Yet another gun story

Earlier today I read an article about Jeff Sessions’ remarks that there has been an increase in violent crime. It prompted me to decide to write yet another post about how much stricter gun regulations are needed in this country. But before I put pen to paper (or, rather, fingers to keyboard) I saw this excellent post by my friend Keith Wilson. Keith, as always, has done a wonderful job of making the very points I would have made, and in a much more well-reasoned manner, so … why re-invent the wheel. Please take a few moments to read this excellent piece. Thank you, Keith!


The title represents a quote from a local news broadcast in my home city – yet another gun story. America’s obsession with guns continues full tilt and we cannot expect anything to be done about it at the federal level for the time being.

We have a problem with gun deaths that does not look like it will abate anytime soon. To discover for yourself, for one month, count the number of gun death stories in your local newspaper or favorite news station.

Yet, we have one political party and a few in the other that do not recognize the gun problem for what it is. These folks are backed by one of the more strident lobbyist groups in the NRA.

While these legislators don’t recognize the problem, most gun owners do. Most gun owners do not belong to the NRA, which tends to care more about gun sales where…

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11 thoughts on “Yet another gun story

  1. Oooh Mistah Sessions has noticed there’s an increase in violent crime. Well hush mah mouth, the man’s got a mind like a steel trap!
    Anyhows, good share Jill.
    Keith as always puts his point in a reasoned and dignified way (so I restrained myself with my comments about the Sandy Hook conspiracy(yuh, we always marry our cousinzz) crew……not very easy).
    Take care
    Ps:Will be back-tracking on posts, so sort of out of synch

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    • 🤣 🤣 🤣 Gotta love a Welshman with a deep southern accent!!! The thing about Sessions remarks … and I know you will find this hard to believe … is that they are NOT true! In other words, he lied … shocked, aren’t you? But even if it were true, I would not be surprised and would blame two factors: the divisiveness that has been caused by none other than Trump, and the free-flow of guns in the nation. I was at the book shop a few weeks back, and a man bent over to look at a book, which caused his shirt to ride up a bit, and revealed a pistol stuck in his waistband. Now who the frib needs a gun in the damn Barnes & Noble store??? 📚

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      • M’am. It is a well-known fact that Barnes & Nobles book shops are the haunts of socialists 😠 And you always have to be prepared. They’ll be lurking there around in the corner in the political or classical book sections read to spring out and quote Marx or one those European writers with the big long names and thus disrupt The American Way of Life.
        Be alert! (America needs Lerts)
        Tucked in his waist band?……Hmmm sounds like he’s over-compensating for some perceived concern about the general dimensions of a part of his body men obsess about- I hope he had the safety on.😯

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        • 😀 🙃 😀 🙃 You make me laugh, my friend!!! Frankly, I think we already have too many damn Lerts in this country 😉 And it just so happens that I had been browsing in the political section and was in the process of perusing a book about the Supreme Court, which I suppose proves my leftist/socialist leanings. At least I wasn’t wearing my shirt that says “Don’t blame me … I voted for Hillary”! I actually DO wear that one out in public quite often! I am a rebel … that surprises you, doesn’t it? 😉

          The location of the man’s gun … hmmmm … I never considered that, but … good point. Might be for the best if he actually did shoot that particular part of his anatomy off … some people simply ought not reproduce.

          Thanks for the laughs on this otherwise gloomy Saturday!

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  2. Points all reasonable people make. Except it seems all the people who own guns.
    Why the need for more than one gun per adult in the household.For the ambidextrous?
    Why the need for rapid fire weapons that shoot over 6 bullets at a go. Don’t want to give the deer a chance?
    Just take a look at how most of the rest of the world manage without guns, is the level of crime much higher?
    Most people ask that you just be more reasonable about gun control, not that you give them up altogether.
    xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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    • Thanks Jill for reposting this. It is greatly appreciated. While I agree with the need to make further limitations suggested by David, the changes noted in my post are not designed to take any one’s guns away, to have a better chance of passing into law.

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      • My pleasure, Keith! Yes, while I would be perfectly content seeing legislation that limits gun ownership to members of law enforcement and military, I do realize that such a law would be laughed off of Capitol Hill, so … small steps. But even those small steps seem likely to be inhibited. Sigh.

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    • Yep, I agree 100%. A single gun, properly locked away … okay, maybe. But an arsenal, including AK-47s and missile launchers??? WHY??? The thing is that back a couple of years ago when Obama was trying to get a few very minimal, common-sense gun laws passed, polls showed that the vast majority of Americans supported those laws, but … enter the NRA, and poof … no law. NRA gives money to members of Congress, and suddenly members of Congress no longer remember that their constituents wanted those laws. Money apparently causes memory loss.

      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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