Roger’s Book Launch — CONGRATULATIONS!

Our friend Roger Llewellyn (woebegonebuthopeful) has just published a new book available on Amazon, Of Patchwork Warriors: (Being Vol.1 of the Precipice Dominions).  While I would love to be able to write a review to include in this post, I cannot, for while I have read a few chapters here and there, as Roger posted them on his blog, my own schedule was such that I missed more than I read.  So, here is the introduction from the Amazon page:

Patchwork Warriors

“There came an era when the threat of incursion from the infernal other world realm of the Zerstorung was strong, placing the survival of entire unsettled Oakhostian Empire at risk and thus disparate forces began to marshal, to take up any cause or seize any opportunity.

There in the background The Ethereal, The Stommigheid or The Astatheia just a few names for the force which had arrived upon The World in Ages faded from record. Viewed either as a pernicious creature seeking to control, a power for good, an aspect of Nature to be treated with caution or a means to an end, it remained a constant. With an oft forgotten tendency to engage with the unwilling, the unassuming and the unruly from the ranks of lesser folk whose consequential and various struggles would unsettle many a careful plan.

This is the tale of three such, an innocent housemaid, a dutiful soldier and a self-appointed scourge of evil quite unaware the safety of an Empire would soon be resting on them.

They did not take uniformly or conventionally to the task, for that was the way of things, when involved with The Ethereal, The Stommigheid or The Astatheia.”

Though I cannot review the book as yet, I can tell you from the bits I have read that this tale is fun and the characters whimsical and delightful.  I found one who reminds me much of me … I will not tell you who … you can figure it out as you read the book.

Roger likes to make up words … he sometimes makes up words for me to use in lieu of others in my somewhat … colourful vocabulary.  For this book, he has almost invented a whole new vocabulary, words for which he helpfully provides brief explanations at the beginning.  Some are so much fun that I may take to using them on occasion, for example “Twonk – Elidian term of insult.  Means ‘fool’” (Surely I can think of a few people to call twonks!).  Or one of my very favourites “Kerfluffeg – A Karlyn word for confusion or confused” (I can use that one on myself most often!)

Roger also designed his own cover for this one, and I think he deserves kudos for both a book well-written and a charming cover.  Now, obviously, I wish all my readers would hop straight over to Amazon  and buy this book.  It is only $0.99 USD … c’mon guys, that’s less than a bottle of water!  But if you prefer, at least download the free sample and read that … at which time you will know that you must buy the book!  Or at the very least, pop over to Roger’s blog, heroicallybadwriter,  and congratulate him, for I know that he has worked long and hard on this book.

Congratulations, Roger … beautiful cover, beautiful book, and a job well done!  I will read and review as soon as humanly possible.  And thank you, my friend, for the mention on the dedication page … you brought a huge smile to my face with that!

Now readers … go check out the book!!!

36 thoughts on “Roger’s Book Launch — CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. Ahh, now I get it, my brain has de-fuzzed thanks to early morning tea, it’s on your blog Jill. (like duh!….Man like fudge-head man!) More thanks for your generous help.

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  2. Aww Jill…shucks you’ve done me proud.
    Seriously thanks for the truly lovely and generous review and publicity, I hope it lives up to expectations.
    Now I’m all Kerfluffeged, it’s 23:03 over here, I shall have to settle down to some cartoons of SF on Netflix then off to bed.
    Once again, thanks so very much dear friend.

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    • The pleasure was mine, Roger … you’ve worked hard and deserve recognition. I am certain I will enjoy it … I just need to find a block of time to read it!!! And not, hopefully, at 5:00 a.m., for nothing makes much sense at that hour! Now, give yourself a bit of a break and do something fun and relaxing!

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      • Gee m’am I reckon 5.00 am is jus’ the right time to be readin’ it 😉.
        Can’t break now, chapters of The History of The Isles beckon and Vol II! (Which is a kind of a problem as I have lots of incidents but no cohesive plot…………..Oh well 😄

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        • You always know how to make me 😀 ! No worries on the plot … it will all come together once you settle back down from the euphoria of publishing Patchwork Warriors, get your pogo stick back and go for a nice little hop around town. The your mind bounce will take a break and you will tie all those incidents into a cohesive, fun tale. You always do.

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    • Just thought I’d let you know, in case you didn’t see it … Don Massenzio re-blogged this post … his page gets a lot more traffic from the reading/publishing community than mine, so there’s some more good exposure for your book! 🎈 🎈 🎈

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      • Oh my! 😃Word Press is keeping that secret from me….must check it out.
        Thanks for putting me in touch with Don’s blog as well Jill, as well as his own very useful information he’s spreading some valuable advice and thoughts from a myriad of writers.

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          • Thanks again Jill; all down to you, you gave me the link!
            WordPress is not telling me, so I’ll just amble over to ‘Reader’ and investigate.
            If this book gets into double figures sales, take a bow Jill for helping it get there!

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            • No, I’ll not take a bow, dear Roger, for YOU are the one who did the work. I love your writing and want to see you soar high, as you deserve. I want to see you on that display of “New Best Sellers” at Barnes & Noble some day. And I will stand there, and each time someone picks up a copy, I will tap them on the shoulder and say … “I knew him when …” And when you do your first book-signing here in the U.S., if I am still alive, I shall be there no matter where it is! But in the long run, at the end of the day … I just hope you are happy, for I think we all write for ourselves first, and if there is an audience, that’s wonderful, but if there isn’t … we stay true to our own selves, yes?

              I don’t know that WordPress will tell you, but you can see Don’s comment on this post … just scroll down … or up …

              And now, I am taking my weary self to bed, my friend!

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              • By the time you read this, I hope you had a good sleep Jill.😴 💤😴 💤
                Nope you get to take bows, ’tis is how a good socialist state works, if The State says you have been deemed worthy of bows, you get to take bows, no arguing 😄😄

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                • Suffice it to say that I did sleep, though I am fairly certain you would not approve of the amount, but … it was sleep.
                  Okay … okay … I shall quite arguing, for who am I to argue with the Socialist State, after all? You make me laugh, dear friend! 😀

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                  • I might be thrown out of a socialist party if I belonged for one, for making light of such things. I suspect sections of the Parties insist new members have their Sense of Humour removed, or at least adjusted so they don’t see anything funny about Socialism or Socialists……While truth be known there’s lots to mock…..oooooops!..Laugh at when it comes to the membership 😃 😄

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                    • Oh, I don’t know … I always thought Bernie Sanders had a pretty cool sense of humour. I am leaning in the direction of socialism these days, but I cannot give up what little sense of humour I have! I think that these days none of the political parties on either side of the pond have much of a sense of humour … and perhaps for good reason. I have to dig deep some days to find mine, but you and a few others always help me find it! 🎃

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                    • I have a lot of time for Bernie Sanders who would probably end up being pilloried over here by the ‘thinking left’ as a sell-out.
                      These folk actually better called ‘The Knee Jerk Left’ strut about the place sanctimoniously proclaiming ‘Not In My Name’ every other Tuesday. If The USA sneezes they dutifully dust off their protest banners, but are strangely silent around the Syrian or Russian Embassy. They also refer to ‘Americans’ and inadvertently make crass racist remarks. Oh and let us not forget the little darlings V for Vendetta masks (my ex-friend from the Tea Party liked that film too-says it all)….I wonder if they realise they are honouring a religious fanatic who wished to see a Catholic Britain loyal to the Pope…… probably not.🙄
                      Give me the dogged, dour, realpolitik, slightly authoritarian, realistic leftie any day of the week. 😤Scare the horses on both sides of the debate
                      I’m getting the week off to a cracking start I am!😃 😄


                    • You are indeed starting the week off with a crackle!!! 😀 😀 I love it when you get on your soapbox! The pogo stick must be out of the shop now. 😉

                      Odd, isn’t it, how the further to the right the right goes, the further left the left goes, almost like a tug of war. Radical ideas abound, but where are the sensible, workable, “for the good of the nation and its people” ideas? I think I shall write my own ideology, complete with specifics. And it will begin with universal healthcare. Good to see your ol’ spit ‘n vinegar back!!! :D.

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                    • Extreme ‘fashionable’ Left and ‘Alt’ Right meet around the dirty dingy back where intolerance and lack of anything constructive lurk.
                      You construct your own ideology Jill, it sounds as if you have something sensible bubbling there👏 👋 👍

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                    • Yes, and I suspect if I did come up with a sensible ideology, I would be assassinated soon enough! I shall be sure to send you a copy for safekeeping, in case they burn me AND my ideology at the stake! 🦉

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                    • Write under an assumed name. Print copies and post them all over the place. It’s an old trick from the 15th century onwards in the Age of Tracks and Pamphlets…. you could also add a ‘bawdy ballad’, that always went down well with the populous; they likes a good bawdy ballad…who doesn’t? 😁


                    • Great ideas, Roger! I especially like the notion of the ‘bawdy ballad’ … I shall have to get Colette to write that for me. Not saying that she is bawdy, but she has a skill with rhymes and such that I sorely lack. Excuse me now, while I get started on my ideology extraordinaire! 💻 🖨️ 🔍

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