Filosofa Returns — With Bits ‘N Pieces

Dearest Readers!  Thank you all for the many well-wishes for my weekend hiatus!  I had a great weekend … no car troubles, no injuries, just a nice, relaxing weekend!  I missed you guys, missed your comments that sometimes make me think, other times make me laugh!  I am now back home, safe and sound, although I DID manage to get lost just ten miles from home!!! I am blaming that one on heavy traffic and not being able to get into the lane I needed to be in.  Still, one might think that since I have lived in this area for more than 20 years, I could find my way around!  I am directionally challenged.

I have been responding to comments this evening, and I apologize that my responses are perhaps not as in-depth as usual, but I wanted to get caught up on that tonight and I had four days’ worth to catch up, so I did not expound as much as I might have another time.  I will be working over the next several days to get caught up reading your posts, so be patient.  Meanwhile, since I am not likely to write a full post tonight, a few snippets from the weekend news:

  • I was saddened to hear of the death of entertainment legend Jerry Lewis on Sunday at age 91.  The official cause of death was ischemic cardiomyopathy, which occurs when the heart becomes unable to pump sufficient blood through the rest of the body due to a coronary artery disease. I did not realize that Mr. Lewis had suffered three heart attacks during his lifetime, the first when he was only 34 years old.  He also had Type I diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis, had battled prostate cancer and a fall during a Las Vegas show in 1965 nearly paralyzed him.  He was best known as a comedian, having received several awards for lifetime achievement from the American Comedy Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Venice Film Festival and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and was honored with two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But what set Jerry Lewis apart was his humanitarian work. He supported fund-raising for research into muscular dystrophy, as well as many other causes that go beyond what I could possibly cover in this snippet.  He was a fine entertainer and a good human being who will be missed on this earth.  Rest in Peace, Jerry. jerry-lewis-2

  • So, I heard that Steve Bannon is out of Trump’s administration. I received no less than three messages within an hour of the announcement.  Of course, given Bannon’s ideology, I am glad he is out.  That still leaves Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka, of course, but Bannon was, I felt, the biggest threat and from time to time I even wondered if he wasn’t, perhaps, the puppeteer.  But I think there is more to this than meets the eye.  On August 7th, more than a week before his ouster, Bannon contacted Breitbart to let them know he would be returning.  And he made a comment that he can do more good on the outside than on the inside.  I am not sure what I suspect, but I am suspicious of … something.  When I’ve had time to study and ponder it more, I’ll try to clarify my suspicions.

  • You know those annoying ‘speed bumps’ that are intended to slow drivers down in areas where children may be playing, or raccoons dancing in the street, or whatever? We have two on our street and they are annoying, but if they slow traffic down, I’m all for them, for here in da hood, we do have large numbers of children playing, riding bikes and skateboards in the middle of the street.  Well anyway, the Brits have come up with “illusory speed bumps”!  According to a report in the Guardian, “They are painted humps on the road: white arcs, about a metre wide, like slightly asymmetrical Vs that, by the miracle of perspective, fool the eye into seeing them as looming out of the tarmac as drivers approach.”  Sure would save wear and tear on one’s suspension system if they work! speed bumps.jpg

  • The Great American Eclipse. They hyped it for two months.  A total eclipse – 99.4% they said.  As I mentioned last week, I was a bit nervous about driving home from Pennsylvania on Monday, because I feared it would become pitch dark and I would not be able to see.  I drove, and I drove, and I wondered when it was to happen.  I noted that the day had become slightly darker, but there were clouds overhead, so that could explain it.  That was it … it got, maybe 5-7 degrees darker.  When I got home, I asked Miss Goose if it had been spectacular here.  Nope … just got slightly darker.  While relieved that I didn’t have to find a place to stop for an hour or so, I am somewhat disappointed. They ought not to have built up so much suspense.  Was it a spectacular thing where any of you live?  solar eclipse

  • Headline news in both today’s New York Times and The Washington Post is that Trump briefly looked up at the sun without protective glasses today. I ask you:  a) does anybody care?; b) so what – he’s already blind in the ways that matter?; and c) why is every bloomin’ thing the man does considered ‘newsworthy’?  Next we’ll be hearing what he eats for dinner each night and what time he poops! Sheesh. not-too-bright

And on that note, I have emails to answer, a suitcase to unpack, and am shooting for a (relatively) early bedtime tonight, as nine straight hours of driving today has just about done me in!  Thanks again, dear friends, and I will be back on my regular schedule by the end of the day!


27 thoughts on “Filosofa Returns — With Bits ‘N Pieces

  1. Huggy Welcome Back! Suitably rested and refreshed, I hope. Pleased…safely home!
    Yes…..Favourite Jerry Lewis gone to permanent rest….in peace!!! 😇 Keeping up with the ‘Fake News’ no doubt…..Take Care! ❤ ❤

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  2. Dear Jill,
    There was a news item where DDT had purportedly suffered a case of diarrhea while he was playing a round of golf. I was actually planning to maybe blog on this but, alas, this turned out to be fake news. fact checked this story which was marked as “fake.”

    Here’s the story circulated around March 2017. There was even a photo with a dark brown stain on his pants.
    President Trump had a little accident on the golf course today, and no, and wasn’t politically. After a large brunch of eggs, bacon, ham, pheasant, roast beef, elk, and a variety of sausage, Trump had a case of diarrhea while playing the 5th hole of his back nine.

    A golden color cart drove up and escorted Trump back to the side entrance of Mar-a-lago.

    “It wasn’t pretty,” said one golfer.

    “It was pretty funny,” said another.
    I watched NASA’s live streaming of the “total solar eclipse which was awesome.It did have an eventful impact everywhere.
    It is sad to see another icon bite the dust in the gift of life. Too many are leaving us.

    Welcome back and Hugs, Gronda

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    • Awwww, drat! I DO wish that story about Trump on the golf course had been real! One thing is for sure … people are having some fun finding a million ways to mock DDT! The political cartoonists must be burning the midnight oil!

      Thanks Gronda … good to be back … I had a great time, but still missed all my WordPress friends, too!


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  3. Welcome back. Sad to hear about Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory passing. Gregory took his thoughtful comedy to advocate for Civil Rights. I fear Bannon will be there to perpetuate more fake news and beat up on those opposing the President. It will give the President one more disinformation site to use.

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    • Thanks Keith! Good to be back … I think. The Significant Seven have been attempting to drive me nuts today, and I threatened to head back to Pennsylvania!

      I thought the same regarding Bannon, but it was interesting that Breitbart has condemned Trump for his stance on Afghanistan. I don’t trust any of the rhetoric, but there is purpose somewhere, there is an agenda somewhere … I am just not quite sure what it is. Time will tell.

      Also … did you read about James Murdoch speaking out against Trump’s response to Charlottesville? Some believe it may be a turning point for Fox News. Thoughts?


  4. Good stuff. I wondered how many of those who flocked to see the solar eclipse claim to doubt the predictions of science — especially regarding climate change! My guess is that the visual “bumps” will soon be ignored. The Brits already paint wavy lines in areas where they want people to slow down. I expect they get used to ignoring what is painted there. I know Americans would!!

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  5. You sound refreshed but take things steady , even the big movers and planners can’t make a second last a tiny bit longer. As Mr Trump slowly realises there is much well beyond his control he will think again. The good news is eclipses are always on time.

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    • Yes, I WAS refreshed! However, it only took 4 loads of laundry, a few hours of house chores, and dealing with the Significant Seven all day to make me forget I had even had a break 🙂 But … as said Dorothy, There’s No Place Like Home.


  6. Welcome home! Glad you’ve had a relaxing time…does the soul good.😊💗

    Yes, I too think there is something fishy about the Steve Bannon departure. I guess Golum Trumpest isn’t quite fulfilling his role properly. ‘Puppeteer’ is likely an accurate phrase.

    Yes, it feels a bit weird to see people like Jerry Lewis die. Like watching old friends of our youth pass on… feels sort of prophetic that we are marching up that same ladder.

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    • Thank you, my friend!

      Bannon … there is something more than we are seeing, but I found it interesting that Breitbart came out with no less than 5 stories condemning Trump for his “policy” on Afghanistan. I also found it interesting to note that James Murdoch, son of Rupert who owns the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, wrote an email denouncing Trump’s failure to condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis after Charlottesville. Some pundits are saying this could be the beginning of a sharp turn in the reporting by Fox. Time will tell.

      Hope you had a good weekend also?

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      • Yes…I am in a lovely Yorkshire Village called Hebden Bridge. It is full of tourists, but nice anyway. We will putter off up into the Pennines later today.
        Like you, have four loads of laundry which is hanging throughout the boat to dry while it is pouring with rain outside. It is too electric power hungry (on battery storage) to have a tumble dryer, so we light the woodstove and use a small electric fan to get it all dry quickly. 😊 Always something to do. 😀

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        • Your travels always sound so delightful! Enjoy!

          I grouse about laundry, but then I read your comment and realize that I am spoiled rotten by my washer & dryer. So, I shall now go happily throw my daughter’s uniforms into the dryer and think of you! 🙂 Yes, always something to do … gives us a reason to keep getting up every morning, yes?

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