Good People Doing Good Things — Delayed!

This week’s Good People post has been delayed due to circumstances completely within my control.  I take this feature quite seriously, for we all need to see the ‘other side’ of the human equation, the one that we rarely see in the media these days.  However, sometimes a combination of angst and exhaustion prevent me from being able to focus. It also does not help that twice now, one or the other of the kitties has taken control of my keyboard and typed in some alien/feline language. The Good People post will appear either later today, or Thursday morning at the latest.  I apologize and ask your forgiveness.  Meanwhile … here’s a cartoon or two to make you smile.



11 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Delayed!

  1. Quite understandable Jill. I guess the events in Las Vegas are sitting like a shroud over all Americans right now. I think it is less of a ‘writer’s block’ and more of a ‘stunned silence,’ that has hit you. It is difficult to focus on the good (and there is lots of it under the radar) when constant turmoil is hitting the news daily. Step back, breathe and fold towels dear. We all need to hang on to the sanity of ‘living.’ 😊💑❤

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    • thanks, Colette! Yes, the Las Vegas tragedy, the whole gun-addiction/fever that seems to be a part of this nation, and then Trump’s abominable behaviour in Puerto Rico … some days one just wants to stay in bed and read Winnie The Pooh all day, y’know? But, I pick myself up, dust off the knees, and get back on my fightin’ steed! 😉 And yes, I did fold some towels and that always helps … so nice and neat, with no controversy … the result is always predictable. 😀

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    • I can actually relate to the Peanuts one too … after two hours … TWO HOURS of perusing info about my ‘good person’, I had written exactly one sentence: “His name is Jake Wood.” That was IT. No second sentence would come, though I had 15 tabs open about this guy, this Jake Wood. That was when I realized it just wasn’t going to happen and I shut it down, shed a few tears, and moved on.

      As for cats and keyboards … our Boo (full name, Booker T. Washington) is a scholar in his own right, and one day last week typed an entire missive of some 5,000 words, using nearly every key on the keyboard! And another, Orange, keeps trying to send messages to space aliens, I do believe! Still another, Miss Tiger Lily, knows how to pull up my postie-note program and delete some of my very important notes! Sigh. The Significant Seven … gotta love ’em.

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