When Is The Right Time To Discuss Gun Control? The Answer Is Anytime You Can

The NRA and its ‘bought-and-paid-for’ politicians, including leaders of both chambers of Congress, as well as the ‘man’ in the White House, have been busily telling us that it is a sacrilege, that it is profane, for us to discuss the need for stronger gun legislation at this time. They are dead wrong. Two blogger-friends have expounded on the need to have this discussion NOW, and I am re-blogging both, for they are both excellent pieces. Please, whether you agree or disagree that we have a gun-addiction problem in this country, take the time to read and ponder Keith and Gronda’s words, both of whom I agree with wholeheartedly. Thank you, Keith and Gronda, for your work, and permission to share.

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of bump stocks that turn guns into machine guns

We have already heard ad nauseam the republicans’ talking point, that right now, so soon after the 10/1/17 Las Vegas Mass shooting tragedy, it is too soon to be discussing issues pertaining to gun control.

“We the people” who are part of the resistance, beg to disagree. We are certain that all those who are grieving because of loved ones suffering harm, would want us who are supportive of sensible gun control measures, tackling this issue head-on with no delay. They would want to save others from experiencing their pain.

Image result for photos of bump stocks that turn guns into machine guns

For example, I see no reason for “bump-stock” devices being an item that is legal to sell, especially when its sole purpose is to turn a rifle into a machine guns. Machine guns have been  illegal to purchase, if made after May 1986.

In Nevada, it is legal for a resident to own a machine gun. Under federal law…

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15 thoughts on “When Is The Right Time To Discuss Gun Control? The Answer Is Anytime You Can

  1. Guns don’t kill people, but they are a good tool for killing a lot of people at a time. I don’t fear guns, I fear people. Guns are a tool, but we don’t need fully automatic weapons to protect ourselves. Hunters don’t need fully automatic weapons to kill animals. These weapons are not necessarily in our society.

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    • You are correct that guns are merely a tool. However, they are a highly lethal tool that has no place in the hands of the average person. Think of other tools. Automobiles, for one … they are a useful tool, but one must be well trained and prove competency, for the auto can also become a lethal weapon. Medications that are useful for treating life-threatening diseases are regulated, for in the wrong hands they can become lethal weapons. This nation has an addiction to guns … a blind, unreasonable obsession. It is time to end it, but will we? Doubtful.

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  2. Like you Jill, I would never want to own a gun. My husband had three pellet guns (they are legal in Britain because they are not likely to kill anyone, just give a painful wound). I convinced him that he didn’t need them for anything and he reluctantly sold them. We housesit a lot, and mostly in Spain, but even across the world it always shocks me when I learn of the presence of a gun (or two or three) in a house. Why do people feel so much fear that they feel a need for such a defence mechanism?😓

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  3. Well, you know my opinion on guns … But I am afraid nothing will happen … That is at least what all the newspaper here agree on … they all shake their virtual heads and agree that the US won’t learn its lesson. – Please, prove us wrong!!!

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    • I hope we can, my friend … I really hope we can. But I am not holding my breath. Did you see Jad’s comment? Obviously, Australians and Europeans have better sense than we on this side of the pond. I wonder if there is something in the air … or perhaps the water … that have given us permanent brain damage?


  4. In 1996 Australia suffered it’s worse ever mass shooting, in all honesty it is the only mass shooting I personally ever heard of in Australia. There were possibly more but not of any major significance. Australians only needed one lesson, 35 people dead at the hands of a mad gunman was all it took for the entire country to participate in gun reform. Sure there were some naysayers and some resistance but at the end of the day common sense took over and Australia has not had another mass shooting since.
    I feel sad when I hear people in America try to justify why they have the right to arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction. I am not ashamed to say it scares the absolute shit out of me that the people who are arguing to keep their semi automatic rifles and other such arsenal use arguments that in my opinion lack intelligent thought…I am trying so hard not to be derogatory here because it is not my nature but at the end of the day it is people with this lack of intelligent thought that are walking around with an arsenal on their back!!

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    • The Port Arthur Massacre. Yes, Australians reacted with the common sense approach of “how do we make sure this never happens here again?”, while Americans react with “who can we blame?” We are a nation addicted to guns, and it seems the majority would rather live in a society where more than 30,000 people are killed annually by guns, and more than twice that number are injured by guns, many of them children, than to give up their “right”. Personally, I will never own nor even touch a gun, but I realize I am outnumbered. I don’t blame you for going back to Australia. I am not very proud of this nation at the moment. Hugs, my friend!

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  5. Another good post full of good advice. The People must engage their senators in a discussion about gun control and they must remind them that they, the people voted them in as their representatives. Whatever money the NRA gave towards their campaign is irrelevant without the votes and they can fade away. The only people to be hurt by gun control are the gun manufacturers and they don’t matter.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Quite so, and I plan to resume the letter writing to members of Congress tomorrow. But one other factor here is that while 80% of the nation are in favour of background checks, and not allowing convicted felons to purchase guns, the majority in this country will balk at any other gun regulations, such as a ban on assault-type weapons, requisite safety training/testing, etc. The excuse is that they need their guns for self-defense, but it wears thin when one claims they need a machine gun in case a burglar breaks in some night. My personal self-defense weapon is a rolling pin. Or a spoon which, if aimed just right can leave a heck of a dent in a person’s head … 😉
      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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