A Guest Post by My Friend Herb …

A little over a year ago, I asked my friend Herb to contribute to this blog on occasion.  At the time, although he considered it fleetingly, he had some things going on in his own life and ultimately declined.  Now he is giving it a second thought, and today I would like to share a piece he wrote back in September of 2014.  Herb is an anthropologist and far less political-minded than me, so he brings a different perspective, which I see as a plus.  He is less a politico, but a far better observer of human nature than I. And he injects humour into his writing far better than I.  Although he gave me permission to edit his words, I made no changes.  Please take a few minutes to read Herb’s work and help me talk him into joining the WordPress community!

More musings on the state of American Culture from the kitchen counter of an Armchair Anthropologistby Herb Brown – 13 September 2014armchair-2.jpg“WE NO POLK, WE NO POLK”, the Chinese dude hostilely barked. Not only did this Chinese restaurant not sell sweet and sour pork, pretty much a staple of Chinese restaurants everywhere, this guy wanted nothing to do with swine flesh of any sort. He resented the fact that I would dare ask for it and was letting me know. ‘Hmmm, Muslim thing?’, I wondered to myself, noticing a star and crescent flag standing near a kitchen counter back near the woks. I perused the menu some more noticing there was no pork of any kind on the menu. I finally ordered some Hunan Beef, extra spicy. Probably be cat, but I don’t care, long as they spice it up enough. The Chinese guy kinda let out a faint grin, nodded, and bellowed out something in Chinese, I assume, to his kitchen staff, “他媽的愚蠢的美國人毒死他”, but he could have been yelling at me with his back turned. Not sure if it was just my order, or something personal. I’ll never know.


Now, I really don’t give a rat’s ass if people worship Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha or a freaking golden calf statue. As long as they’re nice. And I certainly don’t give a damn what people will or will not eat because of their religious beliefs. So sorghum based food is the work of Satan? Fine! I’m okay with that! Really! I can certainly understand your not wanting to be turned into a pillar of salt or whatever. But if you own a restaurant…..just sayin’….

But we’ve got a real problem on our hands these days, my dear listeners, all three of you. The world has of late taken a left turn straight to hell in a major way, and the United States seems to be directing traffic…right toward us!

Which brings me to ISIS. Where the F did these guys come from? A couple of months ago nobody’s ever heard of them, and all of a sudden they’re trying to take over the world, beheading innocents left and right and promising to rid the world of infidels (that would be us, my humble pupils). I just don’t get it.

President “I bet they’re really scared now” Obama gave a speech the other night stating, “we will degrade, and ultimately destroy ISIS through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy” (whatever the F that is) and “This is a core principle of my presidency: If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.” (except maybe in certain Chinese restaurants that don’t have sweet and sour pork…pssst, they’re there Mr. President)

So I guess we are now in the 10th Crusade. Yes, there have been at least nine so far, depending on who’s counting. These Christian versus Muslim wars have been erupting every so often since the middle ages, the first in the year 1095, folks, and apparently we ain’t done yet…cause the first nine just didn’t take.

And we no longer have chivalrous knights with cool names like Godfrey of Bouillon, Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart, or John the Fearless to lead this latest phase of the ongoing struggle between good (us) and evil (everyone else). They used to make saints out of such folk back in good old medieval times. They’re all gone now.

We have a fine military, granted, with many brave men and women who will happily smite the scimitar-swinging dark forces if given the go-ahead…without political protocol and “good manners” style warfare rules getting in the way. Just let’em go in and kick ass is what I say.

I’m just not sure we have the right kind of ruthless leaders we need in charge of our gallant crusaders. We could really use a Ghengis Khan or a Vlad the Impaler or even a Sauron type as Generalissimo in these troubled times. Screw the “oh let’s talk about this” diplomacy crap. We’re past that. These are barbaric heathens that smoke opium and cut off people’s heads…for fun! They’re not gonna join hands and sing “Kumbaya”!

We really need to take off the kid gloves. If they cut off one head of ours, we cut off a thousand of theirs. 1000 to 1 ratio. Simple math. Game over.

Gonna eat my Hunan Cat now, extra spicy…

40 thoughts on “A Guest Post by My Friend Herb …

  1. Thank you all for your positive feedback and comments! I will be back as time permits. I feel like I know you all as I read your reblogs from Jilly all the time…and all the comments from you guys on her blog. Thanks again! You guys rock!

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  2. Nice observations from Herb. Send some more our way!
    ISIS/ Daesh etc are another in a long line of ruthless manifestations. They arise out of a mix of poverty, exclusion and a sense of injustice, deep amongst all the rhetoric and hatred there are actually reasons why they are that way; the problem is they take out their anger to the proverbial ‘Nth’ degree and basically ‘if you are not with us you are against us, a threat and WE know how to deal with threats’. The source can be political, the source can be religious or ‘better still’ a mix of both. Some will say ‘You have to talk with them’…..only if they care to talk with you and like most fanatical organisations, there comes the inevitable….you can’t talk with them. WWII is the classic example.
    What the racist bozos in the West have yet to get into their granite skulls is that their activities are a gift to ISIS and Al-Qeda, they couldn’t ask for better recruiting sergeants! (personally I would like to crate these hate-mongers of ours off to Syria and Yemen give them a rifle each and say ‘OK you’ve proven how tough you are upon against women, children and the elderly, let’s see you play with the Big Boys- of course we’ll have to supply these White ‘Warriors’ of ours with a supply of diapers as well)

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    • You will be seeing more from Herb … he is going to sign on as a contributor to my blog for the time being, then eventually, if he enjoys it, have his own. He works full-time and hikes on weekends, so his time is limited, but I’ll nudge him a bit. 🙂

      Your points on Daesh are spot on! I took two … no, three, I think … courses on terrorism when I was working on my Ph.D., and what you say is true … there are valid reasons for their anger, but that does not justify their actions. There is also a life-cycle for nearly every terrorist group that has existed in modern history. The thing is, though, as you said … we are playing into their hands when we (the west in general, not you and I) allow fear to cause us to punish all Muslims for the actions of a very few. And one of their major goals is to get attention in order to keep that fear stoked, and the press and politicians have certainly given them more than their fair share of attention!

      Here in the U.S., the threat of terrorism does not come from Daesh, nor Hamas or Hezbollah … it comes from our very own citizens. As I may have said before once or twice 🙂 “We have met the enemy and he is us”. Only thing is, people don’t see it …

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      • Quite so Jill
        Often it’s the threat from within which brings down the state.
        The watchword is ‘Intolerance’. Anyone who is intolerant is a potential traitor, infecting the body of the community with their poison. There is no ‘right’ to be intolerant. It is a crime against the People and The State.
        (Ooops, I’ve slipped into Roger’s Principals of the Socialist State mindset…sorry about that…..true though)

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        • VERY true! I am in complete agreement with that. Intolerance is, the way I see it, just another word for arrogance, for a superiority complex. And there seems to be a heck of a lot of it going around these days. It seems to be the case that intolerance multiplies. Exponentially. In which case … how can it ever be stopped? I seem to remember a saying from waaaaay back when … “live and let live”. I think it got tossed in the harbour with the tea, perhaps.

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            • True, and the core of that, I think, is greed. “If we can keep all the black people in the low paying jobs, there will be more of the better jobs for us”. One thing that bothers me about myself … Herb pointed out to me the other day that when I get on my soapbox and start ranting about “those damn republicans”, I am being just as intolerant as they. And … he’s got a point there. I need to step back and think about that one … I need to remember to criticize actions and ideologies, but not the people themselves. Sigh. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

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              • Oh sadly we all do that Jill.
                Keith & Gronda’s wise and balanced posts have taught me respect for the true Republicans (after all that’s where Lincoln hailed from).
                Meanwhile I loom from my podium hurling judgements and testaments upon the Alt. Right, The UK’s Far Right and paradoxically, sections of the Left in British Politics and anyone who displays racial, religious, societal or gender Intolerance whom I collectively term ‘The Filth’ – which is probably not the best way to behave, but oh just one more idiotic statement and there will be a polemic post like no other. 😤
                (Either that or I’ll wade into one of their stupid sites)

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  3. I really don’t think the modern world could cope with Richard the Lionhearted, or even a Robin Hood. I don’t think this world like real Heroes any more.
    Maybe what we really need is another Churchill.
    Nice sardonic humour.

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    • You may be right about the world today not liking real heroes. It seems those that are dubbed ‘hero’ are generally shallow, superficial people who were blessed with the ability to throw a football. As for Churchill … I would take Robin Hood over Churchill any day! But Robin Hood’s evil twin who is his negative image seems to be all over the place with his motto: rob from the poor, give to the rich.

      Hugs, dear Jack! ❤


      • Can’t say as I am a big fan of Churchill….he was cold toward people, he sent many men to knowing and certain death in Gallipoli, and his family home (now owned by the National Trust) is a homage to a man who hoarded bling, put horrendously terrified looking stuffed carcasses on his walls and likely never gave a thought to each animal’s death. The man was a psychopath honoured by society because Britain just happened to defeat Hitler whilst he was in charge. I put that accolade down mor to the better character of many of his generals. And…people rave about his artistic talents. A ten year old student with poster paints could do better. And , sorry Jack, Hitler may have failed art school, but at least his paintings look like they came from an artist! Pity the art school didn’t accept him…history could have been very different.

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  4. Dear Herb and Jill,

    Welcome Herb! We hope to be hearing more from you in the future.

    I put the ISIS in a worse category as the White Supremacists in the USA but about equal to what the Nazis were in Germany. They are such a negative force that if allowed to flourish could destabilize the entire middle east. If the middle east countries continued to come under ISIS control, the world could forget even the possibility of human rights advancements. Forget diplomacy and negotiations. It is never a good thing to embolden/ ignore these types of peoples in the USA. Europe or the Middle East.

    One thing is true. Diplomacy and reasonable negotiations are not possible with these folks. Subtlety is not their strong suit.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thanks, Gronda! I will pass your message along to Herb … I’m still gently nudging him … your comment will help!

      And I had to laugh when you said that subtlety is not ISIS’ strong suit! Quite so, quite so. Daesh, as I prefer to call them, are soulless creatures and you are right to compare them to the Nazis. But one of their goals is to make the world fear and hate ALL Muslims … and in that, they are succeeding. This is why it is so important that we not give in to the mentality of judging the whole by the actions of a few. Most Muslims I know hate what Daesh does and they speak out against it … and yet they are vilified and mocked when they go out in public. When will society ever learn?

      Hugs, dear friend!!!

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      • Dear Jill,

        I couldn’t agree more. Just as we don’t lump all Germans together as being evil because of its history with WWII Nazis and all American White Christians as being racists with those who are White Supremacists, we must treat are fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, likewise.

        Hugs, Gronda

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  5. It seems there was a slight flaw in the logic in 2014 and a fly in the ointment now…………… Americans who can be parted from their heads are rather like we Europeans, hanging around on every street corner in Damascus or wherever, But where the heck has anyone been able to find 1000 of the ISIS crew to revenge ourselves upon? I’d suggest we don’t find one ISIS member and 999 random Islamics if we intend to have a single friend left in that area from the day of the first beheading. If however you can find 1000 ISIS martyrs I’ll gladly help if it means a chance at peace.

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  6. Can’t argue with his conclusion but where do they , ISIS that is , come from. Many might shout why they are Muslims , simple as that . More accurately they are fundamentalist Muslims but how did they become fundamentalists? Like all forms of fundamentalism it’s a mind-set that can overtake any human being . Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with intelligence a little investigation shows there are many intelligent members of ISIS so education is no answer in fact some of them have western university educations. We already have a functioning fundamentalist country called Saudi Arabia with whom we are well and truly involved the difference is the Saudis allow others who think differently to exist.

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    • The thing I find most interesting is that all the western nations perpetuate the myth that Daesh (aka ISIS) are targeting the west. Nothing could be further from the truth, but politicos like Trump, LePen, Wilders and Hofer benefit from this illusion. Daesh’ main target is the Middle East … the west is just, to them, a pesky annoyance that they occasionally feel a need to teach a lesson to “butt out”. But people seem all too willing to believe that there is a terrorist ’round ev’ry corner and they must spend billions of $$$ on a huge military presence and beefed-up security to defeat them and “protect the homeland”.


      • The reason people believe the terrorist in every corner is the media. The news is a compilation of rare and interesting events , the bloodier , the better . There is no interest in grass growing or cattle chewing the cud, men going to work or nurses tending the sick. But we believe the news is what is going on in the world or at least by far the most important part of it. To ISIS all that contradicts Sharia is to be eliminated. Like all men and women living under strict rules they brake them if that can and the chance of being caught is low. I expect many A Saudi lifts a glass or two of wine in his palatial home in London. We are not made for very strict laws our sense of pleasure just won’t stand them. In the pulpit we can be exceptionally spiritual but when the dog-collar ( strange name that) is off who knows?

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        • Excellent points! Especially about the media … they are quite guilty of keeping even the smallest of things on our screen for days and days, 24/7. But I also blame politicians who use the creation of fear of terrorism to further their own goals. The answer, I think, lies in education, but people these days are far more interested in staring at their social media platforms and believing everything they hear, rather than trying to separate fact from fiction.


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