A Late Night Call From Vladimir …

Vladimir Putin is not a happy camper.  Specifically he is unhappy with his friend, little Donnie Trump. A late night phone call from Vladimir to little Donnie …

Vlad:  Donnie … what is this I hear that you are signing a bill that will stop you from keeping our agreement?

Donnie:  Hey, Vlad … I don’t have a choice … really I don’t … I don’t have a choice.  The namby-pambies over on the Hill … they … they are just so unfair to me …

Vlad:  Donnie … I spent a lot of time, effort and money to buy you what you asked for, the election.  You owe me the very chair you are sitting in right now.  And all I asked in return is that you lift a few very unfair sanctions.  You can’t even do that???

baby-trumpDonnie:  You don’t understand, Vlad … you gotta … I mean they … it’s just so unfair the way they are tying … they’re tying up my little hands, Vlad.

Vlad:  Don’t call me ‘Vlad’ … it is “President Putin” to you from now on.

Donnie:  I’m gonna make this right … I’m … I’m the president, so I can … maybe I can sign an executive order … my lawyers are looking into it .. don’t be mad …

Vlad:  Oh, I am not ‘mad’, Donnie.  I am beyond that. I did you a favour, and now you are going to punish me for doing you that favour?  I think not.  Remember that warehouse here in Moscow used by your embassy staff?  It’s mine now.  And that lovely bucolic site along the Moscow River where your staff members walk their dogs and have those disgusting barbecues?  MINE NOW!  Bwahahaha …

baby-trumpDonnie:  Geez, Vlad … er … President Putin … give me … this is so unfair … just … you gotta give me … I’m not gonna let you down, Vlad … but Congress … it’s just so unfair to me …

Vlad: Stop whining, Donnie … no wonder your people laugh behind your back and refer to you as a ‘man-child’!  But I am not finished.  I want most of your embassy staff out of here by the first of September.  For now, I will allow you to leave 455 here, but if you do not come up with a solution soon, perhaps I will send those home also.

Donnie: What can I … what can I do, Vlad?  They are so unfair and they have … they have tied my hands.  So unfair!  Sad.

Vlad: I am out of patience with you, Donnie.  I kept my part of the bargain, and I have waited six months … six months, Donnie, for you to do one simple thing:  lift the Проклятые санкции!!!

Donnie: Covfefe?puppet-3



34 thoughts on “A Late Night Call From Vladimir …

  1. Jill, to me the scary part is the conversation could have occurred. Yet, that is not the total strategy, which may be two part. The first was to gain concessions for Russia. The second is to disrupt western democracy. It is my belief, Putin successfully interfered with the Brexit vote and is trying to interfere in other countries. Russia can find paths and build relationships where the west falls down. Putin is just helping the falls. Keith

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    • I agree. I was just reading yesterday that there is evidence Russia tried to infiltrate Macron’s campaign in France. Putin failed in affecting the outcome of the election, but the chilling thing is that he has the capability and the lack of conscience to do so. There is, I think, a bigger scheme, as you say .. the disruption of western democracies. I have thought for a few years that Putin’s ultimate goal is to restore a USSR-style empire over which he would rule. The frightening part is this: While both Putin and Trump are power-hungry leaders with no concern for their citizens, Putin is intelligent, thoughtful and well-spoken. That makes him, in the long term, by far the more dangerous of the two. Where Trump is a demagogue, Putin is not. A world in transition … interesting, if ulcer-inducing, times.

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        • Believe me, dear Keith … I have thought about it. And Putin the Puppeteer still has some tricks up his sleeve, methinks. Sigh. (Have you noticed I seem to ‘sigh’ a lot these days? I do so in reality as well as in the virtual world)

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          • Jill, I fully understand. When I see a picture of our President , it makes me feel sick. I don’t react as much to Putin, as we have known of his controlling and thug like behavior for years. Keith

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            • Yes, Putin, like Erdogan, is well-spoken and not given to child-like rants and tantrums. It doesn’t make them any less dangerous, in fact it probably makes them more dangerous, but at least it does not make us feel ill.


  2. Dear Jill,
    This was a most interesting conversation, only I can safely say, Monsieur Putin would not be so polite. Now, I happen to think that he has succeeded beyond his wildest imagination with sowing seeds of discord and chaos in this country. And he has cursed all of us with the likes of having to DEAL WITH DDT in the WH.

    This past week, I joined my local Democratic Party club, as I can accomplish little on the sidelines as an Independent. In Florida, I can’t even vote in a primary unless I register with a party.

    I would like to say a blessed few words to the Russian leader, myself, and no, I wouldn’t be very polite either.

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    • You are probably right, that Putin might not have been so polite, though that is one of his trademarks … “walk softly and carry a big stick”.
      I, too, am an independent, registered with neither party, for two reasons: 1) I have voted republican a few times, when I thought they had the better candidate, and have not wanted to be labeled as one or the other, though my ideology is obviously far more liberal than the republican platform, and 2) I get enough phone call solicitations as it is without adding my name to yet another list. However, you make a good point … there is more to be accomplished from within than from without. I guess it’s time for me to reconsider …
      Many hugs, dear friend!!!

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