On The Tragedy In Las Vegas …

Last night in Las Vegas, at least 58 people were killed and at least another 515 injured when a lone gunman, using automatic weapons, began shooting from the window of his hotel room at concert-goers in an open arena across the street from the hotel.  Not many facts are available yet, thus I will mention this only briefly, for I prefer to base my writing on verifiable facts.  The one fact that is known is that the gunman, Stephen Paddock, was a 64-year old local man who shot and killed himself in his hotel room.  Weapons and ammunition were found in both his hotel room and his home.

The one thing I will mention is that Daesh (aka ISIS) almost immediately claimed responsibility for this act, but there is no evidence whatsoever that they are involved in any way.  There is no trail of online searches or communications, and according to the FBI, the initial evidence indicates that this man, a white U.S. citizen, acted on his own.

I urge all to be extremely cautious about listening to the many conspiracy theories that are sure to abound on such venues as Fox News, Breitbart, and from certain persons within our government.  Until more facts are known, I urge all to assume nothing and to shut down those who begin, as I expect, spouting hate against people of Middle Eastern descent, or using this tragedy as propaganda in support of the NRA agenda.  Listening to theories that have no basis in fact is part of the reason this nation is already so divided, and this event must not become the catalyst for further division.  It is an easy trap to fall into, especially when it is spoon-fed to us, but please, wait for the facts and make no assumptions.

Meanwhile, this is a tragedy and my heart breaks for the victims and their families.  Let us focus on that, and only that, until the facts are in.

47 thoughts on “On The Tragedy In Las Vegas …

  1. I have held off comment on this tragedy for a few days.
    It has no explanation as to why someone would feel the need to act out such violence on innocent people.
    The sad fact is that anger about anything is exponentially more lethal if there is a lethal weapon at hand. As a population, anger is rising. We can expect more lethal consequences of expressing that anger.
    Politicians beware…this is going to get worse. Politics, social order, community spirit and obedience are all destabilizing! This is not just about Las Vegas… or Puerto Rico, or any other recent tragedy… It is about all of us across the planet.

    After the Las Vegas shooting, firearm sales increased. Americans feel unsafe and that will lead to squabbles turning into more tragedies.

    The world has been hit with a strange malady… One of discontent, irritability, unable to settle comfortably. This is partly due to our alteration of the environment we live in. The more we destroy the natural world around us, the more we ourselves become increasingly unhinged in our response to each other!

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    • Much food for thought, but I agree with all you say. Especially the last part about the environment, for as the population increases, and due to the effects of climate change, resources such as food and water decrease, there will necessarily arise a battle over those precious resources. Survival of the fittest?

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  3. It’s what’s not being said that speaks the loudest. No word from the NRA. No word from Congress on gun control. Thoughts and prayers are wonderful, but works are what’s needed. Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora and other incidents have not resulted in works. This one will die down and yield the same result, I fear.

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    • I fully agree. I am so sick of seeing people offering up ‘thoughts and prayers’ when the same people obsessively protect the unfettered “right” to own an unlimited quantity of any type of gun they wish. It is time … it is PAST time to put a stop to this madness, but try telling that to a member of the NRA. Or a member of Congress who receives large donations from the NRA.

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  4. Yet again a hush descends on those who care and a frenzy arises from those who would exploit any human vulnerability. Such sorrow, again. The ribbons still hang on gateposts around here for a little girl who was one of those killed in Manchester. With Police in Spain acting like thugs and the climate wreaking havoc, we would all do well to foster a little more love and understanding – hugs all round, friends and fellow humans.

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    • Quite so, my friend. Yet, everything from the tragedy in Las Vegas to climate change to the remnants of Hurricane Maria, seem to further divide us rather than bring us together. It should all remind us of the fragility of life, and make us appreciate each other more. But it doesn’t. 😥

      Love and hugs to you, my special friend … ❤


  5. It was a man with a stash of guns and a motive of which we will never know. He lived in a state with gun favourable laws. His target was a packed group of people in the thousands. It is as simple as that.
    Whereas that would seem callous it is not, it is the simplest and most rational explanation. How can I be so sure?
    Because I have stood on the very edges of the dark abyss of the human mind, and seen in far-off lands wherein these tortured souls dwell.
    I cannot suppose to guess the details of his motives, I do not attempt to find the reasoning, but I have witnessed in the distance the fearful rationale under which he would work.
    We can soar and build, we can tear down. We can do both with equal effort and self-justification.
    These Conspiracy folk are obviously frightened to look into the depths of cruel and savage aspects of the Human Construct, they feel safer creating Graphic Novel, TV and Blockbuster plots of cabals and twisted convolutions. They do not want to face up to the fact that they, or the person next to them could turn and slay in rage or cold calculations. They fear The Truth, We Can Be Monsters.
    They would do well to still their tongues and turn their efforts to comforting the relatives, the friends and the survivors.

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    • What you say is chilling, and yet I know very true. Mankind has immense capacity for both love and hate, for good and evil. Yes, it is the time to both give and receive comfort, but yet it is also the time to wake up and realize that this was, in one sense, a preventable tragedy. How many more does it take before we realize that the addiction to guns in this nation has reached epidemic proportions? Sigh.

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      • I fear the attempt to dial down gun ownership will stir up neurotics, conspiracy folk, fundamentalists and of course the vested interests and their political support.
        Instead the ‘dial down’ will have to come in a form of national reconciliation between the various groups, which will be so difficult as to the near impossible, unless the ordinary folk begin to turn their backs on the strident, the foolish and the egotists.

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        • As always, my friend, you are quite right. I am blind when it comes to this topic, for I would gladly take every gun out of the hands of civilians tomorrow if it were in my power. I see no value to civilian gun ownership. But as I said, I know you are right times two … it would require compromise, and compromise is not an option for either side. Shoot me now, please. Sigh.

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          • All countries have their dire times Jill in different levels of intensity.
            It’s actually hard to know when one of these starts and also depends on who is doing the viewing.
            F’instance in the film ‘Easy Rider’ in an improv. scene around a camp fire Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda & Jack Nicholson (apparently all stoned at the time) discuss freedom & the state of the USA, it ends when Nicholson says ‘Y’know this used to be a great country’. I saw that film in 1970 and ever since I’ve been thinking. ‘Did you ever ask any African American or Latino for their opinion on ‘used to be a great country?’
            Was any country ever ‘great’ or at it best just ‘tolerable’?

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  6. I can only quote from the German news, giving some background figures: 30.000 deaths every year in the US due to fire arms … the same number as American soldiers dying in the Vietnam War … 30.000 every year? And no one gives a crimp? No comment.

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    • Yep … and more than double that number of gun-related injuries annually. And all Congress has to offer is prayers, and the 2nd Amendment proponents scream that more guns will make us even safer! When you go into a shop here, you can almost bet that at least half the people you see have a loaded firearm somewhere on their person. This, I think, is NOT what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. :/


      • Absolutely. And, guess what: I know that over there on your side of the pond, the constitution is something almost holy. But it was written a long time ago!! Things have changed, society has changed. The German “Grundgesetz” (constitution) is from after WWII, so pretty “young” compared to yours – and even that should not be seen as sacrosanct. I think laws are made to serve and protect the society, not the other way round. If society changes, is it so strange to change the laws too? This summer Germany finally introduced what now everyone calls “marriage for all”, finally giving the love and commitment of two people the same status, regardless of gender. This is the last step away from those horrible laws that made love between the same gender even illegal, still in the 60ies! – I know this has nothing to do with the firearms discussion, but on the other hand it has: It shows that you have to look at the society and the laws constantly, comparing, evaluating, and, if necessary, adapting.

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        • Au contraire … it has everything to do with the firearms discussion, as both the 2nd Amendment here, and the ‘anti-same-sex-marriage’ laws in Germany were terribly outdated. As you say, times change, the world changes, and society/laws must evolve to keep pace with the times. What made sense 200 years ago may no longer make sense. While I would not advocate throwing out the Constitution, for overall it is a pretty good foundation for law, and I do not trust anybody in this, the 21st century, to come up with anything better, there are certainly portions that need to be updated. However, amending the document is a long and arduous task. On the other had, I suppose I am glad it is, for otherwise, imagine the abuses that might have already come in the form of Constitutional amendments. But the gun regulation … it just HAS to happen … there can be no other option!


  7. Jill, this breaks your heart. It could have been any one of us or our families. ISIS often lays claim to tragedies they have nothing to do with. As we have chatted before, with bent for assault weapons and rise in number after the expiration of the Brady Act, it is harder to stop a motivated lone gunman.

    Right now, we need to keep the victims, injured and their families and friends in our thoughts and prayers. Keith

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  8. by instructing us not to heed information from sources that some deem irreputable simply because they don’t spout the popular party line, you’re doing exactly what you’re asking others not to do, can’t you see that?

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    • The truth is, not all news sources are equal in journalistic integrity. We need to carefully evaluate our sources before we rely on them. For me, sources that routinely generate absurd conspiracy theories (examples: Pizzagate, Obama birther issue) are off my list. Theories, whether they are wild or subtle innuendos, are not fact reporting. Let’s first know what actually happened. Then, we may interpret the significance of such facts from a variety of angles, debating well into the night on which school of thought (bias) carries the most weight.

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