Some 800,000 young people are being held hostage.  They are but pawns in Donald Trump’s game of “Gotcha!”  I refer, of course to the Dreamers, the young people brought into this country, typically by their parents or other close relative, and provided certain legal protections against deportation, in order to get an education and contribute, ultimately to become citizens if they choose.

gotcha-2The bully in the White House has sent a long list of demands that Trump will require in exchange for any hope of a deal to protect the Dreamers.  Since when does the president of this nation make demands upon Congress??? This is the behaviour of an autocrat, not a president.  And to toy with the very lives of 800,000 human beings???  Unconscionable!!!

The most objectionable part of his demands?  The damned wall, of course.  The wall that will cost some $70 billion to build and then will serve NO purpose.  Additionally, he demands the hiring of 10,000 immigration agents, tougher laws for those seeking asylum and denial of federal grants to “sanctuary cities”. He is also demanding the use of the E-Verify program by companies to keep illegal immigrants from getting jobs, an end to people bringing their extended family into the United States, and a hardening of the border against thousands of children fleeing violence in Central America.

It must be obvious at this point, even to his most hard-core supporters, that Donald Trump hates people.  That he is against the human race as a whole, for if his demands were met, it would be a death sentence for far too many. While I agree that we must do everything in our power to protect the Dreamers, that it is unacceptable to send them to countries they likely do not remember, where they know no one and have no life, no home, no connections.  But, the demands of the MITWH cannot be given into.  CAN NOT!

The cornerstone of this nation was immigration.  At some point, almost every one of us have ancestors who immigrated here from elsewhere.  Trump’s own mother came to the U.S. from Scotland in 1929, and his paternal grandfather came from Germany in 1885.  Yet he would almost completely shut our borders to all immigrants!

Mr. Trump needs to read the U.S. Constitution, or if he is incapable, he needs to have somebody read it to him, for nowhere in that document does it give the president the right to demand anything from Congress.  Even the republicans in Congress must surely realize that they cannot bend to his demands. No surprise here, but the chief backers of Trump’s laundry list of demands are none other than white supremacist policy advisor Stephen Miller, and racist Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions.

In a letter to lawmakers, Mr. Trump said his demands would address “dangerous loopholes, outdated laws and easily exploited vulnerabilities” in the immigration system, asserting that they were “reforms that must be included” in any deal to address the Dreamers.

Remember last month, when hard-core republicans were aghast at the news that Trump had met with Senator Charles Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi, both democrats, over issues of immigration and spending?  There were jokes galore about how Trump’s two new best friends were Schumer & Pelosi.  Not anymore!  Schumer and Pelosi issued a joint statement today:

“The administration can’t be serious about compromise or helping the Dreamers if they begin with a list that is anathema to the Dreamers, to the immigrant community and to the vast majority of Americans. We told the President at our meeting that we were open to reasonable border security measures alongside the DREAM Act, but this list goes so far beyond what is reasonable. This proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise.”

When Trump claimed he was willing to work with democrats, to reach across party lines, I did not applaud, for I knew there was something under the surface, but I wasn’t sure what. I do not trust him, never have and never will, so whatever he says, I either assume the opposite, else take it with a grain of salt.  In this case, I am still not sure what his purpose was.  He alienated some from his own party, and gained nothing.  Was the purpose to get us to lower our guard so that when he delivered today’s slap in the face, we would be unprepared and thus that much more horrified?  I have no idea.

I call on every single member of Congress, regardless of party affiliation, to send Mr. Trump’s demands back to him, marked with a big NODemands are not negotiating tools, they are the methods used by dictators, by bullies, by those who wield such power over others that they have the leverage to make demands, knowing that their victims have no recourse.  This is the United States of America, a democratic-republic, where we do not have a dictator, an autocrat.  We have a government that allows a certain amount of power to each of its three branches, but that power is not unlimited.  Would somebody please inform Trump that his last name is neither Duterte, Erdoğan, nor Putin?

31 thoughts on “DEMANDS???????????????

  1. Jill, many of the Republican legislators from the border states do not want a wall. They see a wall as a waste of money which could be better spent on more border security. You may recall Trump’s recorded conversation with the Mexican President imploring him to say he will pay for the wall, even if he won’t because it was making Trump look bad.

    Like any other issue, Trump is more about optics than substance. Businesses are asking the Dreamers remain given their intellectual capital. Businesses also are asking that NAFTA remain, but be improved. Businesses asked that he remain in the Paris Climate Change Accord. He has advocating eliminating our role in all three, which would harm our country.

    Substance requires homework. And, we know how the man hates to study. Keith

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    • I agree fully. The wall has so many downsides and not a single upside. Yes, I remember his conversation and when it was made public, it was obvious that he never intended to build the wall. Yet he is using human lives as pawns to get his damn wall!

      As for his studying (or even just reading anything beyond comic books) … I am incensed over his intention to de-certify the Iran agreement, when he has no background nor education that would help him to even understand it. Sure, he has advisors to explain it to him, but I don’t believe he hears half of what they say, and what he does hear, he immediately thinks of in terms of himself. He does not understand the Iran deal any more than he understands the Paris accords or NAFTA. He cherry picks his information and then makes decisions based on what he chose to hear.

      And still the lemmings follow …

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  2. ah but Herr Trump does indeed see himself as a dictator and I am sure salivates at the very thought that he might in anyway impress Putin. The evil in his core as been there a long time. He is a danger to mankind, to the world. He is the infection that will destroy and we can only pray that Goodness will somehow overcome yet one more time.

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  3. Trump creates the mental image of a desperate bank robber making “demands” that police allow his getaway car safe passage in exchange for live hostages. And I do put emphasis on the word “desperate.” Blocking Dreamers, building a wall, is not going to work out for him.

    With even his should-be political allies (i.e., Corker, WH aides, Tillerson, etc.) verbally expressing Trump’s danger to this country, I imagine (think, believe, hope) there’s serious Washington backroom discussion on how to safely remove this mistake from office.

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    • I certainly share your thought/belief/hope. I think there are a number of backroom discussions going on, but whether they will bear fruit is the question. I think that Mueller’s investigation and its results is our best, last hope. I am quite pleased with Mueller’s and his team’s professionalism and believe he will be sure to have all his ducks lined up before he releases any results. All good things come to those who wait? Let us hope.

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  4. Dear Jill,
    Every time he does something that appears to be legitimate and in the best interests of most Americans, its as if you have to look at the fine print with a magnifying glass. He is so completely untrustworthy that no deal counts unless it is a done deal.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I have known people who lied more often than they told the truth … well, really only one person. But even that person could not hold a candle to Trump. I have to wonder when was the last time he told the truth about anything?

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  5. The huge difference between Trump and Duterte, Erdoğan, Putin? The other leaders act in the best interest of their ppl! Trump could learn a thing or two if he wants to become a successful autocrat!


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