The Games He Plays …

When I write a post for this blog, I have a self-imposed limit of 800-1200 words for the purpose of readability.  Sometimes that is a difficult limitation and I spend an hour of more trimming my work to get it under 1,200 words.  Now, I am no great mind, no Shakespeare or Tolstoy, but I find that to clearly communicate an idea or ideas requires words.  Words are important and are so easily misunderstood, particularly the written word where there is no accompanying ‘tone of voice’ or ‘body language’ to add clarity.  Therefore one must choose one’s words carefully to ensure they are not misunderstood.  I do not do well, obviously, on Twitter.

And then, along comes Donald Trump, a man elected to the highest office in the nation, who communicates almost entirely through 140-character ‘tweets’ on Twitter.  Professional?  I think not.  Intelligent?  I think not.  Wise?  I think not.  Laughable?  Perhaps it would be, were he not the leader of the United States.  To me, his preferred method of communication is a sign that he is unable to have deep thoughts, unable to process more than a single thought at one time, and unwilling to make the slightest attempt at actually conveying an idea or a thought with any degree of clarity.

Okay, so we are inured to his ignorant and ignoble tweets, and for the most part simply ignore them as a child trying to get attention in the most inappropriate manner.  And then … then, he gets bored and starts playing the sort of games I would expect from a 12-year-old child.  Remember the one he posted on Sunday, 02 July, that included a 28-second video clip that shows Donald Trump at a pro wrestling event, body-slamming to the floor a man with a CNN logo for a head?

wrestleMy first thought was that he was acting as a bored child on a Sunday morning, with nothing better to do.  But wait!  This is the leader of a nation?  This is the man who has the power to make decisions that have the potential to affect the lives of every man, woman and child both within and outside the U.S.?  And he is … posting these absurd things on a social media platform?

Apparently this Sunday he was once again bored.  Apparently he learned nothing from the backlash of the wrestling video.  For this morning came this …


Yes, he really did tweet a video clip that shows him hitting Hillary Clinton in the head with a golf ball.  How very mature, yes?  And what is it with his ongoing vendetta against his former rival?  Is the ‘man’ incapable of moving on and focusing on the business at hand?

For some strange reason, an image of Beavis and Butthead just popped into my head …

This, folks, is who we are counting on to maintain diplomatic relations with both friends and antagonists abroad.  This is the mind of the person we are hoping can play a major role in boosting the U.S. economy, ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all, and seeing to our safety.  This, folks, is the ‘man’ who currently has the ability to fire nuclear weapons at will that could potentially murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people within minutes.  This is the ‘man’ into whose fat little hands we have entrusted our very lives.

This week, Trump will attend the first United Nations session of his presidency, along with leaders from as many as 192 other nations around the globe.  For many of those leaders, this will be their first meeting with Trump.  How will they view him? Will he be dismissed as a bombastic, Twitter-obsessed political and diplomatic neophyte?  This will be his opportunity to introduce and define himself and his ideology to the rest of the world. Will he, instead, be too busy tweeting and twitting to be bothered with the job at hand?

“The perception in many parts of the world, including the U.N., is that President Trump is unilateralist and isolationist. Trump has the opportunity to present and describe his vision and strategy. The world will be all ears.” – Zalmay Khalilzad, ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush

I have no illusions that he will show himself as a professional, as a true leader, for he is not.  I am not in the least bit proud to be represented to the world by this person.  In fact, I hang my head in shame.

If these juvenile tweets, coupled with all the other embarrassments he has heaped on us for the past nearly eight months, are not enough to convince the American public that Donald Trump is unfit for the office he currently occupies, then there is something seriously wrong with the American public.  My call to Congress is to do what you need to do to remove this player of child’s games from office.  And to those of you who voted for Trump last year, I do not expect an apology, I ask only that you …wake-up.jpg

50 thoughts on “The Games He Plays …

  1. Not much more to add here…so many days behind on your posts Jill….but since this, Trump has been busy making idle threats to North Korea again, and insulting Iran and the Venezuelan President. It is likely going to be a rather tense time with this ‘Pratt’ Trumpest, making wild accusations and other country leaders meeting to decide what to do about him. Other leaders are starting to form alliances (Australia, China, South Korea?) to discuss what deals can be done about North Korea’s untimely entrance into the Nuclear proliferation. They don’t even consider discussing it with the US any longer…. Very worrying trend.

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    • I can relate to the ‘behind on posts’ thing … I am ALWAYS behind on EVERYONE;S! I don’t even try to catch up anymore, just do the best I can.

      Yes, once upon a time, I bemoaned the fact that Trump had made us the laughingstock of the world, but now … well, suffice it to say that the world is no longer laughing. I sincerely hope that somebody figures out what to do with him soon. Those of us who live in the U.S. and are able to remember that there are other people on this planet, are horrified by his every utterance and action. Sigh.

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  2. It occurs to me there maybe a new ‘tipping point’ at which juncture everyone realises he can’t actually get his hands physically on everything and they go around saying in a mildly distracted way:
    ‘Hmm. Yes Mr President…Yeah…Sure Mr President…I’ll get on with that…uhhh…right away Mr President,’ and carry on with what they were doing in the first place, in the meantime he will forget what he was on about and go onto something else, getting the same response.
    Trouble is, I can’t think of a snappy name for the ‘tipping point’

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  3. Dear Jill,
    There is a cute cartoon with the 3 generals and DDT with the caption, “three men and a baby.” Even when he leaves, it will take years to clean up his base. This time the democrats will have to pay attention to those rural voters. And after DDT, the democratic party will have to fight back hard to keep negative fake data from sticking to their candidates. HRC HAD 30 PLUS YEARS OF FAKE DIRT THAT DID HURT HER CANDIDACY. After DDT, they no longer are in a position to point fingers.
    There is a reason that the US Congress has even lower approval ratings than DDT.
    Hugs, Gronda.

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    • I have seen that cartoon … perhaps on one of your posts? Yes, I think it will be decades before the fallout from this mess is cleaned up … doubtful that you and I will be around by then. And the divisiveness that exists? I’m not sure it will ever fully be healed. But yes, to the point, the dems are going to have to wake up and do some things differently, including appealing to the rural voters and inspiring African-Americans to get out and vote! So many were just discouraged last year and didn’t even vote.
      As for Congress, I really think we need to repeal Citizens United and make some serious limitations on campaign finance … make Congress answer to US instead of the big money lobbyists and corporations. Until then, we are just pawns in their game.

      Many hugs, my friend!!!

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  4. It was gratifying to watch celebrities at the Emmy awards skewer Trump last night. Stephen Colbert has a way of doing it with intelligence that cuts to the bone. The best moment was when Sean Spicer made a cameo to exaggerate the size of the crowd. This showed that maybe he realized all along that he was lying for his boss and he wanted to let us know. Many criticized the politicizing of the show. I viewed it as an oasis of people who get it and haven’t lost their minds like Trump supporters.

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    • I didn’t see it, but have read about it off and on today! I kind of have mixed feelings, only because I fear the political nature maybe takes some of the limelight away from the recipients of the awards. But overall, I must say I am pleased that there seemed to be a united front against the buffoon. And I absolutely LOVED what Spicer did … I plan to find a clip of that later today. I knew he was better than we thought … 😀

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      • I look at it this way, when the President can post juvenile tweets showing him body slamming a CNN reporter, running a reporter over with a train, and hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball, he makes himself fair game. Here we have a 70-year-old man acting like a 12 year old and not in a good way. His thin skin is his downfall.

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        • Oh I fully agree with you there! Trump deserved every barb, every bit of the mockery. It just seemed unfair to the actors and others whose accomplishments, whose moment in the spotlight, were somewhat overshadowed by the politics. As I said, I love it, but have mixed thoughts on it too. But I must say that I have a newfound respect for Sean Spicer! 😉

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  5. I see there is an evangelist girl having great success at convincing the Conservatives that Global Warming is real. As this flies in the face of what Trump says (Chinese conspiracy) maybe more of the Evangelistic Conservatives will begin to see that he isn’t their saviour come to lead them to the promised land but just another failed prophet whose mind is set on profit.
    Maybe you won’t have to persuade the Republicans next time, they’ll persuade themselves now they’ve started accepting the truth.
    Cwtch xxx

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    • I was confused by your first sentence when I first saw your comment, but then I finally caught up on Gronda’s posts and realized what you referred to! As always, I am behind 😉

      Yes, I think there is hope that if enough people use their voices, such as Katharine Hayhoe, there is hope that all but the core 10% or so of Trump’s supporters will abandon ship! Heck, I’ll even toss them a life jacket!

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  6. He angers me every damn day. I doubt he had the smarts to come up with the video clips himself. Just another low-brow in the White House kissing his orange ass. I live in a red state and am no longer surprised at how many ignorant people still support him.

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    • No, he did not create the clips, but simply ‘re-tweeted’ them with his fat little fingers. Yes, my friend, he angers me daily also, as do those who haven’t the good sense to see him for what he is … a narcissistic manipulator who would much prefer to be an autocrat than the president of a democratic republic. We just keep chipping away, and hopefully, eventually the block breaks.

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    • Yes, it was rather an insult and I shall apologize to them post haste! You are correct, that many of those who voted for him are disillusioned and kicking themselves. But those who are hanging on …. boy they sure are hanging on tight. I wonder if they still truly believe in him, or if they are just unwilling to admit they made a mistake?


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