M Is For Monday … Jolly Monday!!!

Once again it is that jolly day of the week, the day we start the week with a spot of coffee, a sweet treat and a chuckle or two.  How was your weekend?  We spent some family time together, which was nice, and Chris is just now finishing up the orange lights around the windows, so our house is looking festive and has a warm glow.  And now, let us see if we can start this week off right …

How To Launch An Airplane …

airplane-2I’m sorry, but I just don’t think this is going to work.  No matter how many people join in pulling that aircraft, I don’t think they can get it in the air.  What?  They aren’t trying to get it in the air?  Ohhhhhh …

This is part of an annual fund-raiser held in Newark, New Jersey, to benefit the Special Olympics.  50 teams of 20 people each took turns trying to haul the Boeing 737 a distance of 10 feet. Awards were handed out to the team able to complete the task the fastest, and to the team with the lowest total weight able to achieve the feat. The weight of the plane?  93,000 pounds!

“It’s a lot of fun and people practice for this year round,” said Robert Belfiore, a retired police chief and current director of the New Jersey Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. All for an excellent cause!

airplaneThe event was hosted by United Airlines and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Proceeds were donated to the Special Olympics of New Jersey.

The case of the missing traffic cone …

Paul Baxter, a 50-year-old British postal worker, was convinced he had lung cancer.  He had suffered a nagging cough for a year or so, when a bout of pneumonia led to a chest x-ray, where doctors noted what appeared to be a tumour.  So, the docs scheduled Mr. Baxter for a bronchoscopy, a procedure that allows doctors to look at the bronchial tubes, and also remove small bits of lung tissue for biopsy.

toy-cone-2The ‘tumour’, however, turned out not to be a tumour, but a traffic cone!  No no no … not the kind you see alongside the highway, but the kind that comes in a Playmobil toy set.  The cone had been in Baxter’s bronchial tube since he was 7 years old, when he received the toy set for his birthday.  He said he vaguely remembered swallowing it … only he apparently aspirated it, rather than swallowing it.

toy-coneThe Biomedical Journal Case Reports explains that “This may be because aspiration occurred at such a young age that the patient’s airway was able to remodel and adapt to the presence of this foreign body.”  Mr. Baxter’s symptoms have now mostly subsided and he is relieved to know that he does not have lung cancer.

Do not feed the elephants …

The man, a tourist in Sri Lanka, was trying to be nice — he saw the elephant and wanted to share his food.  So he stopped the tuk tuk he was driving, got out, and gave the elephant a bite of his lunch.  To show his appreciation, the elephant … well, just watch …

Lessons to be learned from this:  1) elephants are greedy, 2) elephants are unappreciative and will always want more, 3) elephants are bigger than tuk tuks.

Now I want a tuk tuk … aren’t they just the cutest thing?  I wonder how much one costs? Hmmmm … can’t you just picture me bopping ‘round da hood in this?  Might make a nice Christmas present … Herb, Chris, Miss Goose?

tuk tuk

I would prefer blue …

More not-so-bright criminals …

23-year-old Ushio Sato decided to steal a car in Numazu City, Japan.  It was just after midnight when Sato approached an unlocked car.  Imagine his surprise when he very stealthily opened the door and began to enter the car, only to realize that there were two undercover police officers already occupying the car … an unmarked police car!

He tried to run, but the police were quicker.


Tea for two, a wedding for one …

I talk to myself often.  Sometimes just because I am trying to work something out in my mind, and I need a second opinion, other times just because I am trying to talk some sense into myself.  So, a two-sided conversation with only one person I get.  But a wedding with only one person?

Two years ago, Laura Mesi, then a 38-year-old fitness instructor and vlogger from a small town near Milan, Italy, broke up with her significant other after 12 years.  At the time, she bemoaned that she had yet to find her ‘soul mate’ and said that if she had not found one by the time she was 40, she would just marry herself.

sologamyAnd that is what she did. And she did it up right … no Justice of the Peace for she and herself!  She had a full-blown wedding ceremony complete with white dress, three-layer wedding cake, bridesmaids and 70 guests. The wedding cost her around 10,000 €, or nearly $12,000 USD.  I can only picture some of the conversations:

“Honey, would you mind bringing me a cup of tea?”  “Get it yourself, I’m going to shower.”  Or how about this one … “Where have you been?  I was worried …”. “Well, if you don’t know, I’m sure not going to tell you.”

sologamy-2Now, it turns out that this is a current ‘trend’, marrying oneself, called sologamy.  I cannot find information regarding how many people have married themselves, but it appears to be more popular in Europe than the U.S.  I try not to be judgmental, but truly I find this just a bit strange.  What do you guys think? I don’t anticipate ever getting married again, but if I do, I really rather want somebody besides myself waiting at the altar.

Don’t look up …

It was rather reminiscent of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, but on a smaller scale.

spiderTraffic Scotland shared an image of a spider dangling directly in front of one of its traffic cameras on the M8 motorway giving the appearance of a giant spider floating in the sky. They played it up with the following tweet:

*NEW* ⚠

LARGE spider 🕷 invading the #M8 at Livingston❗

Our advice…RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN 🏃 😆#edintravel @SETrunkRoads

6:02 AM – Sep 28, 2017

spider-2Twitter followers joined in on the fun comparing the “giant” spider to monsters from horror films and asking when the roads would be safe again. Before any serious damage was reported as the result of the “threat”, it was announced that the spider was “long gone.” All in good fun, but can you imagine if that happened in Washington D.C. at evening rush hour?

Oysters on the half … ????

When I was a kid, you could get soda, potato chips or cigarettes from a vending machine.  Not surprisingly, I usually opted for cigarettes, and compared to $6+ a pack today, a quarter, twenty-five cents, didn’t seem too bad.  Since that time, however, things have changed and we shouldn’t be surprised at anything we find in a vending machine.  Sandwiches, personal items, birth control … you name it.  But still, I was surprised by this one …

I love shrimp, scallops and crab, but never could quite bring myself to eat oysters, snails, or calamari.  But I’m not sure, even if I like oysters, that I would want them from a vending machine.

Well, friends, as you can see by the clock, it is time for us all to get busy and start this week off on the right foot … or left foot … whichever.  I hope you found something that brought a smile to your face, and please remember to share that smile, for it means so much and you all have such beautiful smiles … it would be a shame to keep them hidden!  Keep safe and I hope you have a great week!  Love ‘n Hugs!

charlie brown great week.jpg

21 thoughts on “M Is For Monday … Jolly Monday!!!

  1. Oh my word!! what the heck is the world coming to when people actually marry themselves, I have been known to do some daft things in my lifetime and I rarely judge people but that one takes the cake. If you want to have a party and be the center of attention then just have a party and call it a “lets celebrate me” party but marrying yourself damn! That’s just bizarre!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought so too! In fact, I found it rather creepy, but could have done an entire post about it, imagining conversations and scenarios. It isn’t recognized legally, but what would be the point, even if it were. She couldn’t receive spousal death benefits when she died, for she would be … dead. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • You just have to wonder about her friends who attended the wedding especially her bridal party. If one of my friends asked me to be a bridesmaid so they can marry themselves I would have taken her aside and said “I am only saying this because I love you” Are you seriously OFF your rocker, stop this madness”

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  2. It does make sense that since so many people are in love with themselves they would therefore choose to marry themselves!! (I am joking, m of course!) But I love your Mondays and am always delighted to see the latest “Maxine.” She’s a jewel! Have a Happy Week!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ‘Lubbly (Lovely) Jubbly’ Monday… Indian waiters on cruise ships love that expression and use it constantly when talking to Brits.

    Elephants (especially wild ones) are not cuddly and cute. They should be treated with respect at all times. A mature elephant will eat through 330lbs of food a day…chances are, your sandwich is not going to be enough to keep them from trampling you! The average Asian thinks that having a favourable interaction with an elephant is a lucky omen (they know that elephants can be very dangerous). I guess the guy in your story was trying to change his luck!😂

    Off to do some travel through canal locks now…. This has set me up for a happy day!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • 330 pounds??? I read that to my daughter, who said, “wow … that’s almost as much as me!” She has a weird sense of humour 😉 Don’t know where she gets it 😉 But yes, I personally would not have stopped for the elephant … well, actually I might have … I am not always bright ..💡

      I hope you had a great day traveling through the canal locks!.


      • I happen to think ele’s are great animals so have learned a fair bit about them. They are not generally afraid of people, until people use weapons to kill the adults and beat up, tame/subdue the babies (Phajaan training). Most of today’s wild elephants see humans as a threat… And rightly so!
        Yep, they really do eat that much!

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  4. Happy Monday, Jill and big thanks for that, just what I needed. The remnant of Storm Maria (how do you solve a problem like?) has been buffeting us all night, which means, among other things, that piles of what look like shredded-Shredded-Wheat are lying all over the grass and paths outside. Sigh. Lots of clearing up to do when it dies down. Microscopic concerns in the global context, I know. But let’s not go there – as I type such terrible things are appearing on the news, I’ll stick with this post and cartoons (love the nun of the above!) for a while longer.
    BTW, I know elephant behaviour only too well, when you have been knocked over by a ‘cute’ baby one behind a fence when feeding it oranges – and had to run for your life from a huge one with a damaged psyche, you appreciate they aren’t cuddly Dumbos! But then if they are poached for their lovely tusks by horrible humans, what can we expect 😦
    Stay cosy,

    Liked by 1 person

    • You do love planting those song snippets in my head, don’t you? Now I shall be whistling “She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, Her dress has got a tear, She waltzes on her way to Mass, And whistles on the stair, And underneath her wimple, She has curlers in her hair, I even heard her singing in the abbey” Thanks … ;:)

      Yes, that scrolling news you mention came across mine just as I was getting ready to go to bed last night … rather, around 4:00 this morning. I’m with you, I would rather just keep writing more Jolly Monday posts. sigh.

      I didn’t realize you had so many elephant encounters in your history! You have led an interesting life, my friend! Someday, as we are sharing a bottle of wine on your deck, you must tell me more of the elephant encounters, and I suspect there are other fun reminiscences too! Take care and try to have a good week … Hugs!!!


  5. Strangely enough, I am feeling quite happy today, in spite of it being Monday! – I like the cartoon about the slow computer! – Mine always knows when the local system admin (aka Hubby) is travelling … it loves to act up then! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 Have you considered that perhaps he does something to it before he leaves to cause it to act up, just so you’ll remember how much you need him? 🤣 I think perhaps I have been down in the rabbit hole too long … I am becoming a conspiracy theorist!! And laughing maniacally … 🤣🤣🤣

      But seriously, I’m glad to know you are feeling happy today!!! I have had the royal grumps all day long … sigh.


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