Why The Fuss?

Much ado has been stirred by the silent protest movement that began with Colin Kaepernick and his decision to ‘take a knee’ rather than stand for the national anthem in a pre-season game last year. Since then, other players have followed suit in this non-violent, silent form of protest … protest against the systemic racism that has become a part of our society, a part of our very government. I have been trying to form the words to write more in depth about this, but our friend Hugh has done such an excellent job expressing the same thoughts I wanted to convey, that I am sharing his post, rather than re-invent the wheel. Please read this one … it is so important. Thank you, Hugh, for your excellent writing and permission to share.


As pretty much everyone knows by now — even our good friend Lisa in far-off Ecuador — growing numbers of NFL players are refusing stand for the national anthem before football games and this has caused a great uproar. The roar was barely heard until the President stuck his oar into the mess and decided to stir it up. Most recently he has threatened to eliminate all tax breaks for the NFL to hurt the owners where they live and force them to insist that their players behave themselves. This has brought about a quantum leap in protest, much of it directed to the President’s insensitive manner of addressing the issue.

In all this confusion the central issue has somehow been lost. The President himself fails to make the distinction, as I mentioned in a previous post, between protesting the flag and protesting racial injustice. The latter is the real…

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3 thoughts on “Why The Fuss?

  1. People don’t like to take a good look at themselves. Most people can honestly say they aren’t to kill out of racism or prejudice, but many less can honestly say they are racism free even when they don’t actively vocalize or consciously act on their inner feelings until someone gives them the right push. This is the first part, the second part is that blind patriotism has wounded the American spirit. Admittedly the founding fathers were slave owners and may not have sided with black men standing in protest. However, in enlightenment bringing human rights to everyone, we can say that the American spirit to be free to be, do and say what you want should never be taken by your government by any means. If your government officials should try to do so they should be removed swiftly, no matter the color of the protestor or the venue of protest.

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    • I fully agree with what you say. I would add, however, that with rights come responsibilities. When protests become violent, when property is damaged and people are injured or killed, then we risk losing those rights for cause. This is why I am so impressed by Colin Kaepernick and all the NFL players who have chosen to ‘take a knee’ rather than stand for the national anthem. They are protesting injustice, using their large voices to make a statement, in an entirely peaceful, non-violent manner. My hat is off to them.

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      • Protests are always peaceful, even when you don’t agree. When the line is crossed is when property is damaged or looted, people are injured or murdered making good people live in fear, that is not protest, that is terrorism.

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