♫ Rainy Days and Jolly Mondays ♫

♫ Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old ,,, ♪ Sometimes I’d like to quit ♫ Nothin’ ever seems to fit ♪ Hangin’ around ♫ Nothin’ to do but frown ♪ Rainy days and Mond … ays … always …

OH!!! ,,, Hi!  heh heh … 😳 You’re early!  ⏲️  Oh … no, you’re right on time!  I must be running late!  I blame it on Keith, for he planted this song in my head, see, and ….

Okay, let’s start over here.  Welcome, once again, my dear friends to Jolly Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful autumn weekend.  Perhaps not so much if you live in Mississippi, but at least Nate was much weaker than the previous three, and my friend Benjamin, who lives on the gulf coast of Mississippi sent me a video and said they were safe and it moved through rather quickly.  So, much to be happy about.  I got up early this morning … actually, stayed up late last night … and baked a few treats, so pull up a chair and let us see if we can find a few things to laugh about this morning, shall we?

I’m not a fan of bright coloured cars.  I suppose I once was, but they stand out like sore thumbs, and are basically cop-magnets, so I prefer black, dark green, grey or dark blue.  Remember what happened earlier this summer when I rented a red car for my trip to Pennsylvania?  I swear it was the red car that jinxed me!  In Germany, one Markus Zahn learned a very expensive lesson about having an orange car!  His $265,000 sports car, a bright orange McLaren 650S Spider, was mistaken by a hungry donkey, for a carrot!  I kid you not!  Vistus the donkey caused about $6,800 in damage by biting the back of the car.

Hungry-donkey-mistakes-orange-McLaren-for-giant-carrotZahn took it pretty well, all things considered ..

“I looked into the rear-view mirror and suddenly saw a pair of fluffy ears. And then I heard a strange sound. The sound came from a donkey, who was gnawing at my fender. The donkey probably thought the car was a carrot on wheels. I’m not mad at him.”

pumpkinsLast week in Baltimore, Maryland, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School was evacuated.  No, not a bomb threat, not a fire nor a broken water main.  The culprit this time?  A pumpkin-spice air freshener.  Yes, seriously.  During the afternoon, students began noticing an odd odor coming from the third floor.  Taking no chances, school officials evacuated the school and called the fire department’s Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) team.  After extensive testing, the fire department identified the source of the offending smell as a pumpkin spice air freshener.

pumpkin spice

Okay, I get that they were a bit overly cautious, but better safe than sorry.  But five people, 2 students and 3 adults, were actually taken to the hospital as a precaution. Now isn’t that overkill?

Sometimes when I clean my pantry out, I find a can or two of soup that has surpassed its “best used by” date.  If it is only a month or two, no worries, we will eat it.  If, however, it is six months or beyond, I may pitch it.  But … well … a foodbank, Cardiff Food Bank in Wales, received an expired can of soup …

old-soupAs one twitterer said, this soup belongs in a museum, not a foodbank!  This particular can of soup was 46 years beyond its expiry date, and that variety was discontinued 35 years ago!  In the same donation were other expired cans, including one of Green Giant corn from the 1980s.  The foodbank’s fundraising manager, Helen Bull, said that the cans were donated as part of the harvest festival and the foodbank was unsure who dropped them off.

If this was a prank, then obviously it isn’t funny.  But I have another theory.  I wonder if some elderly person died, and as their family was emptying their house, they came across these food items and just, unthinkingly, tossed them into the basket for charity.  You know what packrats we elderly can be … ahem.

fortune-cookieDo you usually read your fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant?  Mine always say the same thing: “Thank you for visiting P.F. Chang’s” Anyway, if you just give it a cursory glance and then toss it aside, as most people do, you might want to think twice next time.

92-year-old Charles “Chuck” Svatos received a fortune cookie as part of his meal at a casino in early September.  The fortune read:  “You will discover an unexpected treasure.” Pretty standard fortune-cookie fortune, right?  But Chuck put the fortune in his wallet anyway.  Imagine his surprise on September 25th when he discovered he had won $390,000 in the Lucky for Life drawing!

lottery-winSvatos was offered a cash payout of $390,000 or $25,000 a year for life.  At age 92, I believe he was wise to take the $390,000, which is what he did.  He says he plans to use the money to travel!  I hope you enjoy the heck out of it, Mr. Svatos!

And speaking of lottery winners …

Hermenegildo Beltran-Meza liked his lottery tickets, but his wife had given him a lecture about wasting money buying lottery tickets.  We can imagine him sitting there, nodding his head and saying, “yes, dear”, while in his mind wondering how he can continue to buy the tickets without wifey finding out.  Well, he found a way to buy two California Black Premium Scratchers for $10 each.  When he got home, he was so afraid of his wife finding out that he went into the bathroom to scratch the tickets!


Well, the first ticket was a bust, but Mr. Beltran-Meza could hardly believe his eyes when he scratched off the second!  ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!


Now my thought was that wifey wasn’t going to see a thin dime of it.  But, Mr. Beltran-Meza is a nice man, a kind and forgiving man, and all he said to her when he showed her the winning ticket was, “You said I’m never going to win and there I won, there’s proof.”  I suspect he gloated for just a moment.  The couple says they will use most of the money to save toward retirement.  Wise choice.

In the market to buy a museum?  There are some really odd ones out there, but there is one for sale to the highest bidder in San Antonio, Texas.  Barney Smith, 96, is offering his Toilet Seat Art Museum, containing more than 1,300 hand-decorated toilet seats, to the highest bidder. All 1,321 toilet seats have been handcrafted by Barney himself.

toilet-seat-artSo how did Barney get his start designing toilet seats?  Well, he was working in the family’s plumbing business way back in the day, when he stopped for some supplies at the local plumbing supply house.  He noticed about 50 toilet seats out back that were going to be hauled off.  “And I said [to the guy] ‘what are you going to do with those toilet seats. I would like to have some of these toilet seats to do some art on.’”


Toilet seat commemorating the Challenger disaster

Barney seems a fun sort, and you really ought to take a minute to check out this article about him.


Trolls on a toilet seat

Some of these toilet seats are … ahem … well, rather oddish.  However, I applaud Mr. Smith’s creativity and his perseverance, and I hope he is able to sell his museum for lots of money and enjoy a long, happy retirement!


And now, dear friends, I must go attend to my never-ending laundry, figure out what to make for dinner tonight, do a bit of cleaning, then settle in to see what’s up in the world today.  I’ve enjoyed our time together and hope you have too!  I hope I’ve given you something to smile about, and that you will go share that smile today.  We’ve all been through some rough times, and everybody can use a smile.  Remember, too, that a smile gets bigger every time you share it!  Keep safe and have a great week ahead!  Love and hugs from Filosofa!


43 thoughts on “♫ Rainy Days and Jolly Mondays ♫

  1. Dear Jill,
    If I win the lottery, I’m buying a red Tessla. But I won’t park it just anywhere. I might even buy a rhinestone toilet seat.
    I wonder if anyone ever opened the can of kidney means. It could have been used as a science project.
    Thanks a million for a great “jolly Monday” blog.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Another cool selection Jill
    A tin of soup with a price marker of 10d; now there should have been a clue. That was the old pre-decimal £ s d (pounds, shillings and pence) marker, went out in 1971, that did, they should have kept it, some museum would have been only to happy to pay good money.
    Who is the wonderfully sardonic old lady with the dark glasses, I have to read more of that strip!

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    • Thank you, Roger! Good to see you … I was beginning to worry, but then I figured you are hard at work on your book and/or book cover 🤸🤸🤸

      Yes, one of the comments on the Twitter about the can of soup was that the currency had changed decades ago. I think they may have planned to give it to a museum, but I didn’t find anything definitive about it and was running short on time … as usual.

      The cartoon is called Maxine, and there are tons of them on the internet. It is Hugh’s favourite, so I usually try to include one on Mondays.

      Have a great week, Roger … and don’t bounce too high on that pogo stick 😉

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      • Your analysis is 100% correct Jill! 😃 The book has had its hooks in me the past week, the final re-write is nearly done and I’m going with a cover of my creation. Here’s hoping Amazon Kindle will not screw with anything! Wow wot a heady ride. (the pogo stick is in for an overhaul 🙃)
        ‘Maxine’…OK I will be looking for those.

        Keep on keeping on Jill.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I am excited about the book! And dying to see the cover. Let me know when it will be available on Amazon, for I want to be first in line!

          The pogo stick is in the shop, eh? I would have thought you had a spare, a backup. Well, guess you’re grounded for a bit, then. 😀

          Keep on writing … and stay happy!

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  3. Stopped doing “Halloween” some years ago. It’s a ridiculous notion … and Kidney soup? Really? Whose kidneys? No wonder no one wanted to eat it for sixty years? Beanz meanz Heinz? has new meaning … Cheers Jamie

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    • Sure, Hallowe’en, as it is ‘celebrated’ with haunted houses, trick or treat, et al, is a ridiculous notion, but still, it is FUN! I love seeing the children all dressed up, pretend to be scared when they ‘roar’ at me. Love seeing the carved pumpkins, and our house (inside) decked out in the glow of orange window lights, candles and lit decorations. I just find it fun … perhaps I am naught but a 66-year-old kid! 😀 Cheers!!! 🎃👻 🎃👻 🎃

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      • I did like the fun stuff of Halloween ( when I lived in Canada)…I dressed as Dracula one year, had an upright coffin to come out of (dry ice steaming away at the bottom) and would wander around grave stones and lighted pumpkins that I had placed on the front lawn.
        But things changed…no baked goods allowed after attempted poisonings and razor blades in apples. Older kids began a tirade of robbing younger trick or treater’s and many came looking for money or ‘good stuff’ that they could sell off to smaller kids. The sentiment changed, and home made outfits turned into commercial oneupmanship. The original meaning of Halloween is long gone.😟

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        • PS…I was a nice funny Dracula…I based my voice on the Dracula in the comedy film ‘Love at First Bite,’ (1979 George Hamilton, and Susan Saint James)… I had parents laughing as I ran after their kids saying ‘ children of the night….come back, you forgot your treat!’ I guess I was a good act, because the kids thought I was real. Had the same reaction one year as a ‘witch.’ Our next door neighbor’s boy didn’t recognise me and ran away to his parents saying “it’s a real Witch at that house!”
          I guess you could say that I enjoyed the fun back then!

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        • Dracula, eh? I can picture it! How very creative … and fun! I would have loved to see the looks on the children’s faces … 😱 Yes, it is too bad that a few have to ruin something fun. Sigh.


      • I find other ways of having fun. Are you aware of the premise, of this day? How it came into being? I see, little fun in demons. They are real enough in our world, without dressing as them. A person cannot deplore evil, then dress as one. That’s a bit like serving two masters? Be ye as a child, to enter the kingdom of heaven? Nothing wrong with being childlike … Cheers Jamie


  4. Hi Jill, just thought I’d show you I can be relevant without attacking the USofA. Well, not directly anyway. In keeping with your opening to this blog, my comment is not about your wonderful Monday morning beginning to the week, but rather a newly-recorded old song by a British musician expatriate now living in California, and replying to young fan who asked what happened to all the old protest songs. Here’s hoping you and all your readers can enjoy a song from the 60s, written by a Canadian, originally recorded by a mixed bag of musicians called Buffalo Springfield. What do you think, is Eric Burdon still relevant today? https://www.ericburdon.com/ Enjoy…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, I have always liked that song, though I haven’t heard it in years, so when I began listening and realized the song, it brought a smile to my face! So, whether you intended or not, you did a good thing, Rawgod! And yes, I definitely think he is still relevant today, especially now. Actually, if you had asked me that question 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, I might have said, “not particularly”. But today? Absolutely! Thanks!


  5. Jill, well at least it is a good song. Earworms with bad songs is not fun – get out of my head. Well, combining morals from all the stories is don’t let a donkey eat your car, fortune cookie or outdated soup. And, if you do win $390,000, don’t by a red car. Hee haw. Keith

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  6. Funny start to the week Jill…
    Ah, the follies of brightly coloured cars! I don’t think the donkey thought it was a carrot though, just an annoying piece of graffiti cluttering up his field. Chomp, chomp, chomp!😋

    As for silly (but these day, necessary) evacuations, and toilet seat art…well, one can certainly say that we live in strange times.

    And Halloween seems to be just a good excuse to rot children’s teeth. Sadly, it is now celebrated, American style, here in the UK…and it comes with all the expensive trappings.

    Speaking of strange things… This morning, I witnessed a young black woman with dyed blond hair, and the longest blue nails I have ever seen, sitting with a very young toddler in a hospital waiting room. This wasn’t unusual except that the child was white and young enough not to have words yet. Nevertheless, I watched in a mixture of horror and amusement as she fed this hapless baby a lollipop and cheetos at the same time, half of which ended on the floor as the packet was handed over to him. When the snacks ran out, he began to scream and throw everything out of the stroller. The woman then handed him her cell phone…which he promptly began pressing the screen for changing images, but soon gave up and tried to eat that as well, screaming when it was removed. The woman looked at me and said, smiling “he wants my phone!” I was too dumbfounded to come up with a response. No wonder kids grow up with little chance of normality! I still don’t know if she was baby sitting or it was the first white baby to a black woman that I had seen.😋

    Have a happy week…don’t let the Kindergarten crowd get you down!😊

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    • Ah yes … I was curious to know how Hallowe’en was celebrated in the UK, so I went a-Googling. One article I found was titled “10 Ways America Has Ruined Halloween For British People”! 🙂 On behalf of the citizens of the U.S. … we’re sorry 😥

      Wow … strange interaction with the woman and her (?) child! I would have been dumbfounded too!

      Have a great week, Colette! I’ll try not to let them get me down, but it is only Monday night and I already have steam coming out my ears, so … sigh.

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  7. I’m with Maxine (surprise!). We used to look forward to seeing the little kids dressed up and were happy to dole out some candy. But not long ago increasing numbers of high-schoolers stopped by in no costumes whatever — just for the “treat” — and when they said “Trick or Treat” you had the idea they meant the former! So we stopped turning our light on and hope no one rings the doorbell. But, fun Monday anyway — even though I have a bit of a problem with the decorated toilet seats!! Have a great week.

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    • Actually, so many people began pretending not to be home, and refusing to answer their door here in da hood, that now no kids even come around … they all go to another part of town. 😥 I am saddened by that, for I always enjoyed seeing them. Now, Maha & Ali’s boys come for candy, and that’s it. Sigh.

      Yes, the toilet seats were a bit strange, weren’t they? 😀

      Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

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  8. 😂😂Nothing ‘toilety’ about this super jolly Monday Post! Especially ‘taken’ with the concluding cartoons. Love them….Pity about prevailing paranoia putting in an appearance through Maryland School! 🤓🤓Still, have a Jolly Week! Hugs!

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