Idiot Of The Week — Paula White

Idiot of the Week medal

I did not set out tonight to write an Idiot of the Week post, but this “lady” flew not only onto my radar, but flapped her ugly wings right in my bloomin’ face!  I wonder why it is that I have found so many of my idiots among the right-wing “moral majority”?  Note, dear readers, that I am not putting down any religion, nor religion in general, but am thoroughly disgusted by those who would use the guise of religion for personal gain.  So, on that note, please allow me to introduce today’s Idiot of the Week, Paula White!


Spiritual Advisor???  Ahem …

Who, you may ask, is Paula White?  She is a televangelist, a “pastor”, and most importantly, she is Donald Trump’s ‘spiritual advisor’.  Or, as Politico once dubbed her, and the name stuck, Trump’s ‘God Whisperer’.  While White has a long history of idiocy, and I will get to that in a minute, it is the thing that sent her onto my radar while eating my supper tonight that I want to share first.

On Monday, White appeared on a panel interview on the Jim Bakker show.  Let us look at a few of her remarks:

  • “They say about our president, ‘Well, he is not presidential.’ Thank goodness. Thank goodness. Thank goodness. And I mean that with all due respect. Because in other words, he is not a polished politician. In other words, he is authentically – whether people like it or not – has been raised up by God.”

  • “God says that he raises up and places all people in places of authority. It is God who raises up a king. It is God that sets one down. When you fight against the plan of God, you are fighting against the hand of God.”

  • “How can you criticize him? He’s been chosen by God.”

  • “When our forefathers came over…They took their crosses when they landed at Plymouth and when they walked that beach area and put their white crosses down and dedicated this land and said that it would be a lighthouse for God and send missionaries around the world so that the Gospel will be preached. That was the original intention for this particular nation. We must take back our school systems, take back our families, take back our homes, take back our nation.”

And the one that really made me want to put a fist through a brick wall …


  • “We were not sent into this earth to fit in. We weren’t just sent here to be a part. We were sent here to take over.”

Then White suggested campaigns against Trump are the work of demons.

  • demon-cute“We are scaring the literal hell out of demonic spirits right now. Because if we get two more [Supreme Court Justices], we will be able to overturn demonic laws and decrees that has [sic] held this nation in captivity.”

Guess that makes me a little demon then, huh?

One deep breath … puff, puff, puff … two deep breaths … puff, puff, puff … 


She made the false claim that America is more than 70% evangelical (the actual percentage is somewhere around 25%) and encouraged viewers to be obedient and loyal to Trump because it is what God wants. If God hadn’t intervened in the U.S. elections, she said, religious liberties would have eroded to such an extent that people would have had to pray in an “underground church” within five years.

Now do you see why Filosofa is stomping her feet and howling at the moon tonight?

stomping.jpghowl-at-moon.pngPersonally, I think just those things would qualify her as an Idiot of the Week, but she has been building up to this, so let us take a quick look at Ms. White’s past endeavours.

She is a Pentecostal Christian televangelist and the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, in Apopka, Florida. She calls herself Dr. White, though she has no college degree, let alone a doctorate. She has been married three times, the second time to Randy White, with whom she co-founded a church called Without Walls International Church. The church filed for bankruptcy in 2014 after reportedly defaulting on some $29 million in loans.


Interesting look for a lady of the cloth, don’t you think?

White is a proponent of ‘prosperity theology’ which is loosely defined as “preaching that followers who donate large sums will be made wealthy by God.” Think Jim Bakker, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson and the rest of the televangelists always soliciting donations.  Personally, I would define ‘prosperity theology’ as church-sanctioned greed coupled with a dose of narcissistic arrogance.  White’s personal net worth is a paltry $5 million, as compared to other televangelists, such as Kenneth Copeland ($760 million), Pat Robertson ($100 million) and Joel Osteen ($40 million).  Still, $5 million is nothing to sneeze at, and it was handed to her by hardworking people who probably struggle to meet their mortgage or rent payment every month.

White, along with five other televangelists, was the subject of a three-year Senate investigation that ended in 2011 with no definitive findings of wrongdoing and thus no penalties.  However, White refused to provide the information requested by the inquiry, saying the request violated her religious freedom. The investigation was looking at the personal use of church-owned airplanes, luxury homes and credit cards by pastors and their families, and expressed concern about the lack of oversight of finances by boards often packed with the televangelists’ relatives and friends.


I believe she took dressing lessons from Sarah Palin

White claims she ‘fully cooperated’ with the investigation and disagrees with the characterization of the “prosperity gospel”, saying donations, even the hefty four figure ones, are to help the ministry and its televised operations pay bills, and the “prosperity gospel” is misunderstood to be all about money. I leave the reader to draw his or her own conclusions here, but I always thought donations to a church were supposed to go to some humanitarian cause?

White-4.jpgShe has been called Trump’s doppelganger by more than a few.  Like Trump, she has a bankruptcy under her belt, is on her third marriage, and has few morals.  At age 18, she left her first husband and ran off with Randy White, her church’s pastor, who was at the time married with three young children. The couple eventually married and founded their own church and broadcast ministry, generating more than $40 million annually at one point.  Yet, the church ended in bankruptcy in 2014.  White is now married to Jonathan Cain, singer/songwriter for the band Journey.

So, Ms. Paula White-Cain, for years of greed and immorality, for all that you have taken from those less fortunate than yourself, for your history of lies, but most of all for your supreme idiocy in saying that those of us with the common sense to resist Donald Trump are going against God, please accept Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award.  I am sure you will find a good spot for it on the walls of your fine, gold-plated home.


43 thoughts on “Idiot Of The Week — Paula White

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    • Quite so! I have long thought that Marx hit that nail on the head, though I usually keep my opinion to myself, as it is not a popular one and I try to avoid religious discussions at all costs 😉 But yes, these people are the lowest of the low, for they prey on those who are already at a disadvantage, and apparently feel no compunction about taking money from those who can least afford it to buy their Mercedes and private jets.


  2. Dear Jill,

    It would be harf to pick a better idiot.

    I actually attended her and her then husband Randy White’s church in Tampa on rare occasions because it was conveniently located across the street from where I used to work, “Continental Airlines.” I was not impressed. The church actually expected its members to sign a contract to pay 10% of their incomes. I recall Mr. White asking for support to purchase a plane.

    It is amazing to me that peoples buy their Evangelelical prosperity religion flim-flam as they use the name of God in vain.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, I think their ‘secret to success’ is they prey upon the elderly and the poor who will do just about anything to improve their lives, so when lured with promises of great wealth or some other reward, they fall right smack into the trap. I was not aware, however, that they tried to get people to sign a contract! Sigh … so many scams, and this is one that is widespread and largely sanctioned by the public. People feel guilty criticizing a church! Hugs!!!

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    • I was wondering the exact same thing. They prey on the elderly and the poor who fall hook, line and sinker when given promises of a better life, great wealth, etc. AND … they are paying little or no taxes on their ill-gotten gains! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Snake oil salesman is the term that comes to mind every time I write about one of these “religious” creeps. Sigh.

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  3. Been there, done that. I’ve seen these famous televangelists come and go over the years. A religious servant of the people is not meant to get wealthy and live in luxury. I can see why she’s DT’s kind of person. I wonder if she also has gold bathroom fixtures. 😀 — Suzanne

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    • Haha … I wondered the exact same thing!!! When I looked at the net worth of some of the televangelists, I was stunned … appalled … then sickened to realize that they are taking money from those who can least afford it, and lining their coffers, driving Mercedes and living a life of luxury rather than passing that money along to people who desperately need it. Yes, she and Trump are two peas in a pod. Ugly, ugly peas.

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    • I completely agree! And … while people think they are donating to a good cause, the reality is it is gong straight into the televangelists’ pockets so they can drive BMWs, eat steak every night, and live in 12-bedroom homes. But alas … who wants 12 bedrooms to clean anyway? 🙂

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  4. Oooh sent was God was he?
    That would be as in Plagues- See Egypt.
    I know America’s records aren’t spotless, but Jeez Louise, that’s a bit harsh.
    Finally, I think the lady would benefit from some good ol’ Catholic Social Teachin’ (the socialist way of course)…..I’d send her a rosary and a red flag, but I don’t know her address.😇 😉

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  5. I wonder how someone who defaulted on such huge loans and was declared bankrupt can now have a personal worth of $5m . Since she doesn’t work I assume it can only be from donations that weren’t intended for God but for herself. I might find it easier to believe a televangelist was doing Gods work if I saw the actual good it did for the needy and not for the fashion consultants and transport suppliers as well as the hangers on of the pastors themselves.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • Indeed! And that is the thing that most bothers me about ALL the televangelists these days. I thought the purpose of common people donating to a church was that then the church would turn around and use that money to help people … starving people in Africa, people dying of disease in South America, or those living in poverty in the U.S. But for the last several decades, the only place donations go is straight into the pockets of the people who run the church. And for this, they are still getting tax-exempt status. More importantly, however, people are giving money to those who are already wealthy when they could be donating their money to causes that actually help people in need. Only a small part of my reasons for eschewing religion altogether. But people like Ms. White, Joel Osteen, Franklin Graham, et al, cause my stomach to feel unsettled.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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  6. You certainly do your research very well thanks for the time and effort you put in to give us a different perspective. No one can fight those who are wholly on God’s side , they have an impenetrable defense, all argument is banished. We can only fight God with God ; I wonder if in those marriages Mrs white made the promise ‘What God has joined together let no man put asunder.’ I expect she may well answer that God brought those previous marriages to an end , at which point I would bow out. If I walk with God then I’m infallible.

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    • Thank you, Kertsen! Part of what I love about writing is the research side. With people like Ms. White, it isn’t hard, for she has been a source for the media for quite some time. I wonder, when I hear her words, especially when I hear her say that God has put Trump in office … do you think she really believes that? Or is she, like so many of the rest, simply stroking Trump’s ego to ride his coattails to “fame and fortune”? Thanks again!


    • 😀 😀 😀 …. Yes, my posts tend to do that to a person, don’t they? I think that if we could conquer stupidity, there would be no more hate to need to worry about. But … what is stupidity? Ignorance is what we typically call stupidity. And ignorance IS conquerable, but … remember the saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink”? Therein lies the problem. We can provide the greatest educational system, but if people don’t wish to learn, quite frankly they won’t. Sigh. SIGH!!! 😉


      • I think there is no young child in the world that does not wish to learn. It is something that is build into us. But some schools (systems) and some teachers manage to turn the most inquisitive minds into education-haters … And of course, if you put the wrong ideas into young heads … and give them a bad example to follow … we all know what comes out of it.

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        • I fully agree! And parents … let us not forget the parents who pass on their hatred of anything or anyone who is different. I was so sickened and saddened the other day when I saw a photo of a young child … maybe 3 or 4 … dressed in the garb of the KKK. It should be a crime … it should just be a bloomin’ crime.


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