White House’s Censorship Of Climate Change Reports

As I have said before … words matter. One’s choice of words matters. Months ago, we were introduced by the Trump administration to the concept of ‘Alternative Facts’, and those included, as we discovered, an alternative vocabulary. Now the (S)White House has added to the ‘dictionary of alternative words’ by dictating to federal agencies what words they are and are not to use. Guess what, folks? “Climate Change” is no longer allowed. Blogger-Friend Gronda has the details for you, as well as a link to the Annual Climate Change Report, which will likely be altered before it is released to the public. Please take a few moments to read this important information! Thank you, Gronda, for an excellent post and for permission to share!

Gronda Morin

Here is link to the 2017 Climate Change Report sponsored by the US government, and published by the NY Times: Read the Draft of the Climate Change Report – The New York Times 8/7/17 (A draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies, which has not yet been made public, but was obtained by The New York Times, concludes that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change right now. The report was completed this year and is part of the National Climate Assessment, which is congressionally mandated every four years. )

Because of the republican President Donald Trump’s administration’s disdain for climate change issues, many are concerned whether this report will be shared with the American taxpayers, and if it is, how heavily censored the report will be, and thus, we have this latest leak.

Here’s the rest of the story…

On August 7, 2017, Oliver Milman…

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13 thoughts on “White House’s Censorship Of Climate Change Reports

  1. I can just see it now in June as a hurricane sweeps through Washington and dumps a one month’s worth of rain in two hours
    “Fake news! Fake news! Squawk! Fake news…Polly wants a cracker!…Squawk…Fake news!”
    Or as Florida sinks into the Atlantic …”Ditz a konspi-racy by da Federal Goverhmint…..Ooooh frib’ I am da Federal Goverhmint……Duh…..Fake news! Fake news!…Squawk….Fake news!!”.

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  2. Jill, the science and business community will leave the White House behind on this issue. The rest of the world already has. Did they White House also say we could not use the name Voldemort as well? Keith

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  3. Another political appointee who has no scientific knowledge about what the department he runs does. How can anyone run the EPA without a rudimentary knowledge of science and overturn everything the scientists in charge of recording the effects of global warming say. It’s destruction of the system from within. Trump is dismantling your Government bit by bit. It’s treason.I think Trump is a sleeper or at least a fellow traveler.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Yes, I am currently working on my next post, probably a two-part post, as I cannot seem to get it all into one, titled “The Great Un-Doer”. The premise is that Trump has not actually done a single thing that benefited the economy, the people, or the environment, but he has undone many things that hurt all. Sigh.
      xxx Cwtch, dear David xxx

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