is he going to do … give Alaska back to Russia?


Sen. Dean Heller

Last month, after Senator Dean Heller from Nevada announced that he did not support the health care bill that was crafted by Senator Mitch McConnell, Trump’s PAC, America First Policies, ran a 30-second television ad in Heller’s home state of Nevada:

“Now with strong leadership and a chance to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered care that protects American families, Sen. Dean Heller is saying ‘No.’ Call Sen. Heller, tell him America needs him to keep his promise: Vote ‘yes’ to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

They also ran a one-minute ad that went even further:

“…Now with the leadership of President Trump, we have a real chance to repeal Obamacare and replace it with patient-centered care that protects American families and provides health care stability. But Nevada Sen. Dean Heller is saying ‘No.’ ‘No’ to tax cuts to help small business, ‘No’ to ending Obamacare penalties, and ‘No’ to families who can’t afford to see the doctor of their choice. Call Sen. Heller and tell him to keep his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare — before it’s too late.”

After outrage from Senate republicans, the ads were pulled, but not before making their point.

And this is why a large number of republicans in both the House and the Senate are hesitant to cross the bully in the Oval Office.  He is like a junkyard dog — mean, vicious, and with no conscience.  When he does not get his way, it matters not who has given him loyalty in the past, he will strike out and take no prisoners.

Trump asked James Comey to swear his loyalty to him, and shortly after refusing, Trump fired Comey.

Loyalty: allegiance, faithfulness, obedience, adherence, homage, devotion.

Only it isn’t loyalty Trump actually wants from the people around him. There’s something noble in true loyalty – standing by a person who deserves your support and returns it. One of the key elements, perhaps the major element of loyalty is respect, and Trump respects … only himself.  No, what Trump wants … demands … from not only his own employees, but ours as well, is fealty.


Oath of Fealty

Fealty: Fidelity to one’s lord

For Trump, loyalty is a one-way street.  It matters not how supportive his staff are, one misstep and they will feel the pain of the figurative whip. Donald Trump has no friends, for friendship, like loyalty, is a two-way street and requires giving as well as taking.  In the mind of Donald Trump, all persons are here to do his bidding, to be used and then when no longer useful, tossed aside like the wrapper from a Big Mac.

25 thoughts on “For Trump, Loyalty Is A One-Way Street

  1. It’s been such a roller coaster of a week with the Boy Scouts, the trans ban, Spicer, Scaradouchey, and now Priebus. It is not lost on me that he has made a general his chief of staff. I don’t like the implications of that. Anyway, what a circus. We’re six months in and the turnover in staff has been incredible for an inept businessman let alone a president.

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    • It most certainly has been a roller coaster week!!! I have so many topics on my “to write” list that I may just toss the list and start over. And next week, I think, may be even more volatile. As of today, I am simply glad that he goes golfing every weekend so nothing much new happens and we can all catch our breath and prepare for the next round. The boy scout speech was the epitome of bad taste, and I think it opened a few people’s eyes. It’s one thing to spew hateful rhetoric when it’s adults, but when you start messing with kids? Nope, not many will tolerate that. Brace yourself, my friend … there’s more fun yet to come! Sigh. 🐢

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Direct quote …. ‘For Trump, loyalty is a one-way street. It matters not how supportive his staff are, one misstep and they will feel the pain of the figurative whip. Donald Trump has no friends, for friendship, like loyalty, is a two-way street and requires giving as well as taking. In the mind of Donald Trump, all persons are here to do his bidding, to be used and then when no longer useful, tossed aside like the wrapper from a Big Mac.’
    He doesn’t trust anyone because he is not trustworthy himself!!

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  3. Yes. Presidential, eh? When things don’t go your way, threaten, bully, blame – but never look to yourself as the one thing all the sh&% has in common. Sounds pretty Presidential to me (place “emoticon with rolling eyes and my tongue sticking out” here).

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    • You make me laugh!!! But to the point, yes, he is the least presidential in my lifetime at least. And … imagine, if you will, what would have happened if President Obama had done and said 10% of the things Trump has! GASP … why, he would have been lynched! But with Trump … he is Teflon-coated, I tell you!

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  4. I think Mr Trump wants obedience as well as loyalty. There’s one snag ~ Mr Trump doesn’t really have any convictions except personal wealth and power, and they’re not great things to be loyal too.
    One of these days Mr. Trump is going to turn into a character from The Scottish Play ~ he’s already outdone Machiavelli in paranoia.
    Although I don’t think any of Shakespeare’s characters ever used language like ‘cock’, (meaning penis), and fuck, (meaning fuck).
    Ahhh Jill we may be the last of a dying breed.
    Much love, hugs, and kisses. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Quite so … he wants blind and unwavering devotion, even though, as you said, he has no convictions, no values. And yes, Jack, more and more I think we are the last of our sort. I am concluding that I am not going to be able to change the world in my remaining time, and likely couldn’t even if I lived another 50 years. Sigh.

      Love & Hugs & Kisses to you … and of course to Marmaduke, too! ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. I suppose these folk are prisoners of their own system to take this, because let’s be honest there is actually nothing to the incumbent, a bloated bag of ego bought up in a privileged background, a nothing of his own invention purely there because a substantial proportion of voters were so angry with the antics of Congress & Senate that they either didn’t vote or voted for ‘anyone but the professionals’.
    If anyone confronted him in his Whitehouse Office, with their fists on the table and said without shouting “You are a disgrace to the office. %&&@ you! It’s a pleasure to quit your s**t excuse for an administration,” give him the finger and walk out; he’d collapse.
    Odious little creature.

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    • Yes, I agree, and I often wonder why they do put up with it. I wondered for six months why Sean Spicer, who was so obviously in over his head, continued to take the daily abuse rather than quit. It isn’t as if any of these people are going to be left homeless if they quit their job, so what is the attraction? Why do they stay? “Fame and fortune”? They will, if they are not already, be abhorred as much as the odious creature himself when all is said and done. If I were fool enough to take a job with him, I would last approximately 2 hours before telling him which body cavity he could put his job in! 😀 But I would work on a farm cleaning up donkey manure before I would work in today’s White House!

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      • Personally Jill I would love to work in the Whitehouse!
        For all the wrong reasons of course.
        I guess I’d be there about two days tops before someone got around to booting me out. 😸

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  6. The mire that lurks in the moat around DT kingdom hides the most despicable of monsters. But one can even feel some pity for the monsters when the king himself mortally wounds them. It all reads like ‘Lord of the Rings, complete with the Orkish combatants. Will the Dark Lord Trumpton turn all the Whitehouse senators into gibbering Gollum’s? or will some of them turn into Frodo’s and resist the evil eye? Stay tuned.

    I think you might need some co writers soon to keep up with events. I don’t think that my gape could get any wider though. All bets are off because there are no rules any more! ⚡

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    • Love your Lord of the Rings analogy!!! And yes, I am having an impossible time trying to keep up … thankfully, Gronda covers a lot more ground than I am able to, so I can often re-blog here, and we have many readers in common. I say the same, that nothing will surprise me … and yet, nearly every morning I am surprised yet again! 😀


  7. Dear Jill,
    In this case, Jeff Sessions is serving a purpose by remaining. Although I disagree with everything he is doing, DDT is not likely to replace him with anyone who would act differently.
    His having to recuse himself from any involvement in the Trump-Russian probe, means that he cannot fire the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, he can’t interfere and he can’t go running back to DDT with information as to its status. DDT is being kept in the dark. All this would change if Jeff Sessions left his post.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  8. Your description of Trump is spot on. He’s a vile man and certainly not worthy of fealty. However I doubt Sessions is displaying either loyalty or stoicism now, I just think he’s reluctant to give up the power he has in that job, especially after having been refused a judgeship so many years ago.
    xxx Cwtch mawr xxx


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