Filosofa Seeks Your Ideas!

I am simply too exhausted to write a post tonight, but I have been considering something and would like your input.  My “Jolly Monday” feature and “Good People Doing Good Things” feature on Wednesday seem to be a hit.  And I enjoy doing them also … it gets me away from politics, from the gloom and doom of my rabbit hole for a bit.  So, I’ve been considering adding a third weekly feature, perhaps for Saturdays.  But I am not exactly full of ideas.

The one idea I did toy with was an ‘Environmental’ feature, sometimes featuring people, organizations, states or even nations doing things to protect the environment, and sometimes featuring notable abuses to the environment, which would likely take it into a somewhat political nature.

idea-1.jpgSo I’m asking for some input from my cherished readers.  First, are you interested in another “off my beaten path” feature, and if so, what are some of your ideas?  What sorts of things would you like to see?  I also gave some thought to an animal feature … I come across hordes of funny animal stories every weekend when I am digging for “Jolly Monday” stories.

I hope you’ll send some ideas my way, for my weary brain seems to be fresh out!  And while I’m just writing randomly … I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for being such great friends!  Your support and comments mean so very much to me! You guys are more than just fellow-bloggers … you are family and I always look forward to reading your comments and catching your posts as often as I can.  Thanks for being my cherished friends.  Here’s to many more years together!

And now … I shall … zzzzzz … go to bed!  G’night all!



39 thoughts on “Filosofa Seeks Your Ideas!

  1. Dear Jill,
    Everyone loves funny animal stories, including me. And I enjoy blogs that is sort of like time travel. What it was like when? How about snippets from different countries around the world. You are getting lots of great ideas.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thanks Gronda! I love all those ideas! Being an animal lover, that is high on my list, but I like the other ideas too! I have decided to combine ALL the great ideas I received and call it Saturday Surprise! Thanks a million … love your ideas!

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  2. If you really want to do it, keep it simple. Something like Snapshot Saturday where you post the most unusual thing you read or saw during the week. No politics, just something fun or weird or crazy or hilarious. I know, I know. It will be hard to keep the Cheeto in Chief from NOT being the craziest thing from the week – think of it as a fun challenge! That being said, taking a day off is also a good thing!!

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    • I have a dear friend who shares your philosophy of Saturdays … he won’t even read my blog on Saturdays! 😀 But for me, my writing IS what I enjoy, what I choose to do. I always have several hours of family time on Saturdays also, but the rest of the time I do what I feel has meaning, what I like to think contributes something … I write. I have a different view of life than many, I think. I think our own pleasure is not the most important thing, but what we contribute to the world is. I enjoy life, enjoy many things, but enjoyment is not the primary purpose. Rather like the recent quote I used by the Dalai Lama: “Our prime purpose in life is to help others”

      Cheers, my friend!

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      • Saturday’s is my day, whatever that entails. If it’s cleaning the drains? Then I will or not, depending on whim. Reading blogs or writing them, is similarly so. Not comparable but you likely get the picture? If I want to do even the most onerous task? It will be done. Saturday’s is not necessarily about pleasure. It’s about wish and whim. Thanks for your lovely reply …! Oh and hey, that was my suggestion for your Saturday blog writing, too. Wish and whim. Cheers Jamie

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  3. I echo acflory’s comment: be careful. I started out writing a post every day and had to cut back. It was just too much — and now with the political news so stressful it makes matters worse. But I would love to see an occasional post on the things private enterprise is doing in the way of alternative energies. Keith mentions it from time to time, and it is heartening to see how things progress despite the fact that those in a position to make major moves refuse to admit there is a problem!

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    • Alternative energy doesn’t get enough exposure, you are right. Perhaps for Jill, it could be, ‘Clean Saturday,’ with a brief introduction and link to an important media report on progress in a particular clean energy, or cleanup if the environment.

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    • Yes Hugh, I can see that daily blogging is a bit time consuming, and one could easily feel (with many readers) a duty to keep it up.
      I write (not always intelligently), for myself…it pleases me to keep my idle brain ticking. But I also switch off when I want to do so… I do not have many followers, nor do I pursue them. It is a lovely thought that I can go and read other blogs at will…I love the interchange of ideas whatever the subject. 😄

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    • Yes, as I responded to Acflory, I sometimes do take on too much, and I need to learn to step back more often. But, I do love what I do, like to think I am doing my small part to enlighten, inform, and give people views they may not have considered. And my special features … well, they are just to enjoy, to laugh, to realize there is still a ‘normal’ world out there, and they help me every bit as much as my readers!

      I am going to start writing more on initiatives to protect the environment, including clean energy initiatives, but likely I won’t include them as a weekly feature, for the topic is almost certain, at times, to have a political aspect, and I want my ‘weekly features’, unless otherwise stated, to be purely NO POLITICS … else it defeats the purpose. So, look for more good news on the environment shortly!

      And yes, dear Hugh, I shall try to remember to give myself a break every now and then. Admittedly all the news gives me a great deal of angst, but I think that my writing is somewhat cathartic and serves as an outlet of sorts. 🙂

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  4. Hugs! A thought suddenly occurred……How about… ‘Saturday Surprise’! This will give you a tremendous opportunity to respond to ‘occurrences’ that so often slip through your daily life…Opens you up to plenty of options…..
    ONE PROVISO…… NO POLITICS!!!! 😉 Love and Hugs!🤗🤗💕💕

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  5. Music. A blog with videos of different music, maybe some new bands/artist or some old favorites, you could even have readers submit their favorite music…..just an off the wall idea.

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  6. Jill, you are indeed trying to take a lot on… People will come up with lots of ideas, but that is more work for you.
    Why not ask your readership to submit guest blogs to you…not necessarily what they have on their own blog site, but something new, light, and different so that they can break out of their normal routine too.

    Perhaps you can set a theme every week for the following week at the end of each guest blog. It could be something different each week.

    A funny thing happened to me….

    A tale of two…

    Poetry for a modern age…

    Animal magic….

    A love story…

    Limerick day….

    Haiku day….

    I don’t know what else, but if everyone contributes it will be a more collaborative interchange.


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  7. No ideas I’m afraid but I would sound a note of caution – leave yourself some wiggle room. Too tight a schedule may burn you out and then you may stop blogging all together. I’d hate to see that happen. 😦

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  8. Let me say your doing a good job for a single- handed effort , perhaps your sense of duty is too strong and you need to take your foot off the accelerating peddle. Do you remember in the famous Beatles song ‘ Hey Jude ‘ there is a line ‘ don’t carry the world upon your shoulders ‘?
    How about commenting on some famous song lyrics especially those protest songs that are always around . Let me suggest ‘Little Boxes ‘ a song that depicted the dread of American suburbia. I know many of those songs were the youthful protests that many grow out of as they age .

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    • Thank you!!! And you are right … I sometimes try to solve all the world’s problems, even knowing that I am but a very small fish in a VERY large sea! And I probably should “take my foot off the accelerator peddle” every now and then, but I find that I just can’t. There is so much of importance happening, not only here in the U.S., but all over the world, that I feel a compulsion to make my small voice heard. The weekly ‘features’ are my way of de-compressing, of adding a bit of humour and reason to hope, and they are my way of stepping back a bit from the darkness.

      As for your suggestion … I like it … my knowledge of music is rather limited, but I could ask for some suggestions from others … I will definitely consider it! Thanks!

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