Friedman On The Escalating Rhetoric Between Trump And Kim Jong-Un

Today, my friend Gronda has shared the astute, well-reasoned words of one of my favourite political analysts, Thomas Friedman. This post needs no introduction from me, as it speaks for itself. Excellent post, Gronda … thank you!

Gronda Morin

Image result for images of kim jong unOne of my favorite columnist/ thinker, Thomas L. Friedman has shared his take regarding the situation with N Korea and Its leader, Kim Jong Un.

Here’s the rest of the story…

On August 10, 2017, Thomas L.  Friedmam of the New York Times penned the following opinion piece,  “Be Strategic, Not Impulsive, On North Korea.


“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Americans who are concerned about the situation in North Korea “should sleep well at night.” Of course! Donald Trump and the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un — neither of whom has any aides who can stand up to them — are trading fire and brimstone threats with their fingers cocked on nuclear weapons. What could possibly keep a person up at night? Surely Tillerson jests or is high on Ambien.”

Image result for images of kim jong un

“Have we already become so inured to the madness of the Trump administration that we have…

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10 thoughts on “Friedman On The Escalating Rhetoric Between Trump And Kim Jong-Un

  1. I would write, that the important thing to consider is that this boy/man Kim. Was educated in Switzerland. Home of the bankers. Unless you’re connected and not just by being a despot. You have to be connected and wealthy, to be able to attend the sort of schools he went to. It’s just part of the bankers scheme, to keep the rhetoric ramped up. War, war, war, war … always war. Makes them wealthy. It’s not actually going to happen, for they would be fouling their own nests. You always need an enemy for war. I might add it was the bankers who funded the Bolsheviks and the Nazi’s, National Socialists. They probably control the Kim’s too. Cheers Jamie

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