The Idiot Strikes Again – Rush Limbaugh

Does anybody actually listen to this creep, except for entertainment, a few laughs?  On Thursday night, Sean Hannity interviewed Rush Limbaugh … a junction of two of the media’s most outrageous fools … and the results would be hysterically funny, if we could be assured that nobody actually takes these goons seriously.   Check out Limbaugh’s conspiracy theory …

“I do believe that the left wants to cause great damage to the NFL. What does the NFL stand for? Masculinity, strength, toughness. So what are they doing to it? You go to college campuses now, and you’ll find classes on how to take masculinity out of men. It’s actually happening. There are studies and courses in college that do this.

It’s patriotic. You’ve got the flag, you’ve got the anthem, you’ve got uniformed military personnel — all the things that the left wants to erase from this country. They don’t like displays of patriotism, strength, rugged individualism. And that’s why the players are being used here. They think it’s about police brutality; they think it’s about righting social wrongs and so forth. This is an attack on the NFL as an institution, for shaking it down and lowering its profile and impact on American culture. We’re in the midst of a culture war; everybody knows it.

The left is doing everything it can to erase elements of our country’s founding, the traditions and institutions — and they don’t stop. And once they get their hooks in something… This is why I’m sad about it. They’re not gonna let go of this. So when I see the owners? They’ve gotta be scared to death. They have to be scared to death. On the one hand, do they side with their players? Linking arms? Go to sideline? Take a knee or whatever? That’s just driving the central fan base away. I almost think that it’s part of the strategy. If you did want to damage the NFL, what would you do? You would do something to cause its fan base to leave it. What’s happening?

I don’t want the NFL to get smaller. I don’t want it to become insignificant. I don’t want it to be taken over by a bunch of wusses. I don’t want it to be taken care of by left-wing social justice causes. You know, use something besides the NFL sideline. Use something besides the flag. Use something besides something that people use to escape everything leftists are trying to force on us.”

Limbaugh actually tried his hand at being an NFL commentator … it did not last long nor end well, as he was forced to resign after making racially charged comments on air about a black quarterback, Donovan McNabb, in 2003.

Much of what Limbaugh says is disturbing, but the first thing that stood out for me was “What does the NFL stand for? Masculinity, strength, toughness.”  Is Mr. Limbaugh, I wonder, aware of the fact that a July report by researchers at Boston University identified all but one of 111 players studied as having Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a disease caused by repeated blows to the head?  Or is he aware of Robert Grays, 19, a sophomore cornerback at Division-II Midwestern State, who died last week as a result of a neck injury suffered during a game?  Or does he even care?  Is it more important to him to concoct conspiracy theories to rile the masses who tune into his show?  Is it more important to him for the NFL to project the “cultural values” of ‘masculinity strength and toughness’?


Robert Grays

I sometimes wonder if the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Alex Jones actually believe the conspiracy theories they spout, or if it is all for the sake of ‘entertainment’?  This rhetoric is what is dividing the nation, attacking every cause as being the “liberal left wing” as trying to “force something on us”.  Surely they cannot be as ignorant as their speech makes them seem? And would somebody please tell me that the 3.715 million people who watched this interview tuned in just to have something to laugh at, that they are not seriously lapping this stuff up?

42 thoughts on “The Idiot Strikes Again – Rush Limbaugh

  1. These two gas bags interacting is like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters. It can only result in disaster with Rush becoming the Sta-Puff Marshmallow man. They are a waste of air time, but people still lap it up and support Trump. It makes me doubt the wisdom of our country. I am, however, starting to hear my republican friends doubting the great orange dictator-wannabe. This is encouraging.

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    • You made me laugh (much-needed) with the mental image of Limbaugh as a marshmallow-man! But to your point, yes, they are a waste of air time and have become a danger … think Pizzagate, Hurricane Irma, etc. I am pleased to hear you say that some of your republican friends may be starting to wipe the sleepy dust from their eyes. Keith said the same the other day, so I am (slightly) encouraged. Take care, my friend.

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  2. Actually, it’s been said the U.S. has the best-dressed poor in the world. There are people pulling their own teeth because they have no dental insurance. My dad did that as he was retired. He had gum disease so it wasn’t hard for him. One man told my husband he had to decide whether to eat or buy his medicine. My husband told him to eat as he couldn’t survive otherwise. There are more homeless wandering around than ever before. You have to fight to keep a relative in a mental hospital these days. If there’s no one to care, the hospital just puts the patient out to become homeless. This is the U.S.A. today. I don’t see DT helping. 😦 — Suzanne


  3. Rhetoric that issues from the likes of Rush Limbaugh is symptomatic of a large population within America’s borders who think that they are invincible hero’s. Watch any action movie and you will see strong ‘Americans,’ fighting off at least six ‘baddies,’ single-handed, outrunning any athlete, driving more spectacularly than any other and able to take at least 3 potentially fatal bullets before he/she even winces with a slight pain.
    Rush and his fans think that they are invincible and ‘saviours’ of the great ‘American’ pioneer spirit… You know, that determination that slayed native Indians, killed nearly every single buffalo, fought over the right to keep slave humans and generally treated all other people as inferior races (and incidentally – right or wrong, the only nation to kill others with a nuclear weapon). Times haven’t changed much! Sigh 😞💔

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    • Unfortunately, Rush still has a pretty strong following and they defend him staunchly. I had one pop up on my post when I wrote the Idiot of the Week — Rush Limbaugh piece, and while he was courteous and respectful, he was 100% pro Limbaugh and nothing would sway him … he had an answer for everything, even Limbaugh’s worst homophobic, misogynist quotes. Brainwashed, I tell ya!


  4. Sorry, Jill. People tune in, believe it, and then parrot Limbaugh in their personal conversations. I, personally, have a relative who does this. E.g., Loudly proclaiming to party guests that Bill Clinton is a draft dodger.

    For a period of time, I listened to far-right radio to try to understand it’s appeal. It’s mostly opinion. But if the talk was about an actual event, I was astounded at the out-right lies perpetrated over the air. Of course, I didn’t know they were lies… until I heard NPR interviewing an expert guest on said topic.

    You might be interested in the documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad.

    I’ll end by noting that Limbaugh’s brand of masculinity is toxic masculinity. His riff is not really about athletic sports, male or female, nor about patriotism. He is a white, male supremacist using current events to spew his ugly, signature propaganda and, no doubt, trying to rebuild his waning brand.

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    • Yes, I suspected my hope that people didn’t take him seriously was ‘pie-in-the-sky’. I was speaking with another friend tonight, and I asked how it was possible that some people I have worked with and been friends with for decades, yet I did not realize who they were … did not realize that they were capable of being so cruel, so bigoted, until the past two years. Did these people change, or was I so blind that I did not see them clearly for so long? I did check out the link you sent and it sounds very interesting … I added it to my ‘to be watched’ list on Amazon. Thanks!

      As re Limbaugh (and Hannity and Jones and others) … I have always felt that for them it was a ‘gig’ … a way to play on people’s frustrations and make a buck, but that they did not really believe their own b.s. But now I must re-think that … as you say, Limbaugh is a white supremacist, and therefore perhaps he really DOES believe the yarn he spins. This is suddenly a very strange world to me. Fortunately there are good friends, many of whom I have only discovered in the past year or two through this blog, and those friends keep me balanced and somewhat in sync. Somewhat, I said … 😉

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      • Your excellent writing displays a balanced, well-ordered mind, Jill. Therefore, you may truly be out of sync with the world! We don’t just project our weaknesses onto other people, we also project our strengths. (Whatever is familiar and identifiable to us.) Perhaps you’ve been projecting your own trained intelligence onto some who are undeserving in that respect. But let’s hope it rubs off! 🙂


  5. I actually listened to a few minutes of Limbaugh’s show the other day (that’s about all I could stand!), and what I came to see is that the people who follow him are true believers. They love the alternate reality he creates because they’re heroes in it. He says what they’ve been thinking but haven’t been able to say because this country’s been so pussified that it can’t handle the truth. My blood pressure’s going up just thinking about it.

    What scares me is that Trump’s election proves that there are enough of these people to steer this country the wrong way under certain circumstances. It feels like it’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

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    • You have a stronger constitution than I do if you were able to listen to even a few minutes! I hadn’t thought of it that way … that people lap it up because in this alternate universe they are the heroes … but it makes some sense. And I’m with you on that … it is frightening that there are so many who buy into the rhetoric hook, line and sinker. And, they are perfectly willing to be driven to acts of violence in the cause of “making America great again”. Would somebody please define “great” for me, because I don’t think my definition quite matches that of Trump & Co.

      Like you, I fear it is going to get worse before it gets better. One problem with that is it is wearing us down. People like you and I and many others have been fighting this fight for fully two years now, and some days it just seems like rather than get out of bed, I want to pull the covers over my head and forget it all. I know more than a few people who are now saying, “Oh well … it’ll be what it’ll be, and I’m just going to have fun and ignore it all”. That is the attitude that we must fight against also. Sigh.

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  6. I’ve too often wondered if these radio-talk-show-conspiracists-idiots really believe what they spout. Especially after Alex Jones’ incendiary story about Sandy Hook being fake. They bad-mouth the left for wanting to preserve freedom of speech, but where would they be without it? Not on-the-air.

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    • I agree … if they truly believe the garbage they spout, then they need to see a psychiatrist asap, but I suspect in large part it is all about entertainment value, read $$$$$$$$$$$$. The danger, though, lies in those who believe anything these bozos say. Yes, there was Sandy Hook, but also think PizzaGate which almost ended up in a massacre because people believed Jones’ ludicrous tale. Although i am a staunch advocate of freedom of speech, I sometimes wonder if there ought to be some limits. But that is a slippery slope that could so easily lead to abuse and disaster. The answer, then, lies in education, in teaching people how to think for themselves rather than blindly following.


    • I suspect he wants attention, but more … he wants money, and people watch that bs, so advertisers pay him big bucks to continue to spout it. Personally, I think some people have entirely too much free time on their hands if they have time to sit and listen to people like him. Sigh.

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        • You are so right. Y’know, when I hear people in this country complain about their lives, talk about how Trump will make the country “great” again (define great) I so badly want to send those people to someplace like Syria, Afghanistan or Rwanda to live for a year so they can see just how wonderful their lives really are. It’s all about perspective. Does one look at those who have much more, and therefore feel deprived? Or does one look at those who have much less, and feel grateful? Sigh.

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