Yet Again — Tears of Shame

Every time I think Trump must have done or said the worst thing he could possibly do or say, he proves me wrong.  I had hoped that he would not choose to visit Puerto Rico, was glad when he said he was cancelling his trip after the Las Vegas tragedy.  But then he changed his mind yet again and … he went to Puerto Rico and, just as we all knew he would, made an ass of himself.

For Trump, it seemed as if it were a game of one-upmanship …

“Every death is a horror, but if you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you at the tremendous — hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here, with really a storm that was just totally overpowering, nobody’s ever seen anything like this. What is your death count as of this moment? 17? 16 people certified, 16 people versus in the thousands.”

And then this …

“I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”

And then, Trump being Trump, he just had to use this as an opportunity to toot his own horn …

“I think it’s now acknowledged what a great job we’ve done, and people are looking at that. And in Texas and in Florida, we get an A-plus. And I’ll tell you what, I think we’ve done just as good in Puerto Rico, and it’s actually a much tougher situation. But now the roads are cleared, communications is starting to come back. We need their truck drivers to start driving trucks.”

He has even talked about how Puerto Rico might be made to repay the cost of its recovery. This, after his eight-day delay in sending aid to Puerto Rico, the woefully inadequate amount of aid sent, and his days of criticizing San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, calling her a poor leader in a series of … what else … tweets …

“The Mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump.”

“Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help. They….”

“…want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 Federal workers now on Island doing a fantastic job.”

I ask you … who is the ‘poor leader’ here?

Once again, Donald Trump has shamed our nation.  His words and actions are not ones that I share, nor are they ones that represent the majority of people in this nation.  Apparently Trump believes that bullying, being nasty and browbeating people is the way that leaders act.  It is NOT.  The sad reality is that, though his actions are not representative of the majority of us, he does, in the grand scheme of things, represent us.  People in nations all over the globe look at what this ‘man’ says and this is the image they have of us, of We The People, of you and me.

Once upon a time, as recently as a year ago, the United States was respected by many nations around the globe.  We are no longer.  One person, in just a short eight months, has destroyed that image.  His overall mishandling of the disaster in Puerto Rico by itself would convince most responsible adults that he is highly unqualified for the position he holds.  Can any single person tell me that they are proud of the manner in which he has comported himself during the two weeks since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.  Once again, we hang our collective heads in shame.

40 thoughts on “Yet Again — Tears of Shame

  1. I told my co workers and family this as soon as he came out as a candidate. I didn’t know to what extent how bad he would be but I called it. The sad thing is I don’t believe he cares about his base anymore than a vote.

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    • I did the same. I’ve been cautioning and warning about him for more than two years now. And no, he cares not for anyone but himself, and merely uses others to further his own goals. He also cares not one bit for this nation, and left to his own devices, is likely to destroy the things that were good about the U.S. But still, his followers love him, and this is what I cannot understand.


  2. Dear Jill,
    The president simply can’t help himself. If I were in his shoes, I’d be working day and night to get things going where peoples can see and feel the difference in how things are being managed.If you don’t kiss his behind, you will end up paying a price. He is not able to understand that peoples are suffering and thus, they are likely to complain.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • He sees only himself, I think. The world is here to serve him, and he will plow through any who stand in the way of what he wants. He is on such a power trip … I eagerly await the day when his ticket gets canceled. Hugs!!!

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    • Many thanks for this re-blog, Don!!! I am curious as to what John Kelly’s reaction was … for a time, it seemed that he was having some positive influence, but Trump just went on a tangent all his own where Puerto Rico is concerned, even before his trip there, with his ridiculous tweets. I DO wish somebody would hide his phone from him!!! Thanks again, my friend!

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  3. Jill, as I mentioned in response to your comment, I was unsurprised by his inappropriate comments, as well. Why would he say these things? He insulted people who are suffering, almost as if they needed to genuflect in front of him.

    The other thing that disturbed me was his tossing paper towels. It reminded of a King tossing food to the poor. The regal analogies seem apropos.

    The other comment I would add, if he said those things in Texas or Florida, he would have been vilified. Keith

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  4. Well, Jill, it may not make you feel any better, but we too must hang our heads in shame at our foreign secretary, that dangerous clown, Boris Johnson. Here’s his latest gaffe as quoted in the Guardian:
    “There’s a group of UK business people, wonderful guys who want to invest in Sirte, on the coast, near where Gaddafi was actually captured and executed as some of you may have seen. And they literally have a brilliant vision to turn Sirte, with the help of the municipality of Sirte, to turn it into the next Dubai.The only thing they’ve got to do is clear the dead bodies away and then they’ll be there.”
    This is the man responsible at cabinet level for our foreign affairs… I don’t really understand why he has not been sacked, I just know there must be a very compelling reason as he is a serious embarrassment – and worse – to us.
    And always bear in mind that we outside the US feel great sympathy for you who have to live with this nightmare . hugs and more hugs, Mx

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    • OH MY!!! Did Boris take lessons from Donnie??? That is … abominable? Words fail me, and I, of all people, should be used to such rhetoric by now. No, I guess the U.S. hasn’t completely cornered the market on idiocy. 😥

      I know you all do, and I greatly appreciate that you are there to listen and sometimes empathize. Many hugs back to you, my dearest friend! ❤

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  5. Jill, you have no need to hang your head in shame. Nor should anyone who conscientiously objects to the poor rhetoric from this uneducated, biased biggot. What he espouses is shocking, but he is not convincing any kind of majority that he has a soul inside his body…quite the reverse. It is obvious to everyone, both inside and outside the US, that Trumpest acts only on the gain of political spin of every situation. The poor, the broken, the needy and the dependent will not get any help from this dictator. He is interested only in money, power and elitism. He sees everyone else as pawns in his diabolical chess strategy. Eventually, those ‘ignorant’ people who voted for him without realising what they have done, will come to recognise that Trumpest cares about them no more than any other plebiscite in his entourage of followers. He is a king with no clothes… Eventually someone influential will be brave enough to expose him as the great imposter.

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    • Thank you, my friend. Your assessment of Trump is, of course, spot on. However I am not so sure anymore that his followers will ever awaken to the fact that he has used them as pawns in this high-stakes game. I feel as if I want to go to Puerto Rico and beg forgiveness of the people for the abomination that is Trump … for the horrid way in which he represented our country. He pushed for isolationism, and it looks as if he will get that wish soon, for none of the other kids on the playground are going to want to play with us if this keeps up. It is so discouraging, as Congress continues to lick his boots and refuses to do what needs to be done. Sigh.

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    • Thank you, dear David! No, some of us are die-hards and it will take more than Trump to shut us up. But it is debatable whether we are actually making a difference.

      The one thing I note, especially in light of his irrational response to Puerto Rico and to the NFL protests, is that he seems to be becoming even more “off the wall” than he was before, if that is possible. I find myself hoping he just melts down into a puddle of vinegar someday. Sigh.

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  6. Well, at least YOU did not vote for him, so you do not need to hang your head in shame … But I can understand that you throw up your hands in desperation! Again and again it amazes me how somebody can manage to find words that are completely inappropriate and devoid of any instinct (human, political, diplomatical, name it!). Sigh.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ONCE UPON A TIME … I was brainwashed into thinking the US was the greatest nation in the world!
    I’m a Puerto Rican … my heart and soul have been aching for a while, then Hurricane Maria hits my country!
    And the US has this ‘subhuman’ as a president …
    ‘Once upon a time, as recently as a year ago, the United States was respected by many nations around the globe. We are no longer. One person, in just a short eight months, has destroyed that image. His overall mishandling of the disaster in Puerto Rico by itself would convince most responsible adults that he is highly unqualified for the position he holds.’
    Any sane person would be ashamed of the once mighty, imperialistic U.S. of A.!!

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  8. I had an interesting conversation with an Australian the other day who is a stranger to me. He works for a firm I have hired to prepare my Curriculum Vitae, not sure how we got onto the subject but he happened to mention Trump. He did not have a lot to say but what stuck in my mind was his comment. “You know the whole world is laughing at America right now” … I just had to shake my head 😦

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