Transcript Of Fallen Military Hero’s Widow Myeshia Johnson’s 10/ 23/17 Interview On TV ABC’s GMA

On October 4th, four Green Berets were attacked and killed in Niger. One of them, Sgt. La David Johnson, left behind a pregnant wife and two children. Sgt. Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson, has many questions about his death, but is being stonewalled and has received no answers. And then, as if she hadn’t enough troubles already, she has been publicly disrespected by none other than Donald Trump. Gronda has written the details of Ms. Johnson’s ordeal, and I would like to share this story. The nation needs to see/hear this. Please take a few minutes to read Gronda’s post and think about what this says of the man some call ‘president’. Many thanks for this post and permission to share, Gronda!

Gronda Morin


The widow, Myeshia Johnson  of the soldier Sgt. La David Johnson who was one of the 4 US fighters fatally injured on October 4, 2017 in Niger, participated in an 10/23/17 ABC TV interview with the host of, Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos.

No sooner had the interview ended, when the republican President Donald Trump tweeted the following:



“In a wide-ranging interview, Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, spoke out on “Good Morning America” about her husband’s death during a mission in Niger

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14 thoughts on “Transcript Of Fallen Military Hero’s Widow Myeshia Johnson’s 10/ 23/17 Interview On TV ABC’s GMA

  1. Dear Jill,
    Thank a million times over for the reblog. Would you believe that 56% of republicans believe the president’s version vs. what the Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson states occurred? Most of the rest of us believe the widow who presented herself as very credible. That the president would discount her truth, just proves that he is NO gentleman.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You are most welcome, my friend! It is unbelievable that 56% believe Trump over the widow, especially since there were other people in the car who verified what she said! Where is the conscience of America??? And I think we already knew he was no gentleman 😉 Hugs!!!

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  2. OK, me in dream-land.
    I am a new advisor to the incumbent. He asks my advice on how he should respond.
    Me: ‘Mr President. You should just shut the ffffff-udge up!’
    Shortest tenure in Trump administration.


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