Thoughts on “Value Voters”

Recently I have heard the term “value voters” bandied about.  I did not really think much about it until this past Saturday when Steve Bannon spoke harshly at a “Value Voters Summit”, and then I began to wonder … what, exactly, are value voters?  The short answer I found is …

“One who participates in elections and makes decisions based on issues such as religion, abortion, capital punishment and same-sex marriage.”

In other words, one who places their own personal morals above the good of the nation, the security of the world, and the important issues that should be the business of government. Banning same-sex marriage is, to the value voter, more important than protecting the environment, the air we breathe and the food we eat.  Banning abortion takes precedence over international security.  And prioritizing one religion over another ranks higher than human rights.

And the Values Voter Summit at which Bannon spoke on Saturday is …

“An annual political conference held in Washington, D.C. for American social conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States. The Values Voter Summit is hosted by the Family Research Council. There are numerous conservative organizations sponsoring or otherwise participating in the conference. In the most recent summit, 38 organizations and an audience of 2,000 people participated. The summit is usually held in September or October of each year.”

The all-star cast of previous summits have included right-wing commentators and conspiracy theorists Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter.  All three of these have received Filosofa’s Idiot of the Week award … need I say more?

This year, Steve Bannon, Trump’s friend, ‘former’ chief strategist, and advisor, spoke at the summit and ‘declared war’ against the GOP at the ballot box in next year’s midterm elections.

“This is not my war. This is our war. And y’all didn’t start it. The establishment started it. But I will tell you one thing — you all are going to finish it.”

Bannon’s two main targets were Senators Bob Corker and Mitch McConnell.  Corker, you may remember, spoke out last week, saying that republican lawmakers were privately concerned about Trump’s ability to lead the country, and later tweeting, “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift …”  Bannon said the incumbents in Congress must now “come to a stick [microphone] and condemn Senator Corker.”

Since leaving the White House in August, Bannon has returned to his post as chairman of Breitbart and made it his express mission to purge the Republican Party in the 2018 primary challenges to sitting members of Congress. His efforts are reportedly being backed by conservative hedge-fund mogul Robert Mercer, a real piece of work in his own right.

White supremacist and former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka also spoke at the summit …

“The left has no idea how much more damage we can do to them as private citizens, as people unfettered. 2018 will be the crucial year. This is the year. Steve has declared war on the RINO class as have I and we must tell them we have had enough.”

Not one to pass up an opportunity to be in the spotlight, Trump also spoke at the summit, the first sitting president ever to do so.

“We know that it’s the family and the church — not government officials — who know best how to create strong and loving communities. We don’t worship government, we worship God.” (Somebody shoot me now, please?)

Trump continued to toot his horn and condemn Congress for failing to rubber-stamp his own agenda, but nothing that we haven’t all heard before, so I won’t waste mine or your time repeating it ad nauseam.  What I would focus on, however, is the ideology of the ‘value voters’ who attended this conference.

This was a group, at least some of whom believe that God placed Donald Trump in the White House.  My snarky self simply cannot resist asking the question, do they believe, then, that Vladimir Putin is God? This is a group who place their own religious values far above truth and integrity in government, environmental protection, global security, human rights, justice, international relations, crime prevention, healthcare, the economy, or any of a number of other serious issues facing our nation today.  These are people, evangelical Christians, as they refer to themselves, who believe this nation should have a state religion:  Christianity.  They have no room in their hearts for those who are Muslim, Jewish, atheist or agnostic.  Many have no room in their hearts, even for those who are Hispanic or African-American.  I am not speaking of Christianity as a whole, but this relatively small group of ‘value voters’ who choose to push their religion upon us all, to the detriment and exclusion of all else.

Bannon, Gorka and Trump knew their audience, knew what would sell.  But they also spoke to a much larger audience:  We The People.  This writer found their message ridiculous, but also chilling, for if they have their way in November 2018, a large portion of Congress will be their hand-picked choices from the radical-right.  Soldiers for Bannon’s army in his self-declared “war” on the 64% of us who do not support Trump and his ideology – an ideology that is the opposite of “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.  That is the government that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed “shall not perish from the earth.”  If Trump, Bannon and the value voters have their way, I fear it will perish after all.


28 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Value Voters”

  1. If God was invoked in this way by politicians here, people would be completely turned off – no one uses God in politics. I find it both frightening and hypocrticial beyond beliefe (sorry).
    I presume RINO is Republicans in name only? J
    ill. you are doing a sterling job – do be careful with your health, won’t you? I suppose at least you have your upbeat posts to keep you – marginally – sane 😉 You and Gronda should be awarded medals.

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    • Many thanks, Mary, for saying Gronda and I deserve medals! Some days … today is one of them … I feel as if I have earned a purple heart, for I feel wounded to the core. But, I snap out of it quickly.

      You are quite right … religion and politics do not mix … should not mix, at any rate. For over 200 years, the separation of church and state has served us well, but now all of a sudden, the far right want to inject religion … THEIR religion only … into the governance of a nation. A nation, I might add, comprised of more than 300 million people from all walks of life and of nearly every religion on the planet, and yet we are all to bow to the wishes of the “evangelical Christians”. If I were younger, I would be seriously considering a move north of the border, or perhaps even to your side of the pond, for I am losing confidence that this trend will reverse, that common sense will prevail.

      Thank you for your concern, my dear friend. Yes, the humorous posts help break the pattern, but sometimes switching gears to write those is difficult. Hugs, my friend!


  2. Bless you, Jill, for outing these righteous pretenders. Good luck, Gronda! Fanatacism cloaked in the mantle of religion is terrifying. I think we should send all of these people overseas to fight their ideological soul mates – the Islamic jihadists. Maybe they’ll kill each other off…

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  3. When Trump said, “we don’t worship government, we worship GOD” do you think he was referring to himself? I am so over this idiotic orange menace. I guess I’m in the RINO class. I’m a registered republican that aligns more with John Kasich. Trump has taken the republican party down a dark and musty hallway that scares me.

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    • I had the same thought, Don … that he equates himself with God, saying that “only I can fix this”. Yes, I am sick of him, his minions, his ugly mug and his stupid little hand motions … not to mention those contortions he does with his mouth that make him look constipated. There … glad I got THAT off my chest! 😉

      The thing that I find most worrying today is that Trump’s level of off-the-wall rhetoric seems to be increasing. I suspect that he is rather like a dog chasing his tail, not sure what else to do, for he is failing and for him, that is simply not an option. But I fear what he does when finally backed into a corner from which he sees no escape. Frightening times.

      Hang in, my friend. We’re all in this together and we will keep fighting the fight together.


  4. Dear Jill,
    I hereby proclaim that the value voter candidates will not prevail in 2018. In the next few weeks I will be blogging less because I will be focusing/ working in advance of the 2018 election. Guess who is going to be a precinct captain, and who will be working to raise monies for candidates.
    Guess what? There are lots of folks out there like me who have never previously been politically active but are now getting in the swing of things to make sure folks get out to vote..
    Mr. Bannon will not know what hit him.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  5. Jill, it is alarming that so-called leaders who seemingly are devoid of the values of decency, honesty, duty and kindness spoke at a conference of people who espouse a desire for values in leaders. When I think of Christian values, the names Trump, Bannon, Coulter, Hannity do not come to mind. WWJD? He would not be kind to the hypocrisy of these people. Keith

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  6. I think we are all value voters but some have very different values from others. The particular group you pick believe their values are the best for making America great again. There is a great sense of unease in the world and the tribal mentality is growing in strength ; we see it now in Catalonia. I fear climate is a global problem and we are becoming less global in our outlook . There are those who have great confidence that in the age of scientific enlightenment we have things in hand , I question as to whether we are in control of our destiny any more than we have ever been.

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    • All very good points. As to your last question, it would seem that many, such as the ones I write about, have stopped being bothered with ‘destiny’ and have adopted a “Live for today” motto. I even know some who point blank tell me that they “live in the moment”, the implication from my perspective being “to heck with tomorrow”.


      • Well eat drink and be merry is King Solomon’s advice in the Bible and I expect its often taken up by us all at different times in our lives. The Beatles in Hey Jude say: Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders. Our Nature is such that sometimes we have to let go and give ourselves over to enjoyment sinful as it may be, but that does not release us from concern and care for others ,without which the world would be a free for all.

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  7. Cherry-picked values. Anti-abortion instead of anti-war, even with its much larger, darker consequences. Out-of-proportion fear of terrorism, while denying the overwhelming disaster of climate change. I don’t understand it. Maybe they’re looking for small battles. International diplomacy and collaborative climate action are much more difficult jobs.

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    • I don’t understand it either. The best explanation I have is that they are not deep thinkers, but rather shallow beings who are easily led by the likes of religious ‘leaders’, Trump, et al. Thus, they are more like automatons who believe and spout what they have been told. Sigh.

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