Hypocrisy abounds with the NFL

Last year, Colin Kaepernick, a player for the San Francisco 49ers, made a choice not to stand when the national anthem was played before the game. In so doing, he was standing by his convictions and I believe he showed courage and was using his voice to protest the string of recent killings of African-Americans by police (and others). Since then, he has been shunned by fans, fellow players and the NFL. My friend Keith has written an excellent post showing us just what a hypocrisy it is for the NFL to condemn Mr. Kaepernick. Even if you are not a football fan, as I am not, please take a moment to read this, for it is not about football, but about truth and justice. Thank you, Keith, for an excellent post and implied permission to share.


Colin Kaepernick, a proven talented quarterback, cannot get a job in the National Football League (NFL). Even non-football fans know the reason is he chooses to exercise his First Amendment rights and kneel in protest during the playing of the national anthem. Kaepernick does this as he feels blacks are not getting fair treatment in the US and too many are being needlessly killed.

Yet, this protesting prevents NFL football teams from hiring him since his release from his previous team. You would think the man is radioactive. Many fans are stridently against him given a bent to jingoistic behavior. But, before you decide to do the same, let’s speak of three hypocrisies in the NFL leadership ranks.

First, the NFL likes to portray a patriotic theme, with heavy military showmanship. Looking under the covers, your tax dollars pay for that show. Our military pays the NFL for the privilege…

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