Some Good News On Energy …

There’s some good news on the environmental front this week …

Thumbs up to Royal Dutch Shell CEO …

shellWhen the CEO of the world’s fourth largest petroleum company and the largest in Europe says that his next car will be an electric car, it speaks volumes.  Ben van Beurden, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell said, “The next buy I do is my next car, which will be an electric vehicle”. A Shell spokesman told Bloomberg the CEO will get a plug-in Mercedes-Benz S500e in September, while the Chief Financial Officer “already drives a BMW i3 electric car.”

So, oil demand might peak around 2030. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) pointed out last year that a global glut of just 2 million barrels a day is what triggered the 2014 oil price collapse. They’ve already told investors to expect the big crash in oil as soon as 2023.

We are at the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era.

EPA reverses course

In May, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a decision to halt the rule created under President Obama to reduce methane leaks from new and modified oil and natural gas drilling wells. Oil and gas companies would no longer be required to detect and repair leaks of methane and other air pollution at new operations. The EPA recently found that the problem of escaping methane is even worse than initially feared, and offsets any emissions benefit from transitioning the electricity sector from coal to natural gas-fired power plants.

gas-drilling.jpegThe ruling was unpopular even with the oil and gas producers, who said they were already subject to state rules on methane emissions and had a financial incentive to capture methane and put it onto the market. But EPA head Scott Pruitt and Trump believed they knew best and proceeded with their agenda to erase all regulation on businesses.

Between May and August, the attorneys general in 15 states and the District of Columbia filed lawsuits against the EPA!

“By illegally blocking these vital clean air protections, Administrator Pruitt is endangering the health and safety of millions — but attorneys general have made clear: we won’t hesitate to fight back to protect our residents and our states,” New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is leading the lawsuit, said in a statement. Schneiderman was joined in filing the lawsuit by the attorneys general of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia. Each of these states deserves a round of applause in my book.

On Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit struck down the EPA’s attempt to suspend methane restrictions for the sector, formally vacating the agency’s 90-day stay of key provisions of New Source Performance Standards. On Wednesday, the EPA reversed course in yet another setback for the Trump administration’s regulatory rollback agenda.

pruitt.jpgScott Pruitt, in keeping with the Trump-tradition, denied that the reversal of his May ruling was in any way related to the lawsuits and the ruling by the court, saying, “We believe in dialogue with, and being responsive to, our state partners.  Today’s action reinforces our commitment to working with the states through the complex designation process.”  Yeah, yeah, right Scottie.  And donkeys fly, too.

What Keith has said many times appears to be true:  we have come too far to turn back on environmental protections and clean energy initiatives.  Score one for Mother Earth!

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  1. Hi Jill!

    It is so great to see some of the news for the environment coming out of the US.

    Our team here at Powering Our Futures knows that we need to move to a renewable energy future, and for that to happen we need need to close down coal fired power stations. But for us, it is really important that we don’t leave the communities that powered our country (being Australia) for so long behind in this transition. Our concerns is that once these power stations close down, it won’t be the job loss but the broader economic impact that can highly disrupt these communities.

    Are you aware of the need for a just transition? I would love to hear of any experiences that you have in your neck of the woods.

    Please check out our page, twitter ( and facebook ( I would love to hear from you.

    Kind regards
    Alex Fitzpatrick
    Powering Our Futures

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    • Welcome! I am sad to say that ‘good’ environmental news is not abundant from the U.S., for as I’m sure you are aware, our leadership has decided to revoke most regulations related to climate change and attempt to re-boot the coal industry. However there are some states and companies that are taking matters into their own hands and saying, “no, clean energy is the RIGHT thing and we are not turning back”. I try to write about this as often as I can, but I tend to get mired in politics and environmental issues stay on the back burner.

      I have a number of readers from Australia, and I certainly understand your concern for not leaving your former coal communities in an economic limbo … we have the same issues here. I will try to do a piece in the next week or two about community economic transitioning, since you asked. And I will definitely check out your Twitter and Facebook pages!

      Thank you so much for reading, and for your thoughtful comment, Alex! I hope you will drop by again!

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    • I have a better idea … let them stay asleep and while they sleep, we will move them all out of the White House and onto some remote island so far from any other land mass that they will never return. Or, as Bushka says, send them to Neptune! 😀 Yes, I am feeling unkindly toward them at the moment! 🙂


  3. Jill, great news. And, thanks for the shout out. In addition to the Royal Dutch Shell CFO and CEOs preference for electric cars, the matter-of-fact comment that oil use will peak in 13 years, is telling. We have a President who is paving the way for a future growth with an industry that has a shelf life that is not as long as it used to be.

    As for Scott Pruitt’s backtracking, lawsuits which basically tell the director he going to harm people are the path forward. Regulations are there for a reason. We always need to review their efficacy, but to say all regulations are bad is simply not a true statement, especially with unethical leaders like the one in the White House who has operated under the premise the laws do not apply to him. Keith

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    • Yes, your news and mine give me hope that you have been right all along … the train is moving too fast for even the likes of Trump/Pruitt to stop it now! As I told Gronda, he can de-regulate ’til his heart is content, but he cannot force companies to go backward. And I am so pleased that the states are standing up to the bully in the White House. Now if Congress will start doing the same …


      • Jill, there is an approach used in other countries called “The Precautionary Principle.” In essence, if there is a sense that what a company is about to do might endanger people or the environment, the company must take precautions before proceeding. Our country does not follow this, so it is incumbent that we must regulate them. If we throw out all regulations, then we are giving license to companies to kill people for profit. Keith

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        • I fully agree! There are many companies of good sense and conscience, as we are seeing … but there are also many for whom the bottom line is the only thing that matters, and they are all too happy to cut corners to save a buck. One only needs to look at the fire in the London apartment building in June for evidence of that.


  4. Dear Jill,

    And to all those of the ilk of the Koch brothers, fossil fuel giants like ExxonMobile, you’ll be left in the history books like many dinosaur companies if you don’t get on the gravy train of the clean energy future.
    And you’ll be known for the greedy folks that you are because you would not do your part to make this country greater by mitigating the harm already done by climate change.

    Hugs, Gronda.

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    • Well said! I think the bandwagon is gaining momentum and cannot be stopped now, even by the likes of Trump. He can de-regulate all he wants, but he cannot force companies to turn back the clock. Many hugs!!!

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  5. Thank Heavens someone is watching and listening. These Attorneys General deserve a pat on the back for making sure the clean air policies are kept too. It’s ridiculous that Trump and Pruitt of the EPA should overrule what President Obama agreed purely because it was him that did it. So childish.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Yes, it is ridiculous that Pruitt was tagged to head the EPA, considering that as Attorney General of Oklahoma, he actually sued the EPA at least 14 times!!! Another case of putting the fox in charge of the henhouse! I am encouraged to see the states beginning to stand firm against Trump and his abominable policies … I hope more states jump on board this movement!
      Huge Hugs, dear David!!!

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        • Doubtful. Annnnnd … have you heard the latest? The Secret Service had the apartment under Trump’s in Trump Towers in New York, so they could be there to protect the prez and his family. Well, the lease came up for renewal and Trump wanted to raise the rent. The GSA (government service agency) said “No”, so Trump’s company tossed them out … evicted the Secret Service! So, to recap, we pay taxes to support the Secret Service to protect the idiot, he takes our tax money, pays his own company, then wants more??? And then kicks his own protectors out, so they now are hanging out in a small trailer on the street! I’d find this funny as heck if it weren’t so … greedy, maddening, ridiculous, pathetic, disgusting, and …. oh frib! 😀

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  6. The best thing to come out of the recent presidential race may be the empowerment of the states. California has always taken the lead over the rest of the country and it seems other states are beginning to flex their muscles. This is a good thing!! Good news, indeed. By the way, the president of the major energy company in Germany noted a few years ago that they “missed the bus” in getting on board the clean energy train. Germany is getting cleaner and cleaner! We continue to limp along, but getting there seems less remote with every good news story.

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    • I was very pleased that 16 states stood up to the administration, and I think … I hope … this is only the beginning, that this win will encourage others to follow suit. And corporations are finding benefits to environmentally-friendly processes, so they are standing their ground … well, some of them, at least. I think there will be more good news than bad … I hope so.


  7. The road to clean energy is already paved, all Trumpest is doing is digging holes in it, like a child that breaks down other kid’s sandcastles. Eventually, corporations will get fed up of him and firmly wrap him on his knuckles.
    The big oil corps are already piling their investment seed money into clean energy. They want a big piece of that pie and they are not going to let congress get in the way!

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