Once An Idiot, Always An Idiot

Rush Limbaugh earned his Idiot of the Week award more than a year ago on August 12th, 2016.  It was one of the most well-deserved awards, and this week he has proven my theory that idiots do not ever outgrow or overcome their idiocy.

Mr. Limbaugh does not deal in facts, and mocks those of us who do, hence his disdain for the mainstream media, scientists, and just about anybody who bases decisions upon research and hard data.  I always find these people a bit humorous, though annoying and pompous.  But you almost have to laugh when a man who dropped out of college after two semesters, has no degree in anything, let alone science in any form, says …

“…   when it comes to a hurricane bearing down on south Florida, I’m the go-to guy.”


Mr. Limbaugh, with his lack of formal education, the ‘go-to guy’, has determined through some process of imagination, that Hurricane Irma, which is expected to make landfall in south Florida this weekend, is faux news.  Oh he believes there is a hurricane, but … well, I will let him tell you in his own words …

“Now, in the official meteorological circles, you have an abundance of people who believe that man-made climate change is real. And they believe that AL Gore is correct when he has written — and he couldn’t be more wrong — that climate change is creating more hurricanes and stronger hurricanes. And, of course, when Harvey hit, it was the first hurricane that had hit in 12 years1. There haven’t been more hurricanes and no more dangerous than any others in previous years.

So there is a desire to advance this climate change agenda, and hurricanes are one of the fastest and best ways to do it. You can accomplish a lot just by creating fear and panic. You don’t need a hurricane to hit anywhere. All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent and bigger and more dangerous, and you create the panic, and it’s mission accomplished, agenda advanced.”

At this point, it is interesting to note that Mr. Limbaugh lives in Palm Beach, Florida … south Florida!

He then goes on to expound on the ways in which this is also a plot by the media and retailers to get people’s money …

“TV stations begin reporting this and the panic begins to increase. And then people end up going to various stores to stock up on water and whatever they might need for home repairs and batteries and all this that they’re advised to get, and a vicious circle is created. You have these various retail outlets who spend a lot of advertising dollars with the local media.

The local media, in turn, reports in such a way as to create the panic way far out, which sends people into these stores to fill up with water and to fill up with batteries, and it becomes a never-ending repeated cycle. And the two coexist. So the media benefits with the panic with increased eyeballs, and the retailers benefit from the panic with increased sales, and the TV companies benefit because they’re getting advertising dollars from the businesses that are seeing all this attention from customers.”

And then Mr. Limbaugh shares his vast knowledge of meteorology with us …

“Cloud top temperature is what those colors mean. Bright red means coldest temperatures at the top of the clouds. It has nothing to do with precip. But people don’t know this, and they look at these giant graphics of these hurricanes, it’s moving up, it looks bigger than Cuba. When in fact the eye of the storm, any hurricane on average the real damage occurs in the 20- to 30-mile radius, circle around the eye. That’s where when you hear Category 5, that’s where the Category 5 winds are. They’re not throughout the whole thing. They’re not throughout the giant, big blog.

Another thing I’ve found, folks, these storms, once they actually hit, are never as strong as they’re reported. If you look at graphics, the data you can find from sea buoys and on the ground in spots in the Caribbean where hurricanes hit before they get here, it’s amazing that the actual wind speeds are never or very rarely as high as what they would be if it’s genuinely Category 4, Category 5.”

There is more, if you care to read the transcript or watch the program.  Be forewarned if you decide to watch, stay arms-length from your computer, lest you be tempted to punch him in the nose and break your screen.

Mr. Limbaugh would be laughable but for the fact that his ignorance is dangerous to people watching his program who might actually believe his ‘theories’ and fail to take adequate precautions.  He is encouraging listeners who might be in Irma’s path not to take seriously the official guidance disseminated through the media.

Alex Jones of InfoWars fame, (remember Pizzagate?) has for years promoted the notion that the U.S. government possesses the power to conjure and control weather events. Just last week, as Hurricane Harvey battered Texas, Jones devoted part of his show to questioning why the government didn’t “use the technologies to kill [the storm] out in the gulf.”

C’mon guys … leave the weather forecasting and climatology to the scientists … men with an education and the common sense to know how to use it!

I have to wonder … when he is being rescued by some good Samaritan in a boat, and he sees the water up to the roof of his $35 million home, if he will still think Hurricane Irma was a conspiracy by scientists, retailers, liberals and the mainstream media?

1 Harvey was by no means the first hurricane to hit in 12 years.  Has he forgotten Katrina?  And Rita, Wilma, Charley and Ivan to name a few.

50 thoughts on “Once An Idiot, Always An Idiot

  1. Normally, I don’t get involved in these squables, but our hurricane/storm preparations are complete and I’m taking a break.

    Well, like my mother used to say, if two people always agree, one of them is not necessary. I grew up outside NYC, (live in SC for last 21 years), played guitar in a pot smoking band, voted Democrat in my first presidential election and to used get “The Village Voice” delivered to my home. I was in my late 20’s when I first heard Rush Limbaugh, found the voice that really speaks for me and now I play for the visiting team as far as this blog goes.

    I heard that broadcast live the other day and interpreted it differently. The “go to guy” statement is because he lives on the beach in South FL and his friends/family figure he would be on top of things. (Makes sense to me) That is akin to my claiming I’m the go to guy when someone has questions about something funeral related, (I’m a funeral director) as I get calls all the time from friends and family regarding death related matters.

    Some of the unhappiest and underemployed people I know are college graduates and some of the smartest and most successful never went to college, so the fact that he doesn’t have a degree hasn’t stopped him from earning a really good living and influencing our society.

    Many of us also agree with his position on the media and how they set the tone. For example, as forecasters predicted the storm coming up over South Carolina, gas stations and grocery stores were sold out on Wednesday evening. They did, in fact, make a lot of money from the news reports. How can anyone dispute that? Now it appears that we are getting just a lot of wind and rain. (Anyone want to buy a few cases of bottled water?).

    Because of the need for news outlets to fill up 24 hours a day of programing, many of us do believe they actually create stories and then portray it as news. Reasonable people can disagree on this without the name calling, well at least reasonable people that I associate with.

    Lastly, on the topic of climate change, how do we not know that any change might be moving towards what is optimal? Back in the 70’s it was global cooling and there was another ice age coming. Since that didn’t pan out, it is now global warming and when that fails, simply climate change. There is government money in climate change so it s not unreasonable to believe that some will play along because if they don’t, there is no funding/paycheck. That’s an example of the old addage, “Follow the money trail”.

    At the sake of unleashing the arrows of hate in my direction, many on the left (much more than those on the right) result to name calling and personal trashing because they cannot win in the arena of ideas. You can say what you want about Limbaugh but the fact is that the reason he has been so successful is that he says what many of us think, but are afraid to talk about because of the hatred from those with more “progressive” ideas. Limbaugh doesn’t tell people what to think, but he does validate their beliefs. He often uses absurdity to illustrate the absurd and having a sense of humor helps to appreciate his wit and wisdom. Regardless, he has the #1 talk show in the Country and by the way, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Ya”ll have a good day.

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    • I promise you will find no arrows of hate on this blog. I insist on civil discourse and take down any comments that cross the line, so always feel free to opine here. Now, that is no guarantee that I or others won’t disagree with you, but we will do so respectfully.

      That said, Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer, not a scientist in any sense of the word, so his take on climate change, hurricane behaviour, etc., is opinion only, not fact-based science. I can overlook that, to an extent, except that right now he should shut up. What if a family drowns in the aftermath of Irma because they listened to Limbaugh instead of the National Weather Service, or Governor Scott?

      Setting aside the current issue of Limbaugh vs. Irma, however, I find him to be a bigot in every sense of the word. I have heard him mock or put down African-Americans, Middle-Easterners, Jews, Native Americans, and let us not forget his absolute favourite target, women! He has made so many truly horrendous remarks that I have to suspect he does not believe half of what he says. As I said, he is an entertainer, and the more outrageous his rhetoric, the more money flows into the coffers. But I am offended … very offended, by remarks like “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.”, and “You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun.”

      And then there’s “If you feed them, if you feed the children, three square meals a day during the school year, how can you expect them to feed themselves in the summer? Wanton little waifs and serfs dependent on the State. Pure and simple.” If he has ideas that are of value to society, then he should learn to present them in such a way as to not offend those who, like myself, are very much against bigotry in any form. Being both female and left-leaning, he manages to offend me nearly every time he opens his mouth, so I largely ignore him, but every now and then he simply won’t stay off my radar, such as this week.

      I do appreciate your comments … thank you for reading my post and I hope you will drop in again sometime! I always enjoy other points of view, for the world would be a pretty dull place if we all thought exactly alike. Keep safe this weekend.

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      • One might consider calling someone a d*ckhead is on the edge of “civil discourse”, but it’s your blog and your call. All I will add is that Rush observes and comments on current events. He does not pretend to be anything more than that. If all you know about him is what you read from left-leaning media, well sure, you don’t like him. Maybe I am wrong, and I apologize if I am, but I doubt that you or any of those making comments have ever listened to a full, 3-hour show, so as to get comments in context. As I mentioned earlier, I have been listening to him for almost thirty years and don’t believe I have ever heard him put anyone down except those that manipulate others for their own selfish benefit. As true conservatives (not the Paul Ryan type) we want to build people up and help them to prosper, as opposed to being dependant on a government that keeps them in poverty. He uses the term “shining the light of truth” and while you may not agree with him, there are millions of us who are frustrated by what we believe is a government that lies and manipulates in conjunction with a media that is the PR arm of the democratic party. He also uses “absurdity to illustrate the absurd.” The abortion-gun comment is an example. I am always amazed how two reasonably intelligent people can observe the same situation and walk away seeing it so differently, but that’s life. This is the first time I have entered into one of these exchanges in quite awhile as I know that my mind will not change, nor do I expect you to be swayed by my comments. Now, it’s time to go to church.

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        • 🙂 Quite so that ordinarily “dickhead” might push the boundaries of civil discourse. But, nobody here was being called that. Public figures are fair game, just not my readers.

          No, the information on Limbaugh’s views that I use comes straight from the horse’s mouth, Limbugh himself. I do not watch his program, for a number of reasons: I don’t like him, I don’t have time to watch television, for I write this blog and also write for two other publications, plus have private accounting clients, and maintain a household. And, I am nearly deaf, so it is much preferable for me to read the transcripts of his programs. I only check one out occasionally, when I get wind that he is being particularly controversial, or addressing a topic that I have a vested interest in.

          I realize and do not deny that many are frustrated by the inadequacies and inefficiencies of our government. But, as one who has studied other countries at some length, I would argue that we are much better off than probably 90% of the rest of the world. Yes, we need to work on our problems, but the current administration is not the solution. You do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

          And that leads me to this … you state that you won’t change my mind and I won’t change yours, and I do not deny that. However, the two political sides in this country need to work on this great divide we have and come a bit closer, become more tolerant, and learn to listen to the other side, rather than only reading or hearing opinions with which we already agree. And that is why I both enjoy and encourage this type of back-and-forth conversation. I may not agree with you, but I will listen. And I will respond. If you do the same, eventually we may begin to find some common ground that we can work with, at least. It starts here at the ‘grassroots’, it starts with we the people, for our elected officials are too greedy, are in the pockets of big business and lobbyists to try to hear the other side. We start finding that common ground, and then we demand the same of Congress and the Executive. It is a process, it does not happen overnight. But I happen to believe that if we all try to understand and express ourselves with intellect and respect, it just might work. I know you said you don’t get into these discussions often, but I hope you will come back, for I truly do honour civil discourse and informed disagreement!

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          • Jill, your response opened a door for me to make an observation and to gently point out your Achilles heal. You mentioned that you do not “watch” RL nor are able to listen to him and rely on transcripts to help form your opinion. Rush’s TV run ended in 1996 and aside from interviews, he sticks to the radio. It’s the “transcripts” comment that caught my attention and that I will briefly address. Reading a transcript of anything spoken is intrinsically flawed as you did not hear how it was spoken . . the context of the delivery. Consequently, it is way too easy for the reader to apply their existing filters and come away with an opinion of what was actually said. I’ll use your “I’m the go-to guy” comment. I heard that live and there is no way (in my humble opinion) that anyone could listen to that and come away thinking he was stating he was some kind of real authority on hurricanes. I would think though, that if one simply read a transcript of the words, they could easily come away with a different idea of what RL was conveying, especially if there was already a critical opinion of him in general. (I’m not being judgmental with that. I would do the same with any number of transcripts of left-leaning folks)

            Like you, I have other responsibilities and as much as I wish I could, I can’t make a living engaging in these discussions, but I will hang around. We probably have more common ground than we realize and maybe some of that will be illustrated going forward.. . Ray

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            • Well, you make a valid point, in that sometimes tone of voice can change the meaning or intent of one’s words. And I’ll give on the comment about him being the ‘go-to’ guy, for that might have sounded differently than it appeared in print. In fact, if time permits (I always seem to be behind!) I will go back and try to listen to that portion. However, words are important, and now I would ask you a question: Can you imagine any tone of voice, or any circumstances under which “You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun.” would be an acceptable thing to say? For I cannot. Yes, I am a “bleeding hearts liberal” as some might say, but I like to think that any human being with an ounce of compassion for their fellow man (woman) would be appalled by that statement. And yes, he said it … for I am fairly meticulous in verifying quotes. I have gotten things wrong a few times, but I always follow up with a correction when i do.

              I do see your point on missing nuances by simply reading a transcript, but I must rely mostly on transcripts. However, I will keep your point in mind and if there is doubt, I will listen.

              I’m glad you’re planning to hang around for a while! And yes, I think we already found some common ground on the Osteen piece! Nice to meet you, Ray! 😉

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              • Quick response. My view on abortion has changed over the course of my life. As often mentioned, RL uses absurdity to illustrate the absurd. I think the gun statement is appropriate and spot-on. The anti-gun folks blame guns as opposed to the individual and using that analogy is meant to illustrate the hypocrisy.

                I was born and raised Catholic, but I pretty much ignored the church until my mid-30’s. I would now identify as a “Practicing, Conservative Catholic” (I take it seriously) The Church teaches that Abortion is murder, but that’s not the reason I am, what you would call, “anti-abortion” I have direct experience with women and abortion, both from personal experience and by being intimately involved with a few non-profits over the years. The women I have encountered, without exception, regret the decision to abort. Now, I am sure that there are women who navigate the emotions of that experience successfully, but many don’t, even if they are unwilling to admit it. That being said, I make no claim for women as I am not one. I do how ever, have an interest in abortion as I am adopted and had I been aborted, I could never write this story: https://villageundertaker.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/we-choose-you/


      • Jill, as you know I am an independent voter having left the GOP in 2006. One of the reasons is their stance on climate change, even then. What I find interesting is the lack of press on developments with our friends at Exxon-Mobil on climate change. Management invited scientists to study all of their scientific research, papers and speeches based on that science. Some Harvard scientists did just that. Per Exxon-Mobil’s scientists, 83% of peer reviewed research and papers agreed with climate change climate consensus that climate change is an existential threat and man has an influence thereon. Ironically, 81% of ads and speeches by management said 81% of the time that the science on climate change is inconclusive, a direct opposite finding from their own peer-reviewed research.

        Now, what is further interesting, is there are two separate class action lawsuits, one by employees and one by shareholders, that claim management has misrepresented the value of the company based on climate change naysaying. Going one more step, two state Attorney Generals and the SEC are investigating Exxon-Mobil management for misleading shareholders and investors on the impact of climate change on its business. If found guilty, even if not on purpose, this is a crime of a securities fraud.

        But, not to be outdone, 62% of shareholders voted on May 31, 2017 to require Exxon-Mobil management to report to shareholders annually what they are doing about climate change. Two other shareholder groups voted the same in May for Occidental Petroleum and PPL, a PA utility.

        Not to pick on Exxon-Mobil, but the scientific consensus is overwhelming that climate change is a problem that we are aiding and abetting and we need to do something about. This just confirms that people who own Exxon-Mobil and work for them think it is a problem as well. Mainstream news has not covered this much as the fossil fuel industry funds so many commercials. Nor, as Fox News and other conservative outlets.

        It should be noted Exxon-Mobil management first reaction to the Harvard review of their scientists work was to discredit the Harvard scientists. They need to be careful here because that is precisely why the company is being sued and investigated

        So, long story, just because Limbaugh says what his fans want him to say, does not in and of itself make what he says true. What I wrote above is all true and verifiable.

        Thanks, Keith

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        • Thank you for a well-informed reply, my friend! Isn’t it interesting that people as a whole respect and are in awe of scientific research and conclusions … until … UNTIL it causes them to have to re-think how they are living, and perhaps face up to some inconvenient truths? People like ‘status quo’, and when the scientific community tells them that they must make changes that may be inconvenient, then all of a sudden, the scientists must be full of lolly! I suspect it is human nature, though there are those of us who care less about our own convenience than about the good of the whole. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment … I appreciate it!


    • Hello ‘Undertaker.’ Please forgive my shortening your chosen moniker.
      Everyone has a view and yours is no less appreciated because of its opposition to sentiments expressed here (as Jill has already intimated). Indeed our very political systems, be they in the US, or any other country, are created specifically for different groups with different subjective experiences based on lifestyle, wealth and social standing.
      One of the biggest problems that society faces is that we all draw conclusions that are incorrect when based on incorrect information. For instance, not everyone here is left-wing, not everyone is college educated and not everyone is unhappy. We make assumptions based on interpolated data on scattered facts (joining up dots that don’t actually exist).

      You stated ‘ Now it appears that we are getting a lot of wind and rain. (Anyone want to buy a few cases of bottled water?).’
      I am not cherry picking this, as you are right because Hurricane Irma’s loosely predicted path changed to travel over to the West coast of Florida and lost steam (finally).
      I am shaking my head, because this is such a fortunate thing and little to do with exalting the denial of climate change. It is like saying ‘there is no war because the bomb didn’t drop on me.’ I’m sure you agree that preparedness in the face of any adversity is a good thing!

      Your defense of RL is your right. But don’t put words in the mouth of others. It is just a bit sanctimonious.

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      • Colette,
        Thanks for the comment. Time precludes me from a lengthy response, so please forgive the briefness.
        My comments regarding “college educated” was a response to the comment that RL dropped out of college. I’ve read my comments and yours and unfortunately, I can’t connect the dots regarding putting words in the mouths of others and being sanctimonious, but it may be related to my comments below regarding transcripts. Regardless, I intended neither.

        Regarding climate change, I simply ask the following question and statement. If weather forecasters/scientists cannot accurately predict what the weather will do in 36 hours, how is it we believe they know what will happen in 10, 20, 100 years? The climate changes. It always has and always will, but how are we to know that the “optimum” climate is as far as mother earth is concerned? Is the earth moving towards its optimum now?

        I take the position that the earth is much bigger than man and goes through changes that we have no influence on. I listened to RL make those statements and he wasn’t denying anything. He was using absurdity to illustrate the absurd. If you only read transcripts of the show, as opposed to actually listening to it, that might have been better understood. When depending on transcripts for anything, you interpret what you read through your existing filters and can’t use the context of the delivery to help frame the correct context. Again, needing to get some work done this morning precludes me from a more elaborate response. Ray. (aka A Simple, Village Undertaker)

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        • Hi Ray (much nicer to call you by your real moniker😊 which is not to say that I cast aspersions on your profession, just shorter and a little more friendly. I suppose that I did connect imaginary dots and thought in some way that you had accused readers here of being ‘educated and left wing’ as though it was a tag that should be a finger wag admonishment that we (who are commenting) have suggested that Rush Limbaugh is ‘stupid’ and ‘left-wing.’ Obviously that wasn’t your intention and I apologise for accusing you of putting words in the mouths of others that they haven’t said.
          Sometimes, in the heat of discussions we can all get up on the ‘podium’ and spout ideologies or research that we fervently believe. Not all is truth and not all is lies.

          I do believe everyone is entitled to an opinion and many can neither be proven nor disproven due to lack of information on the subject.

          If you look at the subject of climate, we have gained much strength of knowledge in the past 100 years and snow and ice records, tree ring data, oceanography research has taught us much about climate trends both pre- and post- industrialization. We know for example that the smoke of belching chimneys in the 19th century contributed to global dimming creating cold spells of weather. Climate science takes the trends of millennia and looks at the data. Climate scientists globally have, of course, looked at data such as volcanic activity, sunspot activity and even how the earth wobbles in its gravitational spin. Even with all those factors, overall climate warming trends can not be explained, but add in the difference of our human caused greenhouse gas output (not just CO2), and our vigorous reduction of forests globally, they have noted the worrying trend of tipping a natural balance out of sync with normal cycles. Indeed, with recent polar icecap reductions, the global climatic currents have become wildly erratic. The melting ice has caused huge looping votex’s of polar air to sweep down into tropical zones, causing wild storms of all kinds…many spectacularly cold and snow laden, and others with spectacular wind and rainfall records. These trends are worrying because once all the ice melts (when polar air travel to the tropics, warm water travels to polar regions creating more melt), the global temperatures will skyrocket without the sea ice to temper them. Eventually, nature could rebalance that effect but it will take many millennia to do so.
          Eliminating manmade greenhouse gases is a worthy goal to clean our air and water for future generations to have a liveable biosphere. Will we stop climate change now? I don’t think so, but we don’t have the luxury of saying we should do nothing because air and water quality continues to worsen for everyone.

          The art of forecasting weather correctly is a different matter. As I said above, the climatic currents are wildly looping in a manner that seems more suited to ‘chaos theory’ than any other science. In fact, if you look at how weather forecasts are made, you will find that chaos theory is part of the mathematical equation to predict where a weather pattern will go. Most high and low pressure depressions circulating the global are fed into computerized simulator’s to get a prediction of where they will travel, interact with, and affect other pressure zones, taking wind, moisture and earth terrains into consideration. Put the same data through 50 times, and the results will be different every time if even a millionth of a decimal point changes slightly. Weather predictions are amalgamated. If the data says (on the 50 different models) the same trend will occur, then the forecast will be pretty accurate, but if the 50 models have wildly different outcomes, then the forecast will likely say something like… ‘A chance of thunderstorms, or tropical depression may strengthen and become a hurricane.’ Weather forecasting has little to do with researching climactic trends which is why scientists will never say that this hurricane or that hurricane was caused by ‘global warming.’ The chaos theory (which is part of quantum physics) just cannot say that. It would be like me saying that my car won’t start because the fuel I put in was no good….very difficult to prove a correlation without a whole lot of research time, money and legal aggravation.

          No person has the right to deny a better future for those that come after us, so we must all go for best case scenario and that my friend, is the consensus that climate science has determined. We need to reduce our human output of gases that mess up the planet.

          I am skeptical of all politicians. They all have agendas that serve different goals. I am not right wing, and I am not left wing. I am a humanist that looks at my reality and wants it to be better for humans, animals and the plant lifeforms that we live amongst. The rest doesn’t mean a great deal!

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          • Sorry..the Rush Limbaugh comment should have said ‘stupid and right-wing’ but I’m sure you realised that. It is interesting how sometimes we say the opposite of what we really mean (and especially in the heat of a moment). That is why wars, denigration of others and claims of superiority are so flawed. We are all moths dancing around the same flame. The smart ones learn not to get burned!


            • As for media reporters being influenced by big business to incite people to buy water, batteries and emergency supplies to survive a storm; I have difficulty believing Rush Limbaugh on that assertion!
              Media report anything that they feel the public have a right to know, especially when it potentially endangers their existence in some way. A run on resources is typical human behaviour when faced with a threat (real or imagined) and has little to do with business greed. A case in point is when a reporter releases some dubious dealings, or financial stability of a ‘bank.’ Such information will generally cause a stampede to withdraw savings before an inevitable (or perceived as inevitable) crash and the money is gone.

              I don’t think it is fair on media to call them manipulative, although we might perceive it so. Without any reporting available to the general public, we would have a return to the ‘dark ages,’ when only the friends of kings have any idea of dangers that threaten the common person. We would all be expendable!


        • Two brief comments here. 1) Weather and climate are two different things. The warming of the earth’s climate and the destruction of the ozone layer have been scientifically proven.2) You are correct that the earth is bigger than mankind. The earth will survive without man, but man cannot survive without a certain atmosphere on the earth. Trees, bees, fresh water and clean air are requisite, and it is those things we are in danger of losing, among others.

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  3. Thanks to local authorities, they evacuate with the predictions of such huge hurricanes… If we did as the leaders of nations wished, the death toll would be uncountable.

    Rush Limbaugh will get his just reward for laughing in the face of reality as will others.

    Hope Floridans stay safe!

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    • You are so right on that! If we relied on the federal government to determine when and whether to evacuate, they would have to debate it for a week! Yes, I hope Floridians keep safe also … I have both family and friends in the path of Irma, and then there’s José right behind her. But no … no such thing as global warming! Mr. Limbaugh and Jones and Trump and Pruitt are all so much smarter than the scientists, y’know! Bloomin’ eejits!

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  4. Looking at the pictures of what used to be beautiful Sint-Maarten I am wondering what to do with such a guy. Maybe send him there to let him help and clean up? But he probably would just stand there and say it is not actually that bad. – I just hope that the poor people over there do not hear about him, they would probably feel mocked in the worst possible way.

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    • Yes, I saw some of those pictures and it is heartbreaking. 😥 Rush L. has no respect for anyone, he is simply another entertainer and conspiracy theorist. I doubt he even believes most of the filth he spews, but it must pay well, if he can afford a $35 million home. Sigh. Idiots abound …


  5. Oh yes, I would always pay more attention to an unqualified, several times married, in and out of rehab loudmouth* rather than qualified experts.
    I mean you would, wouldn’t you?
    *(hey Rush ya jus’ been profiled dude!)

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  6. Jill, where do I begin. Let me start with an easy one. Governor Rick Scott is also a climate change denier and he seems to be quite worried about Irma. To me, he is hypocritical to worry about Miami, as Miami is the number one city in the world in terms of financial assets at risk due to climate change.

    Like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer who is light on facts and large on conspiracy theories. Both should be ignored for their disdain of data and revving up their audience in an unhealthy way. They made Vladimir Putin’s goal to disrupt America quite easy, as a result. Keith

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    • PS – As I write this, the BBC is doing a news report on why climate change is contributing to make the Hurricanes more severe. As for your hurricane list, don’t forget Matthew last year which followed the oath that Irma might.

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    • Ah yes, both SHOULD be ignored, but to the less-educated, the less-savvy, their word is gospel. We can debate whether ’tis so because if one believes what they say, then one can go on about the business of life without a care for taking responsibility for the earth, or whether it is genuine ignorance and being too lazy to look for real facts. But the reality is that some will take comfort in Limbaugh’s reassurances and perhaps wait too long, disbelieve what is in front of their very faces.

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  7. Dear Jill,
    I am praying that Hurricane Irma’s path moves in a more easterly direction. However, if Mr. Limbaugh’s house gets a hit, I wouldn’t cry tears for him but for his neighbors.

    If there is harm to Florida, he will be hearing from even his supporters.

    I was recently talking to a Trumper who does NOT support climate change science but he is an actuary. He had to admit insurance companies and the government with our tax monies have seen a rise in these extreme weather costs over a 10 year period.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda, sorry to hear that an actuary would believe that. He might appreciate that Georgia State University, which is one of the finest actuarial science schools in the US has a risk management course on insuring increased risk due to climate change. Not to mention that Mercer, one of the largest employers of actuaries in the world, conducted a study with the largest pension schemes investment managers in the world in 2011, whose purpose was to assess the potential costs of not addressing climate change. Tell him your friend is a retired actuary and is very concerned about climate change. Keith

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    • Then how … how can he still deny climate change??? Not to mention that property insurance costs are higher for those in areas known to be prone to hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Sigh. And yes, I would not cry a single tear if Limbaugh’s house and Mar-A-Lago go floating out into the deep blue sea! Hugs!!!


      • Jill, I don’t know. There are some denier trolls who parlay poorly done or taken-out-of-context data and can convince folks of anything. I saw one cite a study that the sea level is not rising around Miami, the coast is sinking. Truth be told, both are happening, which are two key reasons Miami is at risk. A third reason is the Biscayne aquifer, which supplies water to that area is guarded by porous limestone. So, if the oceans breach the coast too much, that aquifer is at risk. But, we need not worry as Governor Scott says it is all a hoax and Limbaugh is telling his crowd not to worry about it.

        What my fellow actuary should understand is we buy insurance to insure against high cost, low probability risks. Now, I contend the probability is getting even higher, but let’s say it is still low. Don’t you just think we should plan for bad outcomes? Keith

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        • I wonder … if this hurricane season is just a sign of things to come, in a decade will anybody even live along the southern Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf coast? I wouldn’t want to have to re-build my home every year! Yes, Rick Scott is no gem, but I was pleased that he took this hurricane seriously and began evacuation early. Perhaps this will be his wake up call?

          Yes, one would think we should have the foresight to plan for bad outcomes, especially under these circumstances. I imagine homeowner’s insurance will be increasing now in Florida … am I right? Which would mean that many could not afford it, and then when the next one hits, they will be wiped out.

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  8. We have a name that seems rather appropriate at the moment. DICKHEAD! To put it crudely, it sounds like he’s shot his brains through the top of his head once to often. No doubt his arm needs splinting.
    Perhaps any deaths from Irma can be laid at his door for convincing people reports were wrong and it wouldn’t hurt to laugh him off the screens.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • I dinna know that DICKHEAD was Welsh!!! 😉 But yes, the fact that some of the less-educated will take him seriously is the danger in his speech. I rather hope to see his $35 million home float out into the Atlantic and then see what he has to say. Yes, I am cruel. 😈

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    • Ha ha ha … I share your sentiments 100% I did not say so, as I was trying to be the kind, compassionate and professional writer that I pride myself on being, but …. I share your sentiments! ‘Twould serve him right!


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