The Square Peg In The Round Hole …

Watch a toddler with one of those shape-sorter toys.  He picks up the square block and first tries to put it into the round hole.  Then he tries the triangular hole.  Finally, he attempts to put the square block into the square hole, but the angle isn’t quite right.  What does the toddler do next?  It depends on the temperament of the toddler.  Watch him closely, for what he does next may give an indication of the person he will become.  Some will, at this point, throw the square block across the room in anger, not caring if it bonks his sister or the family dog on the head, and then sit down in a torrent of tears.  But another may stop, look at the block, and try, try again until … voila!  The square block makes a satisfying ‘clunk’ sound and the mission is accomplished.  It is called perseverance, and it is generally a positive attitude, so long as it is accompanied by other traits such as intellect, reason and thought.

However, perseverance without those other traits falls short and can even lead to a destructive outcome. Using the above example, the toddler who is still trying to put the square block into the round hole will never succeed, even if he spends hours trying.  This is not what I would refer to as perseverance, but rather a stubborn refusal to admit failure.  Rather than admit that the square block does not, and never will, fit into the round hole, he is determined to make it fit.  He is destined to fail, but he will not give up until either he runs out of steam or his mom takes the toy away.

square-pegDonald Trump is so determined to make his square block of the repeal of ACA fit into the round hole of the country’s need for healthcare that he is not giving up or giving in.  What he fails to realize is that he is using the wrong tool.  He blames everyone for the failure to repeal ACA – the democrats, the republicans in Congress, the press – but the fault is his own.  He is trying to replace what is actually a pretty good program for the citizens of this country with a program that is basically … nothing.  And yet, rather than stop, re-think the situation, and come up with a better idea, he keeps trying to shove that odious square block into the round hole.

What’s worse, he is threatening to destroy the entire toy if his square block will not go into the round hole.  It is not his fault, it is not the block’s fault, but it must be the fault of the toy, so let’s destroy it.  “If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!” Trump tweeted Saturday.

The subsidies, which are not bailouts, totaling about $7 billion a year, help reduce deductibles and copayments for consumers with modest incomes. The Obama administration used its rule-making authority to set direct payments to insurers to help offset these costs. Trump inherited the payment structure, but he also has the power to end them. To do so would be foolish, but … such is the nature of Donald Trump.

Trump and Congress need to understand the flaws in their ‘square block’.  The bills that have thus far been put forth in both chambers of Congress, while playing to the Trump agenda, are not in the best interest of the people who voted them into office.  They are taking away, rather than giving.

If Trump really wants to see his “repeal and replace” get off the ground, then he needs to understand a few things:

  • There are people in this country who, due to circumstances beyond their control, cannot afford to purchase medical insurance. It truly boils down to a choice between medical insurance or food for their children.  Given that choice, they will feed their children and die young if needs be.

  • Medical costs are out of reach for most of us who do not have insurance. One example I can cite from personal experience:  An insulin-dependent’s cost for insulin purchased in the U.S. averages more than $1,500 per month.  That is half the average wage of the average worker in the U.S., and 110% of the average Social Security payment for seniors.  In Canada, that cost is less than 20% of that in the U.S. In addition, in the U.S., in order to keep a prescription valid, the patient must visit his/her doctor (another $300-$600) every 3 months, whereas in Canada, insulin is considered an essential-to-life medication and does not require a doctor’s prescription. The pharmaceutical industry is in need of an extreme overhaul, but that is a topic for another day.

  • Trump is well aware of the estimates that some 22 million people would lose their medical insurance, thus their right to life, under the repeal and replace bill, and some 32 million would lose under the repeal only legislation. Yet he pushes for it only because he cannot stand to think that his predecessor did something good, something that he cannot do.  Premiums and deductibles are expected to increase significantly, and states will be allowed to exclude pre-existing conditions and basic health services.

The healthcare bill that failed last week failed for a very simple reason:  it is not the healthcare bill that we want, and it is not the healthcare bill that we were promised during his campaign when he said:

  • “We’re going to have insurance for everybody. There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.”
  • “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.”
  • “I am going to take care of everybody … Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now.”
  • “Will have much lower premiums & deductibles while at the same time taking care of pre-existing conditions! Our healthcare plan will lower premiums & deductibles — and be great healthcare!”
  • “We will immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare – and nobody can do that like me. We will save $’s and have much better healthcare!”
  • “I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!”

square-peg=2Not a single one of those “promises” are kept under either the House bill that was passed in May or the Senate bill that failed last week.  This is the reason the bill failed and should continue to fail until such time as a bill is proposed that meets the above “promises”.  The only people who will benefit under any of the bills proposed thus far are the morticians! Rather than spend his time ranting on Twitter, Trump needs to set aside the square block and try to find the round one, the one that works.

Donald Trump does not care about his square block, nor about the round hole, nor the toy that provides all this afternoon entertainment.  No, what Donald Trump cares about is diminishing and destroying the success of the kids who had the toy before him.  For those kids understood what it took to take care of the 300+ million people who call the United States “home”, and … just in case you forgot … the kid who had the toy last was black … an African-American who, in the eyes of Trump and his remaining base, must be demeaned and destroyed in any way possible, even if it costs the lives of thousands, perhaps millions of citizens.  The man-child must prove himself superior, no matter the human cost.  He must erase the legacy of a president who, while not perfect, was pretty damned good.

50 thoughts on “The Square Peg In The Round Hole …

  1. This is a great comparison, Jill. I know a lot of folks around here are all about repealing Obamacare, but most of these people are borderline poor, live paycheck to paycheck. They have no idea what the ramifications would be, all of their pre-existing conditions not covered, caps on payouts…it’s a disgrace how they scream to repeal it when they don’t even understand what the law does and how it benefits and protects them.

    This reminds me…I was going to do a joke post on what toddlers/kids would say if they were on social media. But we have Trump, so I guess that’s not necessary.

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    • Yes, that is what bothers me, too. Too many people do not seem to understand what the repeal of ACA will mean for them. They aren’t bothering to ask the questions and search for the answers, but rather are relying solely on what they are told by the Liar-in-Chief. Rather like all his policies, the border wall, Muslim ban, tax proposals, etc., it is simpler to just take him at his word than to try to understand the reality. Sigh. We live in an alternate universe, don’t we?

      I do like your idea for a post about toddlers on social media, though! I say do it anyway! 🙂

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  2. Mr Trump wants to improve what we already have across the globe a hierarchy of wealth. He believes that wealth is the great filter to make the world a better place. He will even go to the length of destroying scientific conclusions if they stand in the way of his great goal. America is great because it is powerful and powerful because it is wealthy so we need to kick out the poor and struggling and bar them from entry. His heroes are the self made men and women and he preaches the gospel of success. His only stumbling block is the vote and he would like to run the show without it because he knows just what is good for America and as we all already know what’s good for America is good for all the world’s countries.

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    • Well, as much as I hate to admit it, your assessment is spot on. He views us as nothing more than the tools needed to build the fancy cars and construct the disgusting mansions that he and his friends so crave. As long as we serve that purpose, we can stay, but once we are too old or too sick to add to his hedonistic lifestyle, then we ought be tossed aside, not cared for. Only one of the many reasons that this ‘man’ must go … and quickly!

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    • Barack is not eligible to run again, sadly! I surely would love to have him back. Now, his wife Michelle could run, and there was talk of it at one time, but she put the notion to bed with a firm “NO”. Who can blame her? And the reality is that in today’s environment of bigotry, she would not stand a change. Two strikes against her going in: she is a woman and she is African-American. Too bad, really.

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  3. The Battle of Stalingrad WWII. There Hitler forced once his armies to keep on fighting when all strategic importance to capture the place had evaporated long ago. He simply had to hold the place named after his rival Stalin. The German forces were worn down, surrounded and battered into surrender and Hitler blamed everyone else other than himself.
    See the comparison?

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  4. The possibility that the Presidential is an operative for an enemy nation is absurd and possible. It’s the absurdity of this possibility that makes it difficult for people to understand that Donald Trump is not working for our best interests. Donald Trump is working to destroy us. He says it clearly with every move he makes. This is an unprecedented threat to our national security and it requires an unprecedented decision.

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    • Agreed! He has not done a single thing that was in the best interest of the people, of the nation. His tendency to be enamoured of leaders like Putin and Erdogan, supportive of radicals like Geert Wilders and Marine LePen, while at the same time insulting and offending our democratic allies, says it all. He wants to be an autocrat, a despot, not a president. What frightens me is Bannon, for I believe that Bannon is far more intelligent than Trump, and I often think of Bannon as the behind-the-scenes puppeteer. I hope I’m wrong …

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        • I agree. Question: do you think Bannon is in some ways controlling Trump? Or am I leaning toward being a conspiracy theorist? I try not to do that, but … these days I seem to see evil lurking in too many places.

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          • Actually, we’re in the middle of the aftermath of one of the most successful intelligence operations in History. Consider the complexity of making an operative the President of the United States if America. It’s a breathtaking conspiracy.

            Trump’s narcissism makes him vulnerable to anyone willing to feed his delusional grandiosity; Bannon must surely know this.

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              • Trumps base is easy to manipulate for the same reason he is. People who’ve been raised by a narcissist
                or married one often come down with ‘fleas’.

                In this context a case of ‘fleas’ is adopting the behaviors of a narcissist as a survival strategy, once
                the narcissist is removed or exposed the ‘fleas’ go away.

                If America is great big dysfunctional family with a psychologically abusive dad at its head that 36% are the children who don’t know it’s wrong for dad to lie to them them. They are the children who will defend dad even after he rapes them. They might even kill for him because ‘everyone knows’ he’s the best dad in the World.

                BTW his approval is down to 33%. The healthier supporters are still slowly losing their fleas..

                By the way, you’re comments are coming in late, many people’s are. Just to let you know.

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                • Your analogy of the dad and the family, the 36% or kids who might even kill for dad … is spot on, if chilling! I did see one poll that placed him at 33% this week, and most encouraging was the Rasmussen poll, the one Trump has always said he has faith in, that dropped him a full 20% last Monday! I was almost giddy!

                  As to my comments … I have been behind lately … far too much to keep up with, and I took most of a day off for some much-needed down time, so that probably explains why my comments are late. Some days I can stay caught up, but it is fairly typical for me to be behind in comments … :/

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                    • I fully understand the need for a day off! I took 1/2 day on Saturday, for my focus was just gone. Step back sometimes … we have to do that.

                      How? Long story, and one that I don’t even fully understand. Why is he still there? Because the GOP in Congress have been under a magic spell … and are just now beginning to awaken. Let us hope nobody gives them another does of Kool-Aid before they come fully awake and do what they need to do.

                      Hang in, Rob … gonna be a long ride yet, I fear.

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  5. And the adventure continues… Let’s hope Senate moves on and leaves healthcare alone for now. What is shocking to me (as much as I can be shocked by anything the Orange in Chief does these days) is “threatening” senators with putting them on Obamacare. That and/or letting it implode (with a little help from him). Who does this?????

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    • Yes, every time I think that nothing can surprise me coming out of this idiot-in-chief, he tops his last act and I am yet again surprised. Sigh. I DO hope the Senate moves on, else works on a bill to fix the problems with ACA, but … they seem afraid of Trump’s bullying, so … who knows? I cannot predict …

      And yes, that threat was beyond ridiculous, but then so was the one where Secretary of the Interior, under orders from Trump, called the 2 senators from Alaska and told them both that Lisa Murkowski’s ‘nay’ vote was jeopardizing Alaska’s relationship with the U.S.!!! Like … what? Is he going to give Alaska back to Russia??? I shake my head a lot these days … hear the rattle? 🙂


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  7. I don’t think Mr. Trump cares about healthcare at all. I think he’s the spoiled child that just wants the world to fit into his wishes ~ or else. Maybe he’ll scream, and scream, and scream until he’s sick.
    One hell of a president you have there ma’am.
    Best wishes and many hugs. You may need them. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Yes, he IS one hell of a prez, isn’t he? And trust me … I DO need the hugs … some days it’s the only thing that keeps me going.

      Bunches of hugs back to you, my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤


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