Need I Say More?

There is a difference between strength and bombast.  Bullying, tooting one’s own horn, threats – whether idle or real – are all part of bombast, not real strength.  Genuine strength includes understanding the situation, knowing when to act, when to wait, and when to keep one’s mouth shut.  Real strength in the world of governance requires knowledge, understanding, patience and intelligence. Events in the last 48 hours in the dark world of Trump include threats against one of the three biggest television networks in the nation, a challenge to take and compare IQ tests to the Secretary of State, threats to de-certify a fully functioning global agreement that is contributing to world peace, mocking and taunting a U.S. Senator, threats to pull out of a trade agreement with our closest neighbors/allies, and threats against the NFL.  If there are any who still support him, perhaps they see these moves as strength.  The rest of us see it for what it is:  bombast.

The following is an excerpt from a letter written by a student at State College in Pennsylvania on September 29, 2016, almost two months before Donald Trump was elected:

I urge those of you who are unsure of how you will vote in November to consider what it would mean to have a man who is a bully, and who supports bullies, have the keys to our nuclear weapons. That Donald Trump is a bully is undeniable. He yells at people he does not like, he threatens them, and he calls them names. These are behaviors that we all agree are totally unacceptable in our schools and workplaces. Why should they be acceptable in a Presidential candidate?

Significantly, Trump continues to express admiration and respect for other bullies. And scarily, these bullies are dictators such as Vladimir Putin and the fortunately deceased Saddam Hussein. Again, do we really want a man who admires brutal dictators in charge of our nuclear weapons? Does Trump have no idea of the difference between our American way of life and that espoused by the world’s worst dictators Does he not understand the role America plays as the leader in demonstrating what democracy truly means?

A bully as our Commander-in-Chief. A bully in charge of the world’s greatest military power. Do you really want to vote for that?  Hillary Clinton has demonstrated, in a number of important positions, that she understands the proper use of our power. We can make America stronger by voting for her.

Pamela Monk

The title of her letter? True Strength Is Not Bombast

One astute commenter, a student from Temple University, responded to Ms. Monk with an apt quote from Theodore Roosevelt …

 Theodore Roosevelt: “I neither respect nor admire the huge moneyed men to whom money is the be-all and end-all of existence; to whom the acquisition of untold millions is the supreme goal in life, and who are too often utterly indifferent as to how these millions are obtained.”

Need I say more?

22 thoughts on “Need I Say More?

  1. Jill, the letter is dead on accurate. But, this is not and was not news back then. Trump is acting today as he always acts. Bombastic, egotistical, untruthful, etc. Unfortunately, others were not paying attention. Five biographers and his ghostwriter all have said Trump has a problem with the truth. Keith

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    • And they are still not paying attention … at least many of them. I fear two things in the midterms next year: 1) voter apathy, 2) many voters being disenfranchised as a result of Trump’s “commission on voting integrity”. We need to start finding ways to get people to the polls … I hope the DNC can come up with some exciting candidates.

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      • Jill, I returned the GOP quarterly survey (I get it as I am an Independent) marking it up with comments. I included a statement it is time for GOP leadership to act on behalf of the country and remove the President as he is mentally unfit and a danger to national security. I added that I have disagreed with Reagan, Carter, the Bushes, Clinton and Obama, but I have never felt they were mentally unfit like this man is. I wrote a note to my two senators and suggest others do the same. Far too many of them know this to be true. Keith

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        • Great job, Keith!!! Do you also get a survey from the other side, as an independent? I always leave ‘party affiliation blank’, primarily because I do not wish to be bombarded with phone calls and junk mail. But I may have to reconsider … I can always ignore unwanted calls and toss unwanted junk mail, but I want more opportunity to make my opinions heard. Again … good job, my friend!


          • Jill, I get one from the ACLU, but like the GOP National Party one, it is biased as well. They are both fundraisers, so they are accompanied by a letter that tells you their opinion before asking you to complete a survey. Keith

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            • But of course! I received one via email the other day, and the multiple choice questions did not even have an option that was negative. I tried to answer the first few, but quit when I realized that the poll only allowed for pro-Trump answers. I don’t even recall who sent that one.


  2. There is evidence that the man is “losing it” completely and the Republicans seem to be distancing themselves from the man more and more. He recently said he “hates” everyone in the White House. It could get interesting……

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    • I think ‘interesting’ may be a bit of an understatement, my friend! Yes, I told someone earlier that I see him unraveling, and my concern is that before the unraveling he never acted rationally, so what can we expect once those threads begin to scatter? The republicans in Congress … specifically the House … need to do more than distance themselves (though I AM glad to see that they are doing that) … they need to begin the process of removing Trump before he does something irreparable. It will be interesting, but … frankly I could use just a bit of ‘dull’. 😉


  3. Absolutely to the point, Jill. I still can’t understand why Republicans are letting this man put the future of our planet at risk. Surely there is something they could, collectively, do to stop him? Are they so convinced that the great geographical spread of the USA and its relative isolation from some of the most troubled parts of the world will protect it? To the extent they allow Iran to resume nuclear weapon development? Encourage use of more fossil fuels? This is beyond sighing.

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    • I agree … it is well beyond sighing. And yet, I seem to do an awful lot of sighing these days.

      I could expound at length as to why Congress is not taking steps to stop this madness, but it really, at the end of the day, all boils down to one thing: money. Personal greed. Lobbyists, Political Action Committees, Big Corporations. Those are the ones controlling the puppet strings of the republicans in Congress. Those who support Trump’s agenda are in the minority in this country, yet the minority has a) the most money, and b) the loudest voices. The people of the nation have become mere tools, pawns to be used when necessary and tossed aside the rest of the time.

      My own opinion is that the Trump agenda is to isolate the U.S. from its allies, while at the same time using the “divide and conquer” method to so polarize the nation that he can assume a greater degree of power without much resistance. Not everyone shares my opinion and I could very well be mistaken, but that’s just where my thoughts have led. But then … they also led to a dream last night that Mike Pence paid me a visit and told me to be nicer to Trump “or else”, and then he released a briefcase full of huge black bugs in my house. 😨

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  4. Which is why he is going to ‘go down’.
    If he’s been citing Putin and Sadam, this is interesting because these are men to clawed their way up their own national systems, not by populist means but in an environment were vicious cunning dog ate vicious cunning dog.
    Trump is a product of the commercial and media system, working within the comparatively effete and nebulous world of property development and media circus. He is not a battle hardened man, more a result of a privileged up-bringing living within a privileged niche of society and leeching off the fears and expectation of folk. He is pure creation and has not the skill or the staying power to survive.
    He is the sort of white kid of moderately wealthy folks who has been throwing his weight around his small town school for years, pushes his luck and finds himself in prison with folk of all races and tough backgrounds….within a few weeks……guess the rest.

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    • Agreed. And as he is coming to realize the limitations of his ‘power’, seeing that not everybody drops to their knees to lick his boots, finding that there are rules that he must follow, he seems to be coming ever more unraveled. Now the question is … how does an unraveled Trump behave? Some people would internalize and either commit suicide or be committed to an institution for mental health assistance. However, based on his behaviour before the threads began coming loose, I doubt he will react in such a way, but think he will make worse decisions as time goes on. Obviously there are a few scenarios that I do not even with to speak of aloud. So, the solution, as I see it, is for Congress to get up off their collective patooties and begin the process of impeachment before he does something irreparable.

      I agree with your assessment 100% … the epitome of a spoiled brat. I’m still, nearly a year later, puzzling over how he got where he is. Somebody recently told me it was his ‘charisma’, but … charisma??? Seriously??? I find him a disgusting example of a human being, both inside and out. Sigh.

      I take comfort from what you have told me often … that this, too, shall pass and become but a blip in the greater picture of history. I remind myself of this often. 😉

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