The president America rightly deserves

Earlier today I came across this post by fellow-blogger Brosephus, and my hackles were immediately raised by the title alone. Shall we just say that Filosofa is a bit on edge these days? The first few bits of the post did nothing to calm me, and I was already preparing my commentary in response. I am glad, however, that I kept on reading. I am sharing this post, with permission from Brosephus, because it is both thoughtful and thought-provoking, and he makes some excellent points about what our nation is, how we came to this point, and what we need to do to make it a better nation. Please take a few minutes to read this fine post. Thank you, Brosephus!

The Mind of Brosephus

I had to take a vacation from writing this summer.  Work was a bit more hectic.  Life in general picked up a bit of speed.  But mostly, I grew sick and tired of President Trump’s ability to suck the oxygen out of the atmosphere and manage to be THE attention whores of all attention whores.  So, instead of posting daily “tributes” to Trump, I unplugged and refocused on my personal well being.  Silly me for thinking that would solve everything.

Love him, hate him, or indifferent towards him, Donald J. Trump IS the president that America rightly deserves now.  In the seven months that he has been in office, he has simultaneously energized and angered the masses.  He has worked hard to change the definition of what’s presidential in terms of actions and behavior.  His administration and governing position is the living, breathing definition of chaos.  And, in my honest…

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13 thoughts on “The president America rightly deserves

  1. Dear Jill,
    In a way this has been an awakening for “we the people.” Most of us have witnessed this insidious disease of racism exposed where it can’t be denied as not real. We have a deeper appreciation of what this country ought to be and we are not wanting to settle for an America according to DDT. And we are not easily moved from wanting better for this country despite DDT.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Hi Jill.
    Good share. Just spent about 20 mins replying. You know my themes by now. Young Nation. Forces of History. The USA is great than the creature in the Whitehouse.
    You can this nation back Jill. The fool is only there by accident and discontent. It happens in History; he’s not the first; sadly he won’t be the last…guess what they all fall down!
    Keep on keeping on USA.

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    • Thanks Roger! I just finished reading the exchange between you and Brosephus … good conversation! I think we here on this side of the pond are riding an emotional roller coaster. One day his antics are so ridiculous that we can laugh, especially when we read that members of Congress are considering whether or not he is stable. But then the next we return to despair when we hear that he is willing to shut down the government if Congress won’t fund his fribbin’ wall. It is up-down-up-down and after a time, it takes a toll. Now I begin to understand what you have said about your time under Thatcher. While I have been politically astute since the age of 5 when I tallied the election of Dwight Eisenhower with a pile of marbles (yep, true story), I have never before awakened in the morning with a sense of dread, needing to know what transpired during the 2-3 hours I slept. Never before felt an urge to throw my laptop across the room because of the day’s news. Never before wanted to smash into a car because of its bumper sticker. And y’know, my friend, it isn’t even the buffoon himself as much as the fact that so many, though in the minority, so many think he is wonderful. Friends. Family. People who I thought had a brain. They think he is great. This, more than anything, causes me to despair. For yes, he will be gone soon, but … these people … how can they honestly believe as they do??? How can they sleep at night, knowing what a jerk they put into the Oval Office? SIGH!!! In my next life … when I come back as a wolf … remind me to be born in the UK … or the Netherlands. Or Canada. 😀


  3. I believe we must uphold history, ‘warts and all,’ if we are to learn from it and not repeat mistakes. Trumpest will take his rightful place in that bumpy place and perhaps in future years, show humanity what happens when one person, ‘out of touch with reality,’ has too much power to control others. Perhaps history will prove that we need to change the political systems in place with more safeguards for adhering to commonly agreed principles of our cooperation and friendship with each other. Warmongering attitudes only lead to war and conflict. Even the catch phrase…’Make America Great Again’ has sinister undertones of division. Yes, the fool is apparent for all to see…. Yet it is like ‘the Emperor with no Clothes,’ nobody in government wants to be the first point it out. Those that have tried are gone…but eventually, it will be a crescendo of voices that even Trumpster won’t be able to silence!

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    • I completely agree with you. We must remember the ‘warts’ as well, for to forget them is to doom ourselves to repeat them. As for Trump’s place in history? I suspect he will occupy a large portion in the history books that you and I will never see. I hope to see the rules of the electoral college changed, or the college done away with altogether, for it simply is not right for a candidate who is least popular to win the highest office. I would also like to see the power of the executive branch reined in, for it has expanded far beyond what is healthy for this nation.

      And to your final point … yes, I believe his well-documented instability will lead, hopefully sooner than later, to the awakening of those in Congress and Trumpety Dumpety will fall off of his bloomin’ wall. I just hope they do it soon before those of us who have managed to retain a degree of sanity lose the battle! 😀

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  4. Mencken certainly had a crystal ball,( hence walking that way as the joke goes). If Trump proved to be the President the people wanted at that time, I can’t understand why so many still want to hold on to him now.
    In 7 months I can’t see any way in which the U.S. has prospered under his reign and surely only the White Supremacists and other racists can be pleased at what he’s said and what he’s attempted to do.Surely the lies he’s told, even as recently as this week where he lied about the size of his audience at a 2020 campaign rally show that he’s untrustworthy. He’s behaving like the Man Who Would Be King rather than as President. In fact he should spend less time campaigning and more trying to be President.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • You are so right, my friend. The man who would be king is an apt expression, and it is up to we peasants to overthrow the would-be king and send him to the guillotine. Like you, I question how his “base” fails to see the troubles he has caused, the imminent threat of danger he has put this nation in. But every time he makes some inane rant, threatens a protester or mocks a reporter, he is applauded by his base for being “strong”. Might makes right??? I think not. I think that brute strength without a healthy dose of intelligence is about as useless as a wiffle ball in the world series. Sigh.

      Love your joke about the crystal ball and walking funny … never heard that one, but I will be using it asap!!!

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  5. My apologies for raising your hackles although it is usually my intent to kick up a bit of dust just to make people engage their brain just a bit. I’m glad you enjoyed my writing, and you have my permission to share anything I’ve written with your readers. 🙂

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    • Never apologize for raising my hackles, my friend! They sometimes need to be raised, but in this case, there was no reason for them to be raised … I just needed to read the entire post, rather than to make a quick call based on the title and the first few lines. I am sometimes quick to judge, which is a flaw in my own character. In this day of information overload, we all, I think, tend to do that — skim an article or a post and judge based on a few words rather than reading the entirety. As I read on, I was forced to think, to ponder, to re-assess. And that … THAT … is what we should all be doing. You did engage my brain. In the past 2-3 days, I have written a couple of posts that make the point that we need to start listening more, trying to understand each other more. This, I think, is a belief you and I share … we just might state it a bit differently. But your post is excellent and to the point, else I would not have shared it.

      I do enjoy your writing … always have. And I thank you for your permission to share whenever, wherever and whatever. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your next one!


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