HOW Could I Have Been So Wrong???

duhYesterday I was going back through some of my posts from the end of 2015, the beginning of the disastrous 2016 election campaign, as I was looking for something specific.  During my search, I came across a post from 27 October 2015 and I decided to repost it this morning, as it should be good for a few laughs and a whole lot of head shaking.   Most of you began reading my blog after this post was published, so for most it will be new material, and you will ask, “How could you have been so wrong, Filosofa???”  Trust me, I am asking myself the same question. The original title of the post was …

Trump Supporters? Where???

The Donald Trump that some 20% of republicans seem to love is loud, obnoxious and bombastic, which leaves me scratching my head and wondering just what that says about those who claim to support him.  But the bigger question I have is this:  where the heck ARE those 20%???  I have among my friends, relatives and acquaintances many republicans, and not a single one of them can even tolerate Trump, let alone support him.  To a person they agree with my assessment of him as a clown, a joke, a narcissist, take your pick.  In addition, I am an avid reader of op-ed pages in many of the major, mainstream news media, and have yet to read a single opinion by political analysts, editors, writers or voters that support Trump or his inane ideas.  So, I repeat the question, who are these people who have elevated his poll numbers and where are they hiding?

Until now, I have left Trump alone and not written about him except in response to an op-ed in the New York Times, for a number of reasons.  The main reason is that I do not think he or his candidacy is actually worth wasting my time or effort.  The second reason is that the man is so wrong on so many issues that it would be impossible to discuss them all in a single post.  Third, everything there is to be said about Trump has already been said by people far more qualified than I.  Lastly, I get a nauseous feeling every time I hear his name or see his picture.  But alas, I decided to join in the fray for two reasons, the first being that I think there is danger in allowing his rhetoric to go unchecked.  The second is that I heard him say that he “just doesn’t get it” that Ben Carson has edged above him in the polls.  What is there to “not get”?  Though I do not consider Dr. Carson to be a viable option to govern this nation, I will at least give him credit for intelligence (although not when it comes to politics, government and foreign policy), being soft-spoken (very refreshing after Trump’s in-your-face ranting persona) and for not lowering himself to the petty criticisms and attacks on his opponents for which Trump is so well-known.

Trump, in crowing proudly about his poll numbers has forgotten a couple of salient points.  First, the election is more than a year away, and early polls are rarely an accurate predictor of the eventual outcome.  Second, neither he nor Dr. Carson nor any other republican candidate have anything remotely close to a majority.  Third, the Republican Party is only one of the two major parties in the nation and there are some 42% of eligible voters who are not committed to either party.  There are two strong contenders in the democratic field, both of whom have distinct advantages over both Trump and Carson.  First, they both have experience in policy-making and governance, and secondly, while the republicans have been conducting a circus, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been seriously speaking about issues that matter to the American people, issues such as jobs, the economy, minimum wage, climate change and the environment, the gun lobby, the Iran nuclear agreement and more.  Whether one agrees with their opinions or not is not my point.  My point is that at least they are discussing issues, things that matter to “We the People”, and doing so with knowledge and experience, without mud-slinging and name-calling, and giving the voters an opportunity to actually consider their viewpoints.  Now, what Trump, Carson and every other republican candidate need to realize is that whoever ultimately gains the GOP nomination will need to convince a fairly large number of voters outside the republican party that they are the best person for the job, and in light of the current circus-atmosphere, that is likely to be a very tough sell.

All of which brings me back to my original question:  where are the people who supposedly support Trump, the people who have kept his poll rankings in the 20% range for a few months?  It is to be hoped that over the course of the next twelve months, the American people step back and look at the bigger picture, that they do their own research into the issues and weed out the candidates who can only bring disaster to our nation.  Trump has made the claim that “our country is going to hell”.  Despite numerous social and economic problems, our country is a far cry from “going to hell”.  We still have more going for us than working against us, and I believe that the citizens of this nation still hold basic values of caring, compassion and humanity.  Why would anyone want to vote for a candidate that doesn’t even believe in his country?

34 thoughts on “HOW Could I Have Been So Wrong???

  1. HA, got caught with our pants down, didn’t we? What we did not anticipate was that the evangelical “Christian” bloc would cast their votes contrary to all they profess to believe in order to place a justice on SCOTUS. The night of the election when Donnie realized he won, he turned to Ivanka and said, “Oh shit, what do we do now?” Ivanka said, “Don’t worry daddy, we’ll FAKE it.” And thus we have the ‘fake Presidency’.

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    • We certainly did! I think we all took it as a joke, and by the time we realized it was no longer a joke, the train had gained so much momentum (and had so much help from outside) that it was un-stoppable. Of course, dishonesty and conniving played a huge role, and in an honest race, without the fearmongering and hateful rhetoric, he wouldn’t have gotten to first base. Even the leaders of the RNC were in shock.

      You are so right … the thing that amazed me most was the ‘Christian’ conservatives who were willing to put their values in a dark closet and accept a filthy-mouthed sexual predator to lead the nation. His election, in many ways, says more about them than it does about him. And all for a single issue, as you said … to get a conservative in that 9th spot on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. I don’t think that will happen, but … as we see … my predictive skills have gone elsewhere of late. 😀

      Funny … I can picture that conversation between Donne & Ivanka … because all along I believed … still believe … that he did NOT truly expect to win. He won, we lost. Sigh.

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      • There is a positive to all this. Just as the Donnie has given a voice to bigotry, hatred, and intolerance, his Presidency has shown all of us that we need to be much more vigilant in the governing process. Where there is light there can be no darkness. I say this not only in a spiritual sense but also within the dark recesses of government. There must be transparency. Thanks for your comment.

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        • I’m not sure that everyone has concluded that we need to be more vigilant in the governing process, but certainly some are starting to see it, especially, I think, after his rant toward Kim Jong-un today!

          It’s funny, y’know … he claimed he would ‘drain the swamp’, but he has made that swamp darker, scarier, and has brought in the vilest of alligators. There is zero transparency in his administration, and the only saving grace is that they are all, including the ‘man’ himself, too stupid to lie credibly!

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  2. Ha Ha, that was a doozie Jill. Back then I daresay even the Republicans were keeping quiet who they’d vote for in case of ridicule.I think the same went for normal voters. When it came to the wire, his manipulation of the Hillary emails story was enough to turn many people off voting for her. He has a knack of peddling information that sounds credible but lacks proof, not that he’s care about proof.
    Back at the stage you wrote that, no-one thought Trump had a credible chance, probably not even him. Now I just think there are a lot of people who are taking bare knuckles to their head for letting it happen. I hope somebody finds the definitive proof soon that allows him to be got rid of along with his dismal crew.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • That is my hope too! Yes, back nearly two years ago, he was a joke, and we all laughed, even the well-seasoned reporters. By the time we stopped laughing, the circus had come to town to stay. And of course they had a role, in giving him almost unlimited, 24/7 coverage, lending him an air of legitimacy, even though he isn’t. Lesson learned, I hope. I hope he can be removed before he finds away to rake away the possibility of being removed.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  3. I keep waiting to hear a coherent, well reasoned, fact-based reason for anyone to have voted for him. All I have heard so far are statements along the lines of “he’s making America great again”. What I don’t hear is, how? Except in-so-far as he is undoing all the horrible things Obama did – what horrible things? Things that made America not great?? I don’t get it, and I never will. If you wanted a change from an “insider’s” Washington, why, why, why vote for an elitist, self-indulgent, narcissist bastard who doesn’t give a sh&* about anyone but himself?? Nope – still don’t get it.

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    • I’m with you on that! So far, all I get is “because he’s a good businessman” (he isn’t) or “because he will make America great again” or, my personal favourite, “because he tells it like it is”. WHA … ??? I am working on a collaboration with my friend, who is a republican, and we are doing a Q&A sort of dialogue where he answers some questions honestly, and I do the same. I had hoped to have that this week, but it looks like it will be next week. Stay tuned, though, for I think it should be interesting!

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  4. Dear Jill,

    If I had a nickle for every time I told others not to worry, the Americans peoples would/ could never vote for DDT, well I’d be richer.This is the first year that I have not traveled abroad for at least a month. When I did in 2016, I had so many peoples from different ask me this question, could DDT actually win I consistently advertised likewise.
    But I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Hugs, Gronda.

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    • Yes, we were indeed wrong, wrong, wrong! So were the seasoned reporters, though. By the time we all stopped laughing at what we thought was a joke, it was too late … the die was cast. It was just too surreal to believe it could happen. Now we know, and hopefully we have all, including the mainstream media, learned a hard, but valuable lesson.
      Many hugs!!!!

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  5. To his credit, he went out to places others would not go and played off their fears to sell himself as the answer. The other thing the GOP underestimated is over 1/2 of the party was voting against its economy interests and did not know it. So, they were prime for a populist. But, unlike Bernie, Trump has not lived a life that valued those interests. He took advantage of them, just as he did in the campaign.

    So, we continue to benefit from an economy started under Obama and handed to Trump. Unfortunately, not everyone is benefitting from the economic growth. And, that continues under Trump and will get worse unless we address the real elephant in the room – technology advances killing off even more jobs. Keith


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    • All good points! The thing that bothers me is what his election says about the population of this nation. And his continued support by some 36% floors me. They are following the carrot he holds in front of them, while ignoring the fact that he is beating them with a big stick from behind! I hope we can wake up enough people in the next 15 months to make some real changes in Congress, for that is the first step. And I hope Mueller can come up with whatever it takes to get Trump out before it’s too late. And yes, you are right … the economic gains began long before Trump took office, and he is riding the coattails of Obama, whether he realizes it or not. The market makes me nervous, for the foundation for the growth spurt is not solid, but that’s a tale for another day. 🙂

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      • Jill, when I read an article about job creation under the various Presidents, serious discussion was given to when you should star the clock – the month after the inauguration or the following October 1 when the next fiscal year starts. Truth be told Presidents get too much credit and blame for the economy and job creation. Yet, they can provide headwinds or tailwinds.

        Republicans should hope so, as job creation, economic and stock market performance dwarfs that of Republicans.

        The numbers under Obama, that the GOP beat him up for are actually very good. The trend has continued under Trump which is good. When the market peaks and begins its fall, will he be assuming blame or blaming others. Not passing an ACA repeal and replace law actually saved him from himself. Keith

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        • Yes, I remember that Obama was blamed for the 2008 financial crisis, even though he did not take office until 2009. More recently, I saw an interview that somebody was even blaming Obama for 9/11, saying that he wasn’t in the Oval Office and where the heck was he? Oh please …
          The latest jobs report raises another question in my mind … what sorts of jobs? My guess is that the ‘jobs added’ were mostly minimum wage, or slightly above, jobs, and that the average wage may have actually fallen. I need to research that one. I need more hours in a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          And isn’t it funny that every time a positive jobs report came out during the Obama years, the republicans questioned the veracity of the report, but under Trump, I haven’t heard it questioned or contested a single time.

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    • That he is! Had the election been honest … even halfway honest … he would now be back to running his hotels, making shady business deals, stiffing contractors, filing bankruptcy papers, suing people and ranting about how Hillary stole the election from him! Sheesh. Wake me when it’s over :/

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  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Almost no-one would have predicted this bizarre outcome. It seams the only constant in the political world today is the tendency to become more and more erratic! 😉

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    • I’m not actually being too hard on myself, since even the political analysts who have been at this for decades got it wrong too. I just wish we had all stopped laughing a few months sooner, and perhaps we could have stopped the circus train. Lesson learned? I hope, my friend, I sincerely hope. But yes, this is happening globally, and if one has to put their finger on the beginnings, I would point to the Arab Spring movements at the turn of the decade. But, that is neither here nor there. 😀 I tend to have mind-bounce these days, and my thoughts just hop about like an over-caffeinated bunny! 😀

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      • I, on the other hand, am still on holiday and therefore still a bit detached from big politics. I do follow the big lines, but that’s it. But these peaceful days will be over soon too … next weekend we are heading back home. – And although I enjoy being at least partly off the grid, I do have to admit it will be good to be home again, too. 🙂

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        • Ah yes … a summer spent hiking the Alps in Austria … I am so jealous! Every time I think of your holiday, of course, I think of the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music, in their lederhosen and dirndls! 🙂 I’m sorry your holiday is nearing an end, though. But yes, at the end of the day, there’s no place like home. Heck, I start to get homesick on Saturdays when we go out to eat and then run errands, usually being gone 4-5 hours! 😀 I am a hermit! Enjoy the rest of your holiday, my friend!

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          • You put a grin of my face there … Every time somebody associates Austria with Sound of Music … 😉 I do not own a dirndl though. 😉 I used to have them as a small girl, for special occasions, but not anymore. I don’t have the body you need to look good in them. I am much too flat in the upper front department! 😉

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  7. Yep, a lot of people got it wrong. Also, some didn’t bother to vote and you could say they deserved what they got. Let’s hope they learned a lesson. Fareed Zakaria aired an excellent video on CNN titled “Why Trump Won”. He admitted he had it wrong as well. —- Suzanne

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    • I agree that anyone who didn’t bother to vote deserves exactly what they are getting. Hopefully it was a lesson learned, but there are efforts afoot now to disenfranchise many with Trump’s commission to investigate voter fraud, that make it questionable for the 2018 elections and beyond. Sigh.

      Most of us got it wrong because we really thought it was just a huge joke … and by the time we began taking it seriously, it had already gained too much momentum to be stopped. Lesson learned, I hope. For me and others. I will have to check out the Fareed Zakaria video you mentioned … I think he and Anderson Cooper are two of the better ones to come out of CNN.

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