Worst Idea Ever …

The headline in The Washington Post:

In A New Poll, Half Of Republicans Say They Would Support Postponing The 2020 Election If Trump Proposed It

Noooooooo.jpgThus far, Trump has not proposed such a move, but if he gets wind that half of his party would support it, I would not be surprised to see him begin thinking along those lines.

It started over Trump’s claim that there was widespread voting fraud last year that ultimately cost him the popular vote.  That really seems to eat at him, even though he is the one sitting in the Oval Office … or, rather, on a golf course in New Jersey at the moment. The claim has been proven to be a lie, there was no widespread voter fraud, and Trump actually lost the election despite Putin’s best efforts.  But … perhaps more importantly, a substantial number of republicans believe Trump, even though his claim has been disproven multiple times.

With that in mind, The Washington Post performed a survey of 1,325 Americans from June 5th through June 20th. Granted, this is too small a sample to be considered representative, but nonetheless, it is chilling. The questions asked were whether Trump won the popular vote, whether millions of illegal immigrants voted, and how often voter fraud occurs. Then they were asked two additional questions:

  • If Donald Trump were to say that the 2020 presidential election should be postponed until the country can make sure that only eligible American citizens can vote, would you support or oppose postponing the election?
  • What if both Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress were to say that the 2020 presidential election should be postponed until the country can make sure that only eligible American citizens can vote? Would you support or oppose postponing the election?

And the results are that nearly half of Republicans surveyed (47%) believe that Trump won the popular vote. Larger fractions believe that millions of illegal immigrants voted (68%) and that voter fraud happens somewhat or very often (73%). 52% said that they would support postponing the 2020 election, and 56% said they would do so if both Trump and Republicans in Congress were behind this.

As the Post cautions, “Of course, our survey is only measuring reactions to a hypothetical situation. Were Trump to seriously propose postponing the election, there would be a torrent of opposition, which would most likely include prominent Republicans. Financial markets would presumably react negatively to the potential for political instability. And this is to say nothing of the various legal and constitutional complications that would immediately become clear.”

Do I think it likely to happen?  No, not under the current circumstances.  Then why do I even bring it up?  Because, while I do not think it likely, or even possible, under the current circumstances, I can see circumstances altering, if Trump remains in office until 2020, that may change that assessment dramatically.  As has been his trademark thus far, his incitement of violence and fear could convince a large portion of the nation that there is a credible threat, real or contrived, that must be dealt with in a manner that must ‘temporarily’ suspend a portion of our democratic freedoms.

I am merely speculating, but I do not think we can afford to dismiss the idea as the ravings of a nutty Filosofa.  In the words of David Frum writing for the Atlantic …

“No society, not even one as rich and fortunate as the United States has been, is guaranteed a successful future. When early Americans wrote things like “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” they did not do so to provide bromides for future bumper stickers. They lived in a world in which authoritarian rule was the norm, in which rulers habitually claimed the powers and assets of the state as their own personal property.

The exercise of political power is different today than it was then—but perhaps not so different as we might imagine. Larry Diamond, a sociologist at Stanford, has described the past decade as a period of “democratic recession.” Worldwide, the number of democratic states has diminished. Within many of the remaining democracies, the quality of governance has deteriorated.”

I think it behooves us to be “eternally vigilant”.

53 thoughts on “Worst Idea Ever …

  1. Is this his last step before he proclaims himself Emperor Trump? With his physical shape and bombastic personality, he might not last that long. His cholesterol is likely so high that they have to measure it on the viscosity scale. He might not have heart disease though. That would require having a heart. Same with a brain tumor.

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    • Well, it would not surprise me to find that he is a bigger fool than any of us imagined … however, I don’t actually expect him to do this. But … what would not surprise me would be for him to continue fearmongering and ultimately declare a ‘state of emergency’ that changes the rules. Just pure speculation from the bouncing mind! 🙃

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        • You make me wonder, as I have wondered before, how the likes of Adams, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton and Washington would fare if they suddenly reappeared on earth in this, the 21st century? I suspect they and their ideas would be met by the far right with much disdain, would be called the same names I am often called, and Congress would view their ideas as too liberal and too antiquated. Remember the dream sequence in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? I like to envision the aforementioned founding fathers coming to Trump in a similar dream. Would he even know who they were? Doubtful, but … I’m thinking it might make a fun short story … what do you think? 🤔🤔

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            • Hey, I like your suggestion too!!! Who knows … maybe a series even! But for the moment, the mind-bounce is back and I cannot seem to focus on a single thing for more than 5-10 minutes! This could be why I almost put the cat in the dishwasher today! 😀 But I am going to try my hand at this story … I think I can … I think I can … I … think … what was I saying? 🙃

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              • In the dishwasher!! 🙀🙀🙀
                Never mind, I’m sure puss would have let you know your mistake, as cats do.
                Meanwhile our heads do like to flip from one end of the galaxy to another.😵 (in time and in space of course!)
                I take comfort from the post I once read with the title ‘Why did I walk upstairs?’ 🙃

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                • Ah yes, that is a question I often ask. And I usually don’t figure out the answer until I return downstairs. Many years ago, I laughed about a somewhat senior male relative who carried a little notepad with him wherever he went, and made such notes as reminders to clean his ears. In my 20s at the time, I found that quite strange and humorous. I am no longer laughing, but have a number of postie notes on my computer, the refrigerator, and my nightstand to remind me of various things. Of course, the problem is … I forget to look at the postie notes! Sigh. There are days that I have to wonder if my family keeps me around for my usefulness or for the comic relief my antics provide! 🙃 🙃 🙃

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  2. Thanks for turning my attention on Larry Diamond who was unknown to me before . He has his ear to the ground and makes a very good point about politics and economics. He believes we need to concentrate on governments and how they govern, and only then can we get economics rights.
    Mr Diamond points out that people will increasingly turn towards authoritarian style governments unless we get democracy to function properly. We can see this very prediction happening across the globe.


  3. You’re right. We can’t ignore this. That’s how we ended up with Trump in the first place.

    In any case, election fraud is more of a concern than voter fraud. You have Crosscheck, fewer polling stations in minority districts (having been handily closed to save money, think Arizona), and voting machines that can’t even be audited because they’re broken (think Detroit, revealed when Jill Stein tried to get an election recount). Tell me why we don’t have a routine election auditing system in our rich democratic nation? Every business, big and small, has such a system in place.

    While I hate the thought of Russia or any nation, interfering with our elections, I am not shocked by such attempts. I am much more concerned, and sickened, that we can’t trust the principles and practices of our fellow Americans.

    And, yes, I think the DNC should have maintained a neutral stance during the Primary. They changed the debate rules on Larry Lessig, and they colluded to minimize Sanders — both candidates who addressed our rigged political system in their campaigns. I think every American should be dismayed, regardless of the candidate or party they supported.

    Bottom line: the U.S. needs to clean house. Nothing is going to make sense, and Trump will continue to go off the rails — and get away with it, if we don’t confront the (legal!) corrupting influence of Big Money in our politics. Illegal aliens voting, indeed. That’s not our problem

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    • You are so right, that voter fraud is the VERY LEAST of our worries. Big business and lobbyists contributing disgustingly massive amounts to the candidate of their choice, in return for legislation that helps them, and rules that make it nearly impossible for any independent to even make it to the debates, let alone stand a chance at being on the ballot in more than a handful of states … those are more serious challenges to a fair and honest election.

      And I am deeply troubled by this Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, that seeks to make public our voting history and personal information, and also to remove thousands from the voting registration records simply based on having the same name as another registered voter. And then, we have states passing laws to disenfranchise minority voters. And let us not forget about gerrymandering, or redrawing districts to lessen the effect of minority voters. THOSE are our real problems, and that doesn’t even address the Russian hacking! I’m not even sure I think of our elections as ‘democratic’ any more.

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  4. Jill, we need to begin to question why do people believe a man who has been proven time and time again to have lied from the little to big things? The answer is simply to say to inane things like this, “Do you really believe that?” Or, “I don’t find that to be true at all.” Keith

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    • I agree. I am working on what is probably going to be a 2-3 part collaboration with my friend B who is a republican, and an intelligent, respectful man. The piece I am working on will be, I think at this point, interview-style, with each of us asking questions to clarify and explore why we believe as we do. It should be interesting, and I hope enlightening. I’m shooting for starting it on either Wednesday or Thursday …


  5. Dear Jill,
    After DDT arriving on the scene, I have learned a lesson which is, that anything can happen. All I know is that there is no way that I will personally survive DDT as it is until 2020. Beyond that, Canada, here I come.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  6. To paraphrase Trevor Noah the other night (when talking about the Olympics going to LA in 2028), it’s cute that they think there is going to be a 2020! Sorry…I think I will go back to my reading, painting, and kitty-cuddling now…

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    • Sigh … that is actually funny, in a morbid sort of way, but … I had the same thought when I was writing that post … why worry about 2020 when we’ll be lucky to survive 2017.

      Yes, my friend, you are better off to go back to your reading, painting and kitty-cuddling. It is a much nicer world there. Hugs, dear Emily …

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  7. Yes, scary thought, but highly unlikely. I still have faith in our system of checks and balances. The legislative and judicial branches have been very patient with the WH, but we are seeing signs that their patience is wearing thin.

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    • Yes, I agree that it is highly unlikely, but then the election of Trump was highly unlikely, so I’m not discounting those minuscule possibilities any more. In this alternate universe we seem to be living in, it seems that anything goes.

      Yes, it seems that members of Congress are getting mighty tired of him publicly criticizing people … first Sessions, now McConnell. But will they act? Who knows …

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  8. The more I hear about funny shenanigans in American Politics….the more I become aware of the ‘weakness’ of American Democracy…..riddled with loopholes through which dictatorship can slip. Phew! 🤓 Hugs!

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    • Yes, and the more I see, the more I wonder why it has taken this long for all those loopholes and weaknesses to show up. Just required the right combination of a devious ignoramus in office, elections dominated by lobbyists/business, and a significant number of ignorant people among the masses. Who knows? It is wearing thin on the psyche, though. Hugs!!!

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  9. This is just the kind of thing the right was freaking out about vis-a-vis Obama. They thought he was going to try to finesse a third term somehow and they were ready to hit the streets with pitchforks and torches.

    I think what you’re hypothesizing is a remote possibility but highly unlikely. There are an awful lot of obstacles, such as the Constitution. And the way Trump is pissing off Mitch McConnell, it’s hard to see robust cooperation there. But it’s so true: we have to stay vigilant and be ready to resist.

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    • I agree that it is highly unlikely … but then, a year ago I said Trump winning the election was highly unlikely, so I have learned to rule out nothing! But no, I am not really concerned about it, but I do think it’s possible that he would try. Hopefully, the obstacles would be insurmountable. The thing that most concerned me here was the fact that half of republicans would support this. I thought the people were waking up??? Did he give them another dose of ‘happy drug’? I just don’t get it!

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