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The survival of our freedoms in this nation relies on good governance. Good governance relies on informed voters. We can only have informed voters if we have educated voters. Friend and fellow-blogger Hugh Curtler has summed it all up nicely for us and I urge you to read this most thought-provoking post. Our current system is in peril from those who believe there is little value in educating all people to think for themselves rather than blindly follow, as lemmings off a cliff. Thank you, Hugh, for this post and for allowing me to share your thoughts.


Back in July of 2012 I wrote this post about the relationship between education and democracy, a relationship I, like many others, consider essential. A part of that discussion is about patriotism, and given today’s sudden interest in the notion, featuring many who have no idea whatever what the word means, I thought it timely to trot out the post and ask readers to consider it once again. I have modified the post a bit to bring it up to date.

Years ago John Dewey wrote a book titled Democracy and Education in which he argued convincingly that a democratic system required an educated citizenry. In fact, Dewey went so far as to insist that the purpose of education is to turn out citizens who are enlightened enough to select their leaders and understand what they are up to. It’s not about jobs or self-esteem; it’s about gaining control…

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