Monday Again … Already??? Jolly!!!

Good Jolly Monday morning, all my dear friends!  I hope this day finds you safe, well and happy.  So tell me … how was your weekend?  Other than a grandson almost being shot, and a dear friend spending some time in jail (totally un-related incidents!), my weekend was fine.  Daughter Chris performed in a pipes and drums band competition in Indiana on Saturday, where her band took first place for best drum corps, best midsection, and best band for their grade!

Since last Monday was a holiday, last week was a short work week, so this week may seem a bit longer than usual to you.  So, sit back and let us share a cup of java, a bit of something sweet and a few things to smile about, okay?

Hide ‘N Seek …

Did you ever play ‘hide ‘n seek’ as a child?  Of course you did … every kid did.  I remember one time, around the age of 5-6, when a group of children (cousins, as it were) took me, the city kid, into the woods and told me to count to 100, then come find them, that they would be hiding behind trees.  Well, first of all, I didn’t know how to count to 100, and second, they went home, laughing uproariously, I’m sure.  Eventually, the ‘grown-ups’ dragged themselves away from their entertainment long enough to realize that some small bespectacled creature was missing and I was found, but I never much cared for hiding nor seeking after that.

In the northern Italy village of Consonno, last Friday marked the 8th annual Nascondino World Championships, a weekend-long romp that bills itself as “the only hide and seek international competition.” This year, 80 teams of five people each have signed up, and they come from 11 different countries, including the U.S., Japan, and Australia.

There are official rules for this competition:

“The hide and seek arena is split into five sections, and one member from each team must hide in each section. While the seekers (a ‘neutral’ team who have been “selected for their athleticism, visibility and sportsmanship”, according to organizers) count for one minute, players find a secluded spot among the obstacles set out, and then have to make it back to the ‘base’ before the seekers catch them.”The Local It

hide-seek.jpgTop prize for the winning team is called the Golden Fig Leaf.  At first I was scratching my head over this one, but then it began to make sense … a fig leaf, in mythological terms, hides a … um … certain part of the anatomy and there may be some who … err … seek to find what is ‘neath the fig leaf.  ‘Nuff said.

hide-seek-2.jpgSounds like great fun and a less terrifying experience than being left to die in the woods!

Butter Art …

I’d like you to think about butter for a minute.  What does your butter look like when you buy it?  Most people buy a pound of butter that has been precut into four, quarter-pound sticks, each individually wrapped in waxy paper.  I buy a one-pound block, uncut, as it saves me about $0.50 and I am cheap … err, frugal.  But back in the day …

Women farmers often took charge of making and selling butter while their husbands worked out in the fields, and some distinguished their wares by using pre-made molds to press patterns into them: flower, shapes, or their own brand names. One such farmer’s wife, Caroline Shawk Brooks, took ‘butter art’ to a whole new dimension, eventually becoming famous for her butter sculptures. She carved butter into animals, shells, and faces rather than simply using a mold.

butter-1.jpgFor the 1876 Centennial Exposition, in Philadelphia. Lucy Webb Hayes, the future first lady and a big fan of Brooks, commissioned her to carve a Dreaming Iolanthe for the Women’s Pavilion.

butter-2I am guessing one did not scrape off small amounts to put on one’s bagel or potato?  And I would be curious to know just how many pounds of butter went into this one. Anyway, butter-sculpting, for some reason that is beyond my comprehension, is still around today, mostly at such things as state fairs.  Take a look at a few …

Rather a waste of a food source, but then again … people don’t need to eat so much butter anyway!

A Fish for a Night …

Do you get lonely when you stay in hotels?  I don’t, because I am almost always with somebody, and even if I weren’t, I travel with a mini-library.  But a number of my friends are sales representatives who travel frequently and alone, so I imagine they sometimes long for a bit of companionship.

Well, a hotel in Belgium, Hotel Charleroi Airport, offers companionship to brighten those lonely nights.  No no no … it is not what you are thinking! It is … fish!  For only 3.50 euros ($4.17 USD) per night, guests can rent a fish to keep them company.

“We started a few years ago. The idea was to surprise our guests, as we always try to do,” said hotel manager David Dillen. “It’s brilliant to see how people react to it. They smile, they take pictures to put on social media. We rent a few fish per week.”


Raised Eyebrows …

Yes, eyebrows … except, not really.  Some lady named Huda Kattan who, I am told, is famous for her beauty, decided she wanted McDonald’s arches for her eyebrows.

eyebrows-1.jpgI try very hard not to criticize the variety of ways in which people ‘decorate’ their bodies … to each his own, live and let live, etc.  My daughter, back in her college days, had multiple lip and nose piercings, and I learned to keep my mouth shut.  It did, however, send me in search of other … err … ‘different’ eyebrow shapes …

Well, enough of that … I shall leave mine alone, for I have better things to do with my time.

Pigeon shoes …

pigeon-shoesJapanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata walks through areas where there are many pigeons, and being possessed of a kind heart, she always felt a bit badly when the pigeons scattered in fear as she walked down the sidewalk, presumably in stilettos.  So, she designed these ‘pigeon-friendly’ shoes to ‘disguise her human presence’.  Must be working … those pigeons don’t look to be scared. I applaud her compassion for the birds, but I must say that as a fashion statement … um, no.

How about a short joke to wrap things up?

A woman was being tried for the murder of her third husband.

The prosecutor asked, “What happened to your first husband?”

“He died of mushroom poisoning.” said the wife.

“How about your second husband?” asked the prosecutor.

“He died of mushroom poisoning, too,” said the woman.

“Well, then,” pressed the prosecutor, “what about your third husband?”

The wife replied, “He died of a brain concussion.”

“A concussion?” The prosecutor asked “why did that happen?”

The wife paused and then said, “because he wouldn’t eat the mushrooms!”

And on that note, I hope I’ve brought a smile or even a chuckle to your beautiful faces this morning.  It’s always better to start the new week with a smile than a frown, yes?  Now go out there and show the world what you are made of … and don’t forget to share that wonderful smile with a few others today.  Hugs and good thoughts to all our friends in the path of, or dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

toon-1'Thanks, but my homework is a little beyond your skill set, Mom.'


39 thoughts on “Monday Again … Already??? Jolly!!!

  1. Hi Jill.
    I hope your grandson and friend are OK now, that does sound a grimly eventful week-end.
    First time I heard about Butter Sculptures was a reference in West Wing, must a challenge to keep the stuff solid enough to carve.
    Eyebrows? Oh well. Could be worse, could be nasal hair. Anyways, which ever way I view at it, pre or post-coffee or slab of chocolate, that guy looks like a klutz, trying to appear stern in that format just won’t work sonny
    Love the jokes and the ass cartoon.
    Take care now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, thanks! DJ (grandson) and his friends were threatened by an angry, drunk neighbor, but they quickly scattered and the man was too drunk to give chase. As to the friend … yeah, he just needs to learn to lay off the alcohol … sigh. I think it taught him a lesson … he says so, anyway.

      Glad you got a chuckle, especially out of the ‘ass cartoon’! I am working on a funny piece of my own making … haven’t done that for a while … but it stalled this evening, so I put it aside … will try again tomorrow 😉

      Liked by 1 person

          • Recommended
            A daily does of the following:
            Stan Freberg
            Bob Newhart
            Daffy Duck Cartoons
            Groucho Marx quotes
            Carol Burnett’s TV show version of ‘Calamity Jane’ (it’s on YouTube- including the inadvertently funny old tv adverts)
            The ‘Funny’ will return:🙌
            PS and a copy of Sellar & Yateman’s “1066 and All That”- the only book you’ll ever need on British history up to the end of the 19th😄 Century

            Liked by 1 person

            • Just downloaded a copy of ‘1066 and All That’ … free! And I shall watch me some Bob Newhart or Daffy Duck before going to bed tonight. I did take the day off today … only briefly perused the news and didn’t write at all until late this evening. I think that helped a bit. I really must remember to give meself a break now and then. Thanks for the list of cures … I shall keep it handy. And then I can be 🤣 and 😁 again.

              Liked by 1 person

              • ‘1066’ downloaded ! A wise move Jill. You now have the definitive history of these isles!
                Keep a look out for the works of Richard Armour. The series ‘It All Started With….’, ‘Twisted Tales From Shakespeare’ and ‘The Classics Reclassified’. He was an American professor of English and wrote these back in the 1950s-60s; in one book he paid thanks to the authors of ‘1066 and All That’. These works are my inspiration when I’m producing the ‘A True History’ series of posts.
                Bob Newhart….. ‘Superman and The Dry Cleaners’; ‘Defusing a Bomb’ & ‘Abe Lincoln and Madison Avenue’……classics 😄.
                Here’s waiting for the ‘funny’ Jill!

                Liked by 1 person

                • The funny will come, Roger … but it may take a bit … I feel it working its way back to the surface, though. You have helped … you always do. I’m not sure why it deserts me periodically … perhaps upon its return I should chain it to my wrist??? Perhaps it does not like the rabbit hole, eh?

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Just whistle, it’ll come back.
                    Mine took a long far-away walk after Brexit. The Only way I could call it back was by writing the ‘True History of These Isles’ series. I can’t wait to get to the late 17th & 18th Centuries when the ‘Common’ folk of these Isles really come into my sights.
                    So sometimes, Jill, it’s a way of working through. Though having said all that it’s not always possible, my humour mostly dried up during The Thatcher Years.

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  2. Thanks for Jolly Monday once again! I find the butter sculptures fascinating – I’d rather see that at fairs than the deep fried variety. Hope your grandson and friend are doing ok… sounds like you had quite the weekend.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ohhh yes! Fig leaves. Ficus Carica, has a distinctive shape. One that is not always represented well when covering the genitalia of those who would blush. Butter. I too buy mine in a block. It’s not hard to cut. To whatever amount is wanted. When I was a kid until about seven, maybe eight? Used to buy butter with my aunt or mother and the grocer, yes there were grocers then. Used to take the butter from a barrel and use the paddles to shape and then wrap. You could ask for whatever amount you wished for then. 1/4 lb was most common. I feel sad for those who feel eyebrows are required, to be so shaped. Their ego requires them to be so different. God and nature, has given us eyebrows for a reason. I do keep mine trimmed, God and nature not withstanding. Otherwise I end up, looking like Mephistopheles.

    We can’t all be David … sigh!

    Liked by 2 people

    • What a memory you just brought back to me! I had not thought of it for years, but when I was a small child, my grandmother was a clerk for a grocer. She lived a long way from us, so we only visited her once or twice a year, but when we did, I do remember the butter barrel! And penny candy. I always felt rich with two pennies in my pocket for candy!

      Yes, I leave my eyebrows alone … the older I get, the more I really don’t care so much about looks … care more about spending my time using my mind. 🙃 Ore reading 📘

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy post this morning Jill. Hide and seek games…I get to do them every day (as the seeker) looking for my hubby who disappears on most walks out.😂 He accuses me of following him like a donkey, but if I take the lead, he will have disappeared into a doorway of a shop, behind a bush or some other opening to a different route. Leaving him in a supermarket, even for a second or two, results in a long game of searching the isles. He also takes great delight in jumping out from doorways or from behind bushes to startle me along the search route (he rigorously denies doing this but has no reason to be hidden in a blind end to a street or alley that he has no intention of walking down). All I can think is that he has always taken great delight in playing and winning ‘hide and seek!’😂😂😂

    As for eyebrows, well mine are very fair and look nonexistent, but I am not tempted to have tattooed eyebrows of any type.
    I think we might have gone a bit mad with human body adornments, but it is having an overlap onto pets too. It is
    common in Thailand to see dogs with tattoo’s of human eyebrows on them.

    I better go seek my hubby…😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your hubby sounds like he keeps life fun and interesting! I still remember the story about the airport! Perhaps if you turned the tables on him every now and then … let him seek you for a change 😀

      Now humans that want to adorn or decorate their own body is one thing. But, when they start doing it to animals … NO … just no! Dogs, cats, bats, rabbits and gazelles all look just fine the way they are. Y’know … I think some people have entirely too much time on their hands!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love Mondays, thanks to you. But we used to call the game of “hide and seek” as described in your anecdote as :”kick the can.” The real object of the game is to get back to “base” before the seeker sees you and beats you there. Hiding is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It was actually fun! And I won’t say what I think about the eyebrows. Apparently there are folks out there who are determined to be more outrageous than anyone else — all in the same way, of course. (Oh, I did comment, didn’t I?? Sorry!) Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

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