Boys with Toys

I have left the situation between Trump and Kim Jong-un alone, mostly because it is a volatile situation that I truly do not know how to address. I do not think it behooves us to panic, but we also must be aware that it is a potentially dangerous situation for humanity around the globe. Blogger-friend Keith has written a short, but excellent post that deserves to be shared. Please take a moment to read and ponder. Thank you, Keith, for your calm and reasoned voice in the middle of the chaos and turmoil, and for allowing me to share your words.


In the James Bond movie “Goldeneye,” Polish born actress Izabella Scorupca played my favorite Bond female character Natalya Simonova. She gave Bond the devil for his penchant for using violence with any weapon or machinery around. “What is it with you boys with toys,” she admonished him.

I think of this line as two separate countries are led by a man-child who are both acting like “boys with toys.” The scary part is the toys include nuclear weapons and both are beating on their chest like apes ready to do battle.

I have written a parable about the younger of the two leaders called “A Monkey with a Hand Grenade.” Since the hand grenade is a substitute for a nuclear weapon, we must be careful, judicious and diligent in our actions and words. Just a few days ago, our Secretary of State said the right things about “not advocating for…

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25 thoughts on “Boys with Toys

  1. North Korea has a limited nuclear arsenal, sadly you don’t need much on one to cause harm. Having said that I suspect that should the regime try and do anything damn silly then China will be over the border soon afterwards on the basis that such nonsense interferes with China’s political, military and trading plans.
    As for the aberration in the Whitehouse I believe there are quiet and careful plans already in place to side line anything he tries. The President of The USA is only as powerful as the USA (including its military and intelligence services) allows him to be.
    (Actually this is the wrong direction to be looking for serious sustained military escalation- The more dangerous are (1) Kashmir border between Pakistan and India & (2) The Baltic states of Estonia and Latvia with large ethnic Russian minorities)

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    • I agree that there are plans made or being made to keep things in hand, but with Trump’s egomaniacal unpredictability, who knows? However, as of today, at least, I am far less concerned about the situation with North Korea, for we have proven that we are perfectly capable of destroying ourselves from within … who needs North Korea and Kim Jong-un to do it for us? The best thing anybody, any country, who wishes to destroy the U.S. can do is simply sit back and watch! Sigh.

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        • He most certainly is, but yet there still remain a pocket of his die-hard followers who cannot … or will not … see it. I am learning to laugh at them, for they are actually pathetic, and when confronted with sound reasoning, facts, data and intellect, they tuck their tails in and skulk away. We are, as I have said before, a rudderless ship and some of us are using oars to attempt to paddle this ship ashore before she sinks of her own weight. Let the bloody fool in the Shitehouse play his little-boy games, while the rest of us move on and try to do the right thing. Sigh. This blog and my WordPress friends keep me from falling off the ledge of sanity.

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          • People worry about him as if he had complete power over their lives.
            It does not work like that in the USA.
            Refusal to think or do as he whinges is available to everyone.
            Eloquent rebuttals are a good way
            So is ‘The Finger’
            There again sending him a child’s guide to the alphabet with the message ‘Please use this. It will help you sound more eloquent ‘ ???

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            • Well I sent him the Dr. Seuss book, but he obviously either didn’t read it (perhaps the words were too big???) or else he failed to understand the message.

              But to your point … “People worry about him as if he had complete power over their lives. It does not work like that in the USA.” You are right … it doesn’t … yet. Truly, what concerns me is that he is blatantly pandering to the racist groups … which is utter stupidity if he wants to keep his job. So … is he genuinely that fribbin’ stupid, or … is there something we are not seeing. I still keep remembering how Hitler came to power and I cannot help but wonder if the same could happen here. I AM, however, encouraged that after Saturday’s tragic events, people who were silent before are beginning to see the error of their ways and speak out. And a number of republican Congressmen expressed outright contempt for Trump’s milquetoast response, once he finally left the golf course and could be bothered to respond at all. So, perhaps the masses will wake up and refuse to allow Trump any further power grab. I hope … yet I am not convinced.

              A democracy is only as strong as the citizen’s support for it. And some seem willing to throw it out the window in exchange for the promise of a “white America”. 🐺

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              • And now he’s saying racism is evil and what-his-name from Biberburble is saying that no folk hate racism more than Trump & Bannon. So someone somewhere is administering smacks upside the heads (I love that phrase- ‘smack upside your head’).
                Annddd meanwhile some spokes-ass for the filth is saying how betrayed they feel because The Whitehouse didn’t fully support them.
                Anndd a group kicked over a confederate memorial.
                Oh the Whitehouse; like The Three Stooges it is!
                On a more historical side Jill, though there are some comparison with Germany in the 1930s-to the end of WWII. The situation there was a sizeable proportion of the population were in denial that German had actually lost WWI (long story). Now whereas you do have a sewer blockage which feel the same about the American Civil War these are not endemic, just fribbin’ loud.
                The overwhelming population are repelled by them, and no longer seeing them as amusing cranks- thus our incumbent has a big ego problem. If he wants to keep the population on side he has to remove himself from the filth; which will have the filth waving their butt-wipe banners and scrambling around for another leader. And this will all be so much handy ammo for the ambitious and the shrewd who have their eyes on advancement up the political ladder.
                Some in despair might well be thinking ‘How’d have thought it? Come back Ted Cruz all is forgiven. I am that desperate’
                Three Stooges I tell ya!😾

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                • It is indeed the Three Stooges, combined with Laurel & Hardy, and every other slapstick comedian ever to be seen. But somehow it just isn’t quite as funny. And it smells bad, too. But I am seeing some positive signs … small ones, but encouraging nonetheless. What is not encouraging is that even more hate groups are inspired by what they consider the “success” of last weekend, and now similar ‘rallies’ are being planned all across the nation. I think that if one is planned near where I live, I shall have to consider donning my Black Lives Matter shirt and attending as a counter protester. Note that I said “consider”, for I do not know if I am actually brave enough to do so.

                  One idiot, a lawyer in Florida who calls himself “Augustus Sol Invictus”, was so energized by last weekend’s events that he is now planning to run for the U.S. Senate! Who knew there were so many fribbin’ idiots hiding beneath the rocks? I am determined to look for humour wherever I can, for otherwise I will be out one night howling at the moon, and someone will likely come cart me off to a place where there are rubber walls. 🤣 🤣

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                  • What will happen now Jill is that for every one of these gatherings of filth there will be counter protests and there will be some amongst them filled with the same toxic hate and there will be those who just like a fight. In short they just won’t be dealing with folk passively protesting. Then eventually the police forces will get fed up with both sides and bust heads irrespective.
                    Oh we have Mr ‘Majestic Unconquered Sun’ do we? In the UK we have a word for lads like him. Its derivations reference what…ahem…teenage males get up to in their bedrooms. It sounds like ‘anchor’ only with a ‘w’ in front. From his photo he looks an habitual one.🙄
                    Actually a more accurate title would be Sterculinum Publicum (manure heap/ public toilet)

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                    • You do know how to make a person laugh at 5:00 in the morning, Sir Roger! 🙂 I love your way with words … thank you for the laughter that bubbled up 🙂

                      I have the exact same image of the future of these ‘rallies’. Everyone is tense, on edge, and the violence on both sides is inevitable. But … two wrongs don’t make a right, and I would far prefer the thinkers, the non-haters, to keep calm and protest peacefully rather than lower themselves to the standards of the haters. Sigh. Where does it end? Seems to me that if it continues on this path, it may just give a certain non-president the justification to declare martial law, which leads us down a path I do NOT want to go down. Sigh.

                      And on that note … I am off to bed for 3 hours sleep. G’nite … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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                    • Hope you slept well Jill.
                      Martial law?…Ha!!…You need professionals with steel to make that work….. Oh yeh and not be stoopid to try and make it work in the USA (Sheesh, like trying to make tea an illegal beverage in Britain. Or forcing the French to cook British style! 😁

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                    • Yes, I slept wonderfully for three-and-a-half hours!!! Tonight I am hoping for a slightly earlier bedtime, like maybe 2 or 3 😀

                      Well, maybe not martial law, but … perhaps a ‘state of emergency’. He seems adept at convincing some people that there is a horrendous danger just around the corner and “only he” can protect them. But perhaps I am just tired and imagining the worst. And no sir, I would not want to see anybody try to deprive the Brits of their bloomin’ tea! Personally, I prefer coffee with an extra shot of espresso … how else do you think I survive on 3-4 hours sleep? 😀

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                    • Awwwww … I’m sorry to hear you were under the weather, my friend! But glad you’re cranking back up … a day without a bit of Roger-humour is like a day without sunshine, so take care of y’self! 🙂

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  2. It’s too be hoped he’s left some adults in Washington who can defuse the situation because I don’t think WWIII has ever been closer. Kin Jung Un wouldn’t bat an eyelid about causing mass destruction and death but if Trump doesn’t put his toys and threats away and starts a war, I’m sure both Russia and China will join in on Korea’s side.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Sigh. Who knows, my friend? Neither have anything to gain from this, but …. they are both loose cannons, temperamental, childish ego maniacal bullies, and neither have a single ounce of humanity or compassion. It is not only the U.S., not only North or South Korea, or even Guam who are endangered if these two don’t step back the rhetoric, but the entire globe. I am fairly certain that Trump’s advisors, particularly the generals, are scrambling to try to contain him and repair the damage … but can they? I don’t know … I just don’t know. At least during the Cuban Missile Crisis, we had intelligent people in the White House and in key positions. Today we have the biggest bunch of circus clowns ever to be assembled in one place!
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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