Sit Down And Shut Up – PLEASE!

Last week it was Roger Stone who predicted that a civil war would ensue if impeachment proceedings began against Trump.  Now this week another dolt has jumped onto that bandwagon.  Who, you ask?  None other than the long-ago disgraced religious peddler, Jim Bakker.


“I predict if it [impeachment] happens there will be a Civil War in the US. The Christians will finally come out of the shadows, because we’re going to be shut up permanently if we’re not careful, and God says that faith without works is death, we have to do things.”

I sigh, shake my head, and wonder what rock all these nut cases are coming out from under. First of all, what the heck does he mean by “Christians will finally come out of the shadows”?  Christians, it seems to me, have been the loudest voices in the past several years … out of the shadows???  Seriously???  Second, the latest polls show that now some 40% of adults in the U.S. support impeachment, up from 30% a few months earlier.  Two-thirds of non-Trump supporters are in favour of sending Trump packing.  Nearly half the nation.  Civil war?  I don’t think so.

Oh sure, there are those die-hard Trumpians who will bluster and raise their loud, obnoxious voices in protest if Trump is removed from office, but they do not constitute a majority, nor an army, and there will be no civil war, though there are likely to be pockets of civil unrest, particularly in the southern half of the nation. I predict those will be put down quickly enough and that the nation will remain intact, though divided.

The amazing thing about Mr. Bakker’s utterance is that he had the nerve to even speak.  This is the ‘man’ who …

  • Defrauded investors by selling tens of thousands of $1,000 ‘lifetime memberships’ and ‘exclusive partnerships’ for a three-night stay in hotels that were never built

  • Paid $279,000 to a young woman, Jessica Hahn, in exchange for her silence after she accused Bakker and an associate of having drugged and raped her

  • Was called “the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,000 years of church history” by Jerry Falwell

  • Was convicted on eight counts of mail fraud, 15 counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy and sentenced to 45 years in federal prison, though he served only 5 years

  • Recently admitted that, though he had claimed to be a religious leader for years, had only actually read the Bible during his time in prison

  • Still owes $6 million to the Internal Revenue Service in unpaid taxes

One might think that the shame of all the above would send him either into a reclusive, quiet life, or give him the inspiration to try to make up for all his abuses and excesses.  But nooooo … not Mr. Bakker.  Since 2012 he has been engaged in another televangelist venture called the Jim Bakker Show.  With this one, the emphasis is on the sale of survival food, equipment and health products, selling buckets of food – ‘survival food’, at $800 a pop, for when the ‘apocalypse’ happens.  Seriously??? Is anybody buying into this?

And so now he proposes that Christians will start a civil war in the event that the dishonest and divisive president should be impeached?  By what authority, I wonder, does he speak?  For I am fairly certain he does not represent any large portion of Christians in the U.S. Baker lined his own pockets at the expense of his followers some three decades ago, and is apparently continuing to do so even today, though on a smaller scale.  Today his net worth is only around $600,000. While I do not know Mr. Bakker’s net worth at his peak, it is said that some $92 million was ‘unaccounted for’ in 1986, and that the Bakkers ‘earned’ nearly $2 million per annum in salaries and ‘bonuses’, so suffice it to say that he was not a poor man.

There will be no ‘civil war’, no uprising of Christians against the rest of us, no return of Jim Bakker to his ‘glory days’.  There will continue to be a divisiveness among the populace of the U.S., created by people who judge others based on superficial differences such as religious beliefs, skin colour or gender identification, but there will be no civil war.  So PLEASE, Mr. Bakker, go sit down and shut up!

26 thoughts on “Sit Down And Shut Up – PLEASE!

  1. Trump supporters are all talk. I’m sure many would go on about starting a civil war, maybe even start stockpiling weapons/ammo yet again, but they’d never get off their couches long enough to do anything about it (assuming anyone actually had a game plan or a goal in mind).

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    • They being only about 1/3 of the country, and probably even less than 25% of THOSE are radical right-wingers, any effort on their part would be doomed from the start. I hope they realize that, for I’d really hate for us to have to build more jails to hold them! 😀


  2. As all those of us with working brains that haven’t been washed as yet can surmise, this man has more nerve than an aching molar and always has had. He seems to think he’s served his time and repented so we should now all believe him and trust him. Yeah, right. 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. Dear Jill,
    Real Christians would not be calling for “civil war” over the impeachment of DDT. If there is one positive outcome of DDT’s presidency,it is that many of the so called Christians/ evangelicals nut cases are showing their true colors and high levels of hypocrisy. Most Christian ;leaders will not be shedding any tears over his exit. Most peoples will be dancing in the street.
    There will be outbursts of joy and days of celebration.. What civil war?

    Hugs, Gronda

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  4. In terms of a civil war centered around this president, I’m thinking of that famous line of John Kerry’s re Vietnam, reworked as: “Who will be the first to die for Donald Trump?”

    This man isn’t worth a blood blister on your thumb, much less dying for. Think it through, people! 😡

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  5. Jill, two comments. Is the White House incumbent the person you want to risk your own brand on? His history before, during and after the campaign tell you every thing you need to know about his veracity.

    As you note, Jim Bakker is no day at the beach either. When asked about his solid gold faucets in his house, his answer was “God wanted me to have nice things.” He did not add the corollary that He must have wanted Bakker to bilk his followers to pay for it. Long before the “you know what” hit the fan, a radio DJ used to perform a skit based on a play on Bakker’s Praise The Lord (PTL) Club. It was called Pass The Loot. The radio DJ was dead on accurate long before the sentencing that validated Bakker was a crook.


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    • I actually meant to use that “Pass The Loot” phrase in my post, but I forgot. Seems to me that all these televangelists are nothing more than greedy, arrogant you-know-whats, and I am continually amazed that so many follow and support ($$$) them!


    • I think he is a self-serving, greedy leech and he had no real purpose in his statement other than to draw attention to himself. But to your point … IF that were to happen, yes, it would be Christian vs Christian. 70% of the nation is Christian, 47% republican, and only 34% support Trump. Now who’s going to be stupid enough to start a civil war? Surely a few hotheads will start trouble, but what’s new there? Sigh. Duct tape is the answer. 😉

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