A Few Bits ‘N Pieces of Humour …

There are a few compensations for having to live in the era of Donald Trump, and the most important one … perhaps the only one … is humour.  Today, I had a few good chuckles when I began my daily perusal of news and found this …

empire-state-drawingThe photo on the left, of course, is the iconic Empire State Building in New York City, and the crude sketch on the right was done in 1995 by none other than … {drumroll 🥁 } … Donald J. Trump.  The sketch is 12” by 9”, and he originally created it for a charity auction in Florida when he opened his Mar-a-Lago estate as a private club.  The sketch sold for less than $100.

But now, all of a sudden, its estimated value is between $8,000 and $12,000.  Must be inflation, for the piece still looks like some of the kindergarten art I used to have on my refrigerator.  The sketch is scheduled to be auctioned on October 19th in Los Angeles by Julien’s Auctions.  Here is the truly delightful irony … any proceeds will go to National Public Radio (NPR), from whom Trump’s budget plan removes all federal funding.  Personally, I wouldn’t part with a $5 bill for the sketch, but I am happy to know that if somebody has more cash than brains and is willing to actually pay thousands for this crude sketch, NPR will benefit.

Now, we know that Trump talks about voter fraud a lot, claiming that the reason Hillary Clinton actually won the 2016 election, in terms of the popular vote … the people’s vote … is because millions of people somehow voted illegally.  This has been disproven more than once, but he keeps on.  Well, turns out there may be some voter fraud within his own ranks, for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is improperly registered!  Yes, you see … either Jared Kushner is unable to read well or to understand the instructions on a simple voter registration form, or … Kushner has a problem with his own gender identity.  In 2009, Kushner filled out the voter registration form saying that his gender was ‘female’.

voter-formNow, when it was discovered that Kushner had failed to make note of many foreign contacts on his security clearance form, he immediately said it was an error of omission by his staff.  I wonder how he will spin this one, for I hardly think he can blame it on his staff.  Perhaps on the day he registered to vote, he was having one of those days where he was “in touch with his feminine side”?

My question is this:  Kushner is a very high level advisor within the Trump administration, having input on important, sometimes even life-and-death decisions.  If he cannot do something as simple as understanding the difference between ‘male’ and ‘female’ on a form, is he really qualified to advise anybody, let alone the prez?  And his security clearance???

And a bit of good news today … Representative Steve Scalise returned to Congress for the first time since being shot in mid-June and nearly dying.  Scalise suffered broken bones and damage to internal organs and his life was on the line for several weeks.  When he walked into the capitol today, he was greeted with a standing ovation by all.

And on that note, I shall leave you with a wish that you have a happy day and find something to smile about today.


27 thoughts on “A Few Bits ‘N Pieces of Humour …

  1. I find that sketch a bit chilling! It is linear, cold, calculating and without life of any sort. Taken a step further, (and I am stepping into Jamie territory here), it is also symbolic of occult worship. Ironically, on the day of Trumpest’s win, occult imagery was projected onto the Empire State Building.
    To put such a value on that symbolic little (pyramid like) sketch, should indicate that real life, you know, the lovely natural world of animals, plants, air, water and us, have no value or place in that vision!
    Very worrying! 😱

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  2. The only value of anything in today’s world is the market value , it is the loadstone of capitalism. You would have been wise to buy Mr Trumps sketch , hold on to it , and resell at a fantastic profit. As his notorious fame increases so everything associated with him increases in value.
    In 2002 a lock of Elvis’s hair sold for $115,000 , and Mark McGwire’s base ball fetched $3,000,000. It was the first I had heard of Mark being an Englishman. Bankers tell me they have to pay enormous wages to get the right man for the job , not that they want to , but the market sets the rate. To a dying man nothing has value but life and in the desert on foot a glass of water is worth everything.

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    • Ah … but that assumes that the only thing with real value is money. While some (that infamous 1%) may believe that, I think the majority of us believe that old adage that “money can’t buy happiness”. When I see the way the rich live, their lack of humanitarianism … most, anyway … I am thankful to have only enough to meet my needs. I sleep with a clear conscience at night.

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      • It depends how you view the 1% . Globally I’m in the top 2% but in the UK ( one of the wealthy countries) I’m below the poverty line. One third of the global population live on $2 per day. My old Grandmother use to say ‘ there is always someone worse off ‘ to which my father would reply yes and there is always someone better off. It’s funny I can now see , although they are long gone , they were both right.
        As for needs well in USA they might well be defined differently from in India. Now the clear conscience is something we humans have to have to survive , in the great trench battles and carnage of the first world war some poor men lost their minds but many returned to sleep with a clear conscience.
        ‘The blast of heraldry , the pomp of power,
        And all that beauty , all that wealth e’er gave ,
        Awaits alike the inevitable hour.
        The paths of glory lead but to the grave.’

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