To My Friends and Family on Facebook, I’m closing my Facebook Accounts

My blogger-friend Rob Goldstein has closed his Facebook accounts, and I must admit that I am considering doing the same. To understand the reasons, please check out his very informative post about Facebook’s role in helping Russia to interfere in our sham of an election last year, thus leaving us in the mess we are in today. Thank you, Rob, for compiling this very helpful information, and for giving me permission to share your post.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Update: 09/27/2017 
This is the latest update from ABC News on Russia’s weaponized use of Facebook to subvert the 2016 U.S. Election

A screenshot of a September 27, 2017 report from ABC News regarding Putin's use of Facebook to steal the 2016 US Election Russia pushed Trump as the only viable option

Posts that circulated to a targeted, swing-state audience on the social media site railed against illegal immigrants and claimed “the only viable option is to elect Trump.” They were shared by what looked like a grassroots American group called Secured Borders, but Congressional investigators say the group is actually a Russian fabrication designed to influence American voters during and after the presidential election.

“Their goal was to spread dissension, was to split our country apart, and they did a pretty good job,” said Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Facebook told Congressional investigators about a series of posts from a group calling itself “Secured Borders,” which had the look of a grassroots American…

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26 thoughts on “To My Friends and Family on Facebook, I’m closing my Facebook Accounts

  1. Dear Jill,
    I do have a Facebook account but I don’t use it except to post blogs which I never respond to; and for the Democratic New Tampa Cub that I joined. to keep up with the news.
    It is anger provoking as to how easily the Russians were able to take advantage of us. Any American who helped them is a traitor to our country.Facebook and Twitter had better come clean with whatever happened.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Jill, foreign governments have often tried to influence our elections. But, social media like Facebook and Twitter have made it so easy for them. To Putin, he has some of the most powerful weapons to exploit others. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. I like to cite a former Russian TV producer who said Putin influenced content on the state run dramas and comedies. He would have characters appear to be even-handed with small criticisms of the government, but they were there to mask his main selling points. Keith

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    • True. While there are many positives to modern technology, one of the downsides is that it has made it so much easier to do evil. Like everything else, some will use it for good, others for evil. Putin is aided, also, by the fact that Trump plays right into his hand and apparently trusts him more than he trusts our allies. It’s almost like looking at a photo negative where everything is in reverse. I wonder if we even have the capability to detect and deter the same type of activity next year during the mid-term election season?

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      • Jill, agreed. These trolls know they have been successful at the highest levels when they see the unwitting “then-candidate, now President” echo their words they planted. It works so easily. Troll will find and use a story that has a kernel of believability based on past slandering or actual conduct – HRC was ideal fodder. Troll places article and forwards as a “bot” to numerous folks. Alex Jones sees the number of likes and speaks about it for a few days. Trump listens in and repeats. Fox News picks up on story that Trump says and sees lots of online traffic. Red flags do not go up. Trump now repeats and says “a lot of people are talking about this.” The CIA testified under oath to a Congressional Committee that “at a minimum, Trump was an unwitting participant” in the Russian hacking efforts. Keith

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    • Agreed. Social media was intended to be just that … social. It was never intended to be the main venue of communication between leaders of nations and their people. I cannot think of a more unprofessional way for a leader to communicate, but then … what do I know, right? Sigh. Y’know … Facebook, Twitter, and all the others should be something fun and a way to stay in touch with friends & family, but of late I do not find it at all enjoyable. Something that could have, should have, served a good purpose has been ruined. Grrrrrr …

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  3. I have never posted anything on Facebook and while I do have an account (I think – it has been a while since I went there), it is tied to an unused (no address book) email account. I believe it is difficult to cancel an account.
    Likewise I deactivated a ‘Linked-In’ account. I am also considering getting rid of my Twitter account as most of the 700 followers are really only interested in me ‘following them’ and retweeting their pearls of wisdom (or rubbish, as the case may be)!.

    I find that a lot of what is reported is just bluster, speculation and downright propaganda designed to put the fear of God into our heads. It is reminiscent of the ‘Crusades,’ of old, and the terrible massacres that ensued ‘in the name of God.’

    We are fed a steady stream of hatreds, fears and lies to turn us against each other. This all comes from the top, down. So we have to ask the question of each other… Why?

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  4. I agree there’s been much misuse of FB and Twitter but it’s one of the ways I can keep up with my daughter and her friends and some of my relatives and friends. I don’t get involved in any arguing or namecalling. So far no one has verbally attacked me and if that happened I’d merely unfriend them. I’m careful who I friend. —- Suzanne

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    • My primary purpose for Facebook is, like you, keeping up with family members and friends who are scattered around the country and without Facebook I would likely only hear from them at Christmas. And I post my blog posts on FB. More and more these days, though, I find myself annoyed as soon as I sign on, by people’s shallowness and sometimes downright cruelty. Sigh. I’m still undecided, but I shall probably keep it for a bit and hope that they make genuine efforts to ensure that the fiasco of last year does not happen again next year.

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  5. Facebook is a replication of the real world in cyber space it contains the good the bad and the ugly , the honest the dishonest the poor and the rich and famous. My advice is if it’s useful to you use it ; after all you use a bank , and maybe buy clothes made in Hong Kong by child labour.
    We live in a corrupt world , yet without that world we would starve and die ; it is impossible to keep your hands clean even in a closed order monastery. Paul in the New Testament advises ‘ be in the world but not part of it ‘ ; absolutely impossible , we have to dine with sinners like it or not. We may feel self righteous and above those around us but ‘ let he who hath no sin throw the first stone’.

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    • Quite true. I am still debating about Facebook, for I have many family members and friends scattered around the country and it is an easy venue to remain a part of their lives, thus is has some value. I am much the same with Amazon, which is my ‘go-to’ for shopping since I do not enjoy crowded stores, yet I am distressed that they continue to advertise on Breitbart. You are quite right … try as we might to ‘do the right thing’, it is impossible to keep our hands completely clean.


      • You speak out against injustice and do your best to behave decently so why should you inflict punishment on those you wish to keep in contact with? It is my point about sanctions they are a punishment on the innocent especially children who know very little of worldly wickedness.

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  6. I closed/deleted mine months ago just because I think it is a most divisive, skewed and arbitrary media. People think its is a place to pull your pants down and compare genitals as well as brandish words like weapons with no repercussions. I slept so much better after knowing I was off. I am thinking of eliminating Twitter as well, simply because it is Trump’s “playground”. I’d sooner play with a rabid dog…

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