EPA Is Now The SPPA … ‘Scott Pruitt Protection Agency’

EPA Director Scott Pruitt’s life is worth more than yours or mine.  We all know that the Environmental Protection Agency is being scaled back, their hands tied when it comes to doing their job monitoring and enforcing laws that were intended to protect our environment, our health and our very lives.  This was Trump’s dream, to repeal all laws and actions that were implemented by President Obama … or any previous presidents, for that matter.

In a Washington Post article this morning, however, the assault on the functionality of the EPA has been taken to a new level.  Agents who are trained in investigating environmental crimes have been taken away from their jobs … and placed on a security detail to protect, not the environment, but director Scott Pruitt.  Pruitt is now receiving round-the-clock security protection by agents whose jobs it has been to monitor assaults on the air and water we rely on to survive.

Reportedly, Pruitt has been the victim of threats … threats he brought upon himself by his own rhetoric, his denial of human contributions to climate change, and his intent to rollback previous efforts to protect our planet.

epaIn the past, the EPA director has had one of the smallest security details of all cabinet members.  It should still be so.  The agents being relocated to Pruitt’s personal security detail are, understandably, not happy.  Michael Hubbard, a former special agent who led the EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division office in Boston said, “These guys signed on to work on complex environmental cases, not to be an executive protection detail. It’s not only not what they want to do, it’s not what they were trained and paid to do.”

Who pays the price for keeping Pruitt safe and cozy?  Well, you already know the answer to that, folks.  But what is that price?  I do not know what it is costing today, but to put it into perspective, during Pruitt’s first three months in his current position, his personal security detail cost We The People $832,735.40.  Since then, his security detail has nearly tripled, so I will leave it to you to do the math. The $800k was nearly double what the previous director required.  Process that one for a minute.

But even the cost of Pruitt’s security pales in comparison to the cost of the damage that is going unnoticed

pruittPatrick Sullivan, the EPA assistant inspector general for investigations, said, “A lot of correspondence we have reflects that people are unhappy with his perceived unenforcement of environmental laws.” Now, we all know that! The vast majority of people in the U.S. do believe the scientists and do wish to preserve the planet for future generations, contrary to the rhetoric of Trump & Co. Shouldn’t these ‘threats’ be a wake-up call to Pruitt that he is on the wrong track?  Wouldn’t you think that somebody in power would assess the situation and realize that we care more about our planet than apparently Trump or Pruitt do?  But alas … I must have forgotten for a moment, that our needs are secondary to Trump & Co.’s personal goal of reversing every good thing that has been done in the past 8 years.  Whatever was I thinking?

This is yet another nail in the coffin of our hopes for any meaningful enforcement of environmental laws …  the few that remain, that is. My own opinion is that Pruitt was the worst possible choice for this job, given that he has filed multiple lawsuits against the very agency he now leads, and it is his own words and actions that have placed him in this situation.  If the threats are real, and I have some doubt about the volume of threats quoted by the agency, he brought them on himself, so let him hire his own bodyguards from his own pay.  His net worth is valued at somewhere between $1 million and $5 million, so he can better afford it than we can.  I do believe in providing security for our employees, but to take people away from doing an important job so they can protect a man who is purposefully destroying our lives, is unconscionable.


30 thoughts on “EPA Is Now The SPPA … ‘Scott Pruitt Protection Agency’

  1. So let’s see if I have this right. Some guy gets a job through his links to the incumbent, makes a lot of controversial statements, upsets people in general then gets ‘the brown trouser’ syndrome when he receives a threats. He then pulls folk off of their work to protect his skin.
    Yep, as I told you in another post Jill, “People of Negligible Character” …….
    They make our Boris Johnson look positively statesman like.

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    • Yep, that is it in a nutshell. If I still paid income taxes, I would become a conscientious objector right about now! And yes, I looked at Boris Johnson last year and started to compare him to Trump, but then realized he was but a pale shadow in comparison. Even ol’ Geert Wilders couldn’t outdo Trump, though I’m glad he didn’t get the chance to try.

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        • Quite so, and I know you are right. But … I was rather hoping to see the world turned right up again in my lifetime, and I am now convinced that it will not happen. So, that leaves me with a dilemma … come back as a wolf, where life is simple … survival of the fittest. Or as a bloomin’ human again, since the world still needs those of us who can think? Sigh … decisions, decisions. 😀 And yeah, I am (half) kidding. But who knows? 🐺 👧 🐺 👧 🐺 👧

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            • That was meant to be a reply to the above, sorry. But since I’m here again…
              Thank you, Jill. I am so humbled by your ability to keep-on keeping watch and sounding the alarms. I can’t bear so much of it – I have to take a break from the news every now and again. I know I can always pop in and read what you have toiled over in the wee small hours and catch up. I have had my head in fictional world (tho related to this post actually, Mother Nature pondering what to do about us and climate change) so forgive me for not commenting as often as usual. I still see email alerts and try and keep up with what you are writing for us 🙂
              This is depressing. Roll on elections and let’s hope some of those who voted for that man have seen the error of their ways… Hope springs eternal, does it not?

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              • Well, Mary, here is how I look at it. We each have some role to play in the grand scheme of things, and each is equally important. It would appear that my role is to live in the rabbit hole and try to use what small voice I have to bring cruelty, injustice and inhumanity (not to mention utter stupidity) into the light where it hopefully is attacked and withers. Your role is to write beautiful, peaceful things that calm and bring joy to people like me when the rabbit hold gets to be too much. And your writing does that … it makes me happy, makes me feel that there is hope, makes me smile. I fully understand why you cannot take the constant bombardment of evil that I report on, and I greatly appreciate your more gentle nature. You keep doing what you do, for it is every bit as important as what I do. Many hugs, my dear friend!


      • Suits me. He’s the finest help the Labour Party could wish for.
        During this politically finely balanced time, it’s just what the Left needs – nonentities and buffoons in the govt.
        All it needs to worry about is having another vitriolic civil war over some issue the public couldn’t care two straws about.

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  2. Dear Jill,
    He is among the top 3 worst picks by DDT, the other two being Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions. He was confirmed while he was under suit for what he did in Oklahoma.
    In August 2017, .it took 15 states suing the EPA for Scott Pruitt of the Environmental Protection Agency to reverse course on its plans to delay implementation of Obama-era rules intended to reduce emissions of smog-causing air pollutants.

    What happened is that the 15 states and the District of Columbia sued the EPA, saying that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s proposed one-year delay in compliance deadlines for the 2015 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards violated the requirements of the Clean Air Act.
    So this is what “we the people” have to do to get him to do what is right.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, it would seem that the very second we let our guard down, he comes up with another abominable idea. And those in Congress, and his cabinet members, are all too eager to do his bidding. I wonder if they are afraid of him, or if they feel he can do something for them? Hugs!!!

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  3. It’s ridiculous that such a small minority of non-believers in Global Warming and it’s causes can ride roughshod over the majorities wishes. Even if the biggest naysayer is the president he should still be prepared to bend to what all the scientists say and the public believe. The man is heartless knowing his own family will be affected by his decisions.
    Common sense says leave things alone and it doesn’t hurt, but start changing well thought out policies and you can create a world of problems. Pure selfishness and egotism.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Yes, it is like everything else in this country at the moment … the very small minority seems to be calling the shots. The majority of us do not matter … at least until next November (2018). Yes, he is selfish and a egotistical … a megalomaniac, in my book. Since climate change and protecting the earth is a global problem, not just one unique to any given nation, I would love to see the U.N. place sanctions on the U.S. until we act more responsibly. Yes, that is rather a case of shooting myself in the foot, but I think those of us with consciences must think of the greater good. Sigh.
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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