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I had a post written for this morning.  I am postponing it, for I am still debating on it.  But … that left me with … nothing for this morning.  So, I had in my archives a piece by Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin from last week, titled “Americans as a whole haven’t lost their minds, but the GOP has”. I think it is well worth reading in its entirety, so I decided to share it with you this morning.

Jennifer RubinThere is only abysmal news for President Trump and Republicans in the latest Quinnipiac poll. Voters say Trump is not “fit to serve as president,” by a 56 to 42 percent margin. Voters disapprove (57 to 36 percent) of his performance (so 6 percent think he is fit, just not doing a good job). It gets worse:

Voters disapprove 57 – 36 percent of the job he is doing as president. . . . American voters disapprove 62 – 32 percent of the way President Trump is handling race relations. Disapproval is 55 – 39 percent among white voters, 95 – 3 percent among black voters and 66 – 28 percent among Hispanic voters. President Trump is doing more to divide the country than to unite the country, American voters say 60 – 35 percent.

The anti-Twitter sentiment remains high as voters say 69 – 26 percent that Trump should stop tweeting. No party, gender, education, age or racial group wants to follow the Tweeter-in- Chief. Voters say 51 – 27 percent they are embarrassed to have Trump as president.

More than 55 percent of voters say he is not honest and lacks leadership skills. Some 61 percent say they do not share his values, and 67 percent say he is not level-headed. Less than 40 percent think he is doing a good job on foreign policy, immigration, the environment or health care. A plurality narrowly approves of this handling of the economy and of terrorism.

There is no good news here for Republicans in Congress either. “American voters disapprove 78 – 15 percent of the job Republicans in Congress are doing, worse than their 70 – 25 percent disapproval in a June 29 Quinnipiac University poll. . . . Voters say 47 – 38 percent, including 44 – 32 percent among independent voters, that they would like to see Democrats win control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2018 Congressional elections.”

Americans it turns out:

  • Are not bamboozled by his NFL and flag histrionics;
  • Do not think it’s all the media’s fault;
  • Know he is not making America great (stressed and anxious maybe, but not great);
  • Have figured out he’s botching most policy matters — and is a bad person to boot; and
  • Don’t buy into his race-baiting act.

Americans are neither brain-dead nor moral vagrants. In voting for him many probably hated Hillary Clinton more, engaged in wishful thinking about Trump and/or figured incorrectly a rich guy and his friends must know how to do things. But they do not like him now, and that speaks very well of the American people.

The bad news is Republicans overwhelmingly like him, his policies, his distractions, his character, his racial appeals, etc. Among Republicans 79 percent approve of his performance, 79 percent think he is honest (!), 85 percent think he cares about ordinary Americans, 62 percent think he is level-headed (!!) and perhaps worst of all, 78 percent think he shares their values.

Now, it’s possible that having voted for him these Republicans don’t want to admit he is, as LeBron James eloquently put it, a bum. But it’s also possible that a declining share of voters identify as Republicans but that those who do, by and large, live in a Fox News-created political universe in which Trump is just the best. They refuse to see Trump as a bigot or an incompetent narcissist. They believe what he tells them about immigrants, the world and the “liberal elites.”

The question that many #NeverTrump Republicans or now former Republicans face is whether that GOP base has become so divorced from their own world view that they cannot consider themselves Republicans any longer. To be a Republican these days is to be at the very least an apologist for Trump and at the worst a cultist. Maybe these Trump fans were always there in the party, but now they are the dominant voice. That leaves a two-way struggle between stringent conservatives (e.g., Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz) and Trump/Bannonites. Many disaffected Republicans have no Republicans to root for anymore other than a handful of members of Congress and a small batch of governors. They may like the idea of the GOP, but they cannot abide by the actual GOP of 2017.

It doesn’t seem possible that logic or experience will change the minds of the 75 percent to 80 percent of the GOP who remain in Trump’s quarter. (Some hope that Trump is like a high fever that will pass, leaving the patient back to being his old self; I think that’s unlikely, but it’d be nice if the fever theory turns out to be correct.) You can change a president or a presidential candidate but can you change a party’s composition? I find that hard to believe. Trump’s beliefs and views are their beliefs and views.

That leaves distressed Republicans and ex-Republicans with three options — recruit new non-Trumpkins to the GOP (but which Americans would want to join?!) to out-vote Trump’s base; start a new center-right party (with an invitation out to moderate Democrats); or set up shop across the aisle as the new Blue Dog Democrats. Much depends on the direction the Democrats take (will it be the party of Sen. Bernie Sanders or the party of Truman/JFK/Bill Clinton — policy-wise, that is).

In short, the GOP that was, is no longer, and we really have no idea what if anything will take its place.


23 thoughts on “The Latest Polls …

  1. Dear Jill,
    That is the question. If the democratic party leaders wants to win over centrist republicans who no longer feel welcome in the GOP, they will have to not be like current GOP which requires a single-mindedness that is eerie. Especially in red states they need to allow for diverging view points.

    For example, Doug Jones in Alabama cannot sound like Senator Chuck Schumer. With Judge Moore as his opposition, he is in a position to win centrist republicans and independents. Let’s see if the Democratic Party does with his bid for the US Senate.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Jill, cognitive dissonance is a powerful force. It is aided and abetted by voters who refuse to consider mainstream media claiming a bias born and nurtured by Fox News and their more extreme surrogates.

    It disturbs me that 79% of Republicans think this man is truthful, which is the polar opposite of Politifacts which says he lies 69% of the time and that is giving him credit for partial truths. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for him, said he lies everyday, even about things of no consequence. This is a huge disconnect with reality. Keith

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    • PS – I have to add one more comment. His lowest rating from Republicans was his being level headed, with 62% of GOP voters saying that. I guess I should take it as a positive that 38% of Republicans think he is NOT level headed. Like with the his inability to consistently tell the truth, his lack of level headedness are blatantly obvious. Keith

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    • That disturbs me also. And even the ones who KNOW he is lying most of the time, seem to not be bothered by the lies. So, does that mean that honesty is no longer considered to be of value? I saw something earlier today that somebody was asked in an interview if they considered his behaviour to be ‘presidential’, to which they replied, “he’s the president, so whatever he does is presidential”. Really???


  3. She paints a very bleak picture of the GOP in that 80% hold their approval of Trump despite what they see him do or hear him say. His policies are their policies. That tells me there are still a lot of bigots in the U.S.Now they’re out in the open it’s going to be hard to deny them in the future.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Indeed, there are far too many bigots in the U.S. And they have been given a platform. Yes, it will indeed be difficult to put the hatred and bigotry back in the box when the master manipulator is finally gone, which is why I keep saying that the damage he has done, is doing, will take decades to repair, and even then, I believe the nation will never be quite the same. Sigh.

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  4. The problem, as I see it, lies in the sentiment behind named political parties. This is a world wide phenomenon and not restricted to Trump mania, Demonstrable Clintonism, or any other name you care to give it.
    Far right politics is capitalistic Totalitarianism (let’s grow this economy until it bursts) and seeks to eliminate the unproductive person by whatever means it can get away with.
    Far left politics is social Communism. It seeks to eliminate the rich, the educated and the powerful elitists and all the culture that goes with it to bring everyone onto the same level. It has a low goal post for everyone…no one must succeed more than any other and no one must be free thinking. Everyone must work… There is no room for slackers or the sick or the disabled.

    Liberalism and socialism fall between the two with various moderation to extreme thinking that gives a bit more thought to the rights of people, and of course there are subshoots of all, often with cloaks of appearing to be something different.

    Extremes of thought will always fail in society. Everyone wants to succeed and everyone wants to be equal but we need to take lessons from nature itself…neither are possible within the laws of the animal or plant kingdoms.

    If we think that we are above the laws of nature itself, we are the fool. Republican or Democrat, we are all full of the same goals and aspirations to succeed…how far we want to take that goal is usually beset with problems. As humans, we have grown beyond the reasonable ‘herd’ size present in the animal kingdom. We have grown even beyond the huge herds that roamed the earth before humans arrived.

    We need to take a close look at ourselves as a species, far beyond the politics for the problems we face are in our dominating nature.

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    • Far left politics is social communism? You’ve got to be kidding! Far left politics is responsible anarchy! Yeah, you’ve probably never heard of it, because few people can imagine a world with no governments. I cry for it every day of my life. Take responsibility for your own life. You know what you need to do to be a good human being–no! A good living being. Become that person. Every person/living being on this Earth is capable of doing it.
      The problem is, NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for what they say and do. It’s easier to let someone else take the blame for whatever goes wrong. If the bombs fly, it not OUR fault. No, it’s those demented fools Trump and Kim. Sorry, it’s not just them, it’s everyone who is allowing them to play in the sandbox called the Earth. WE, all of us, are responsible. That is the far left. That is he ONLY WAY to live responsibly.

      People talk about divisive politics. It isn’t politics that divide, it’s ANYTHING and EVERYTHING THAT divides. Religion, race, nationality, politics, hatred, gender, sexual orientation, you know the rest. It’s time to end all divisiveness. Become responsible for yourself. You’ll be surprised how much responsibility that entails. And it needs to be done. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” No truer words were ever spoken.

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      • Guess I should have read the WHOLE comment before I reacted. We are at the very least walking in the same direction, collettebytes, though from far distant starting points. Please forgive my farther-left-than-most-can-see reactionary words. I take off my hat to you. I just hope you can step outside the box of anthropomorphism. You are more than human, YOU ARE ALIVE.

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      • Rawgod, you are misinformed. Responsible Anarchy is a lack of central government altogether and instead community driven, local self governence. (perhaps an idealistic commune is what you are thinking?). Far left communism is something not very palatable for the masses. Try living in North Korea or China, and see how far you get with your thoughts!

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        • Well, Colette, I couldn’t live in China or North Korea, I would have been shot to death years ago. That’s why I’m lucky to live in Canada. Canada isn’t the best nation in the world, far from it. But it’s better than any other nation this body could have been born in, including the USA. Here I do not owe allegiance to anything or anyone, except to myself, and to life itself. The microcosm of me, the MACROCOSM OF LIFE. Nothing else exists for me, not in the way of ANYTHING THAT DIVIDES. There is no such thing as a good dividing line. If I believed in evil any such line would be an evil. But I do not believe in evil, just a lot of people who were not brought up to be responsible for themselves. Oh, is that most of the population of this Earth? Then sobeit. I’m a visionary philosopher, and I hope I am carnated when Responsible Anarchy comes to exist. Because it will. Otherwise we are an evolutionary dead end, as stupid as the DoDo birds. (Not that they were stupid, people were the stupid ones, too stupid to recognize the most peaceful and trusting species ever to exist on Earth. They lasted for millions of years, not having an enemy in their world. Until they met humans. Good old humans. Destroy first, regret later, if ever. Yeah, the most aggressive warlike species ever to exist. We kill for ideas, not just for food. No idea is worth killing over. Not even mine. But if someone feels I am a threat to them I’m sure they will kill me too, without regret. Who am I to stop them. A pacifist, modelling myself after the DoDo birds. Trust everyone, distrust no one. You’ll probably want to know, don’t I distrust Trump and Kim. You can’t distrust the insane, you can only pity them. They’re neurotic sociopaths. And we made them that way. And then handed them the keys to TOTAL DESTRUCTION. WE did that.


      • “Responsible anarchy”, Rawgod? You are kidding, right? No, no … never mind … I am sure, based on other conversations we have had, that you are dead serious. But, human nature being what it is, there can never be such a thing as responsible anarchy. Frankly, mankind would wipe himself off the planet in a very short time, probably a matter of months.


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