Hope Hicks – Fame & Fortune

I had to laugh when I read this CNN headline …

Hicks named permanent White House communications director

One word caught my eye:  permanent.  Can anything really be said to be ‘permanent’ in the current administration?  And of all things, the communication director, of which there have been three before Hicks?  She is the fourth in just seven months!  Permanent?  I think not.

hicks-4So, who is Hope Hicks and how did she come to be the new White House communications director?

Just short of 29 years of age, Hope Hicks graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in English in 2010.  Her association with the Trump clan began two years later when, working for the public relations firm of Hiltzik Strategies, she was assigned to the Ivanka Trump clothing line.  In 2014, Ivanka hired Hicks away from Hiltzik Stragegies.  Five months later, in January 2015, Donald Trump called her into his office and, in Ms. Hicks’ words, “Mr. Trump looked at me and said, ‘I’m thinking about running for president, and you’re going to be my press secretary.'”

Although she had no prior experience in politics, no degree in communication, she joined Trump’s campaign before there even was a campaign (Trump did not officially declare his intent to run until June 2015, five months later) and has been an adoring lap puppy ever since.  During the campaign, her main role seemed to be that of guard dog, deciding on a daily basis who among the media would be allowed access to Trump.

hicks-3It is said that Hicks also took dictation from Trump for his tweets, and then sent the text to another person in the Trump organization who actually sent out the tweets from Trump’s official account. Now, I have to question … Trump’s tweets are notorious for spelling errors and poor grammar.  If Hicks has a degree in English, and if she was twitting his tweets … ???

Last year, the New York Times dubbed Hicks as ‘the woman who totally understands Donald Trump’.  I seriously doubt that she understands him, for his mind is a tangled web of frayed filaments.  However, she seems perfectly willing to support him in all things, and to defend his position even when she likely does not understand either the issue at hand or his position.  Take, for example, a statement she issued on 29 May …

“President Trump [sic] has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him. He has an unparalleled ability to communicate with people …. He has built great relationships throughout his life and treats everyone with respect. He is brilliant with a great sense of humor … and an amazing ability to make people feel special and aspire to be more than even they thought possible.”

Oh please … did she really say “treats everyone with respect”?  Has she not heard how he calls Mexicans ‘rapists and murderers’?  Did she not hear him mock a disabled reporter?  Has she not heard the names he calls those in his own party when they fail to worship the ground he walks on?  Does she not hear the names he calls democrats, the press, judges, and most of all, Hillary Clinton?

And so, we begin to see at least part of the reason that she has now been named White House Communication Director and rewarded for her efforts, whatever they may be, with an annual salary of $179,900. While some, if not most, in Trump’s inner circle see their jobs as being to try to protect Trump from himself, to rein in his unfiltered speech and reduce the controversy, Hicks apparently views her job as to build an ego that is already far too large.

Like Kellyanne Conway, Hicks has sometimes been referred to in the press as the “Trump whisperer”.  My take, not that it matters, but just for the record, is that she is a young gold-digger and will do whatever is required of her, as long as it leads to fame and fortune.


With fellow boot-licker, Kellyanne Conway

Communications to the press from the White House have been poor since the day Trump took office.  As much as I mocked and sometimes railed at Sean Spicer, frankly he was probably the best of the bunch, for at least you could tell when Sean was lying.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean’s replacement as Press Secretary, never comes off as being either sincere or insincere, but rather always seems impatient and disgusted with all the media.

Now, with Ms. Hicks implanted as communications director, the team of Hicks/Sanders is sure to deliver nothing more than the party line, in other words, “Donald Trump is wonderful and everything he says is right”. I would not believe either of these women if they told me that water is wet.  Congratulations, I suppose, to Hope Hicks … I hope that years from now she still thinks it was worth whatever she had to do for her fame and fortune.

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  2. So, could she be Mrs. Trump #4? As soon as the news media called her a long-time confidante and said she was 28, my bs meter started to go off. How is someone a long-time anything at 28? At least if she is the next Mrs. Trump (there are rumors about the two of them) he will have fulfilled his promise to hire Americans.

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    • I have my suspicions. I only subtly alluded to them in this post, for reasons of professionalism, and not wanting to be sued for slander … 🙂 But it’s funny that she used to share a small apartment with her sister and had been going with a guy for 6 years. Almost as soon as she joined Trump’s entourage, she dumped her boyfriend and moved into Trump Towers. Annnnnd … he praises her at every turn, treats her better than any other staff. I mean, it isn’t rocket science, right? Stay tuned … time will tell.

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  3. Having a Communications Director would connote there is a communications plan. I am still looking for one from this White House. The only plan is tacit. If bad news, tweet and distract.

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  4. Why can’t anyone ever look at me and tell me that I’m gonna be hired for a high paying job?! 😉 The turnover rate in the White House is just unreal. I’m surprised Trump hasn’t tried to replace Pence yet. Or maybe he has and someone told him he couldn’t just do that.

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  5. All sounds like a trubador with his organ grinder and group of trained monkeys. Now all they need is a lion tamer and a confidence trickster and it is a complete circus. Free Popcorn will be distributed to the adoring spectators while all detractors are slayed behind the scenes.
    ‘Oh what a tangled web’ of deception.😒

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  7. Understands his mind does she?
    Hmmm…..unless you had a long and respected career in psychiatry or psychology OR were a top-rated analysts in one of the Intelligence Services… not a ringing endorsement; it suggests she has the same mindset.
    (I miss ‘The West Wing’)
    God Save America

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  8. Ok, how long do we give her? Three weeks? A month? I am surprised anyone is ready to take a job in the White House anymore … do they really believe they are different and can escape the big rotating door? 😉

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  9. As much as I agree with what is written. I found the Clinton people as poor. It seems people of good character have all but disappeared, these days? Lastly, “sticks and stones may break my bones, etc. Cheers Jamie

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    • People of good character still exist, even here in the U.S. … just not in most government positions. Money … it all boils down to money. I consider myself lucky not to have any 😀 Cheers!!!


        • I agree with you there! Having just cleaned out my storage shed this week, I can attest to ‘having too much stuff’! I find that I measure my wealth in friends, family and love. Yeah, it sounds mushy, but it is true. I have no money to speak of, but I have great friends, a guy I love, and my daughter & granddaughter who light up my life every single day. I want nothing more.

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  10. It would be a good idea for her to start looking for her next job now. It may take a while to find one that pays this well so maybe a course on the values of different scrubbing brushes, and dusters might help.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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