Cruel and Inhumane?

Rosa Maria Hernandez … you are likely to hear that name a lot in the coming days, for she is, at age ten, one of Donald Trump’s “bad hombres”.

Rosa-MariaRosa Maria came to the U.S. when she was three months old and her family settled in Laredo, Texas.  She had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and her parents brought her to the U.S. seeking treatment for her condition. Rosa Maria has the mental capacity of a child half her age.  Last Tuesday, Rosa Maria was in a great deal of pain and was ultimately diagnosed with a diseased gall bladder that would require emergency surgery.  However, the hospital in Laredo was not equipped to do the surgery on such a young special needs child, and she was sent by ambulance to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christie, Texas.

Along the way, the ambulance had to pass through a Border Patrol checkpoint.  I am unclear why there is such a checkpoint between two U.S. cities, but I will table that query for another day.  At the checkpoint, it was determined that 10-year-old Rosa Maria did not have proper immigration papers and would be detained.  Ultimately, officials allowed the ambulance to proceed in light of Rosa’s life-threatening condition, but they ‘escorted’ the ambulance to the hospital. They followed the ambulance, then stood outside the door while doctors performed the surgery. Even during her recovery period, four agents remained on guard outside her door, and visitors, even doctors, were not allowed to close the door.  The door was closed only once, when the family’s attorney, Leticia Gonzales, demanded attorney-client privilege. Can somebody explain to me why it takes four full-grown adults to guard one small, 10-year-old girl? 

Rosa-Maria-2The next day, Wednesday, doctors cleared Rosa Maria for release from the hospital, and authorities immediately took her into federal custody.  Imagine for a moment the terror this little girl must have felt.  Removed from her family, having just undergone a painful surgery, mentally incapable of understanding what was going on, why she was being taken from her family by a group of strangers to … who knew where?  When she stepped out of her room and saw the sea of unfamiliar faces … federal agents and lawyers … she tried to turn around and go back into the hospital room.

Rosa Maria was taken from the hospital to a children’s shelter in San Antonio, which typically holds children who come across the border alone from Central America — not children who’ve been in the United States for several years. Rosa Maria’s grandfather and cousin, both legal residents, begged to be allowed to take Rosa Maria into their homes, but the requests were denied.

Rosa Maria’s mother, Felipa De La Cruz, has not been allowed to visit her daughter, but was allowed to have a brief video chat on Thursday. “I told her she was only there because she was recovering and when she was recovered that she could come with me.” 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has the discretion to release Rosa Maria at any time, but have chosen not to do so.  What will happen to Rosa Maria next is anybody’s guess, but I contend that this is cruel and inhumane treatment of a child who has committed no crime and is living in terror, not able to understand what is happening to her.

Has this nation become so insecure, so afraid of everyone and everything that we are now willing to stand by and watch small, special needs children taken from their families for absolutely no reason?  Is this what this nation has become … a nation without a heart, without compassion, an inhumane nation?  For if it is, if we do not stand up and speak for the human rights of young Rosa Maria Hernandez, then I contend that this nation is not going to hell … it is already there.

60 thoughts on “Cruel and Inhumane?

    • Yes, I understand that, as I have shed many a tear for the nation we are becoming. But remember, there is always hope that change will come, that people like you and I using our voices can make a difference, and that we can overcome. Hang in, and thank you for reading and sharing my words.

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  1. I’m so glad your bringing awareness to this. I feel as if we get caught up in all the fine print of law and forget about humanity. They should have mercy on this young girl understand her circumstances and at the very least let her be with her mom. Prayers go out to this little girl and her family!

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  2. This is just appalling. It’s Kafkaesque. It’s like something from 1984, or the Gulag Archipelago. Poor little Rosa Maria must feel as though she has truly found Hell on Earth. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement don’t emerge from this with very much credit. No doubt they would say they were just doing their job, and they were just following orders. Ha! I’ve hear that somewhere before. And, now, words fail me on this.
    Jill, I didn’t like this story, but thank you for bringing it to me. I still adore you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Thank you Jack. I didn’t much like the story either, but as soon as it crossed my radar I knew I had to share it. I cried as I wrote it, and felt bereft, drained, afterward, but … this is what I do … this is the reason this blog exists, to shine a light on injustice, even when it is in our own backyard. Thanks for your support, and for adoring me even when I am in a rage and have tears rolling down my cheeks. ❤

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    • Many, many thanks for your support and for sharing this story, John. We should all be horrified by this … and ask ourselves if this is who we really want to become? Somewhere along the road, humanity is being dropped, piece by piece. Thanks again!

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    • Thank you, my friend. These are dark days, and sadly many are still brainwashed and doing as lemmings, believing just as they are told to believe. It is a disease and it is frightening to those of us who still have consciences. Hugs!

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  3. Oh for Pity’s Sake!! (that’s as far as it goes without profanities)
    In the UK the term is ‘Jobsworths’- taken from the excuse ‘Can’t do that. It’s more than my job’s worth’

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    • You amaze me with your restraint, Sir Roger! For I showed no such restraint (I hope I did in my writing, but if you had heard me while I was doing the writing, even you would have blushed). We have the same expression over here, but it is “Can’t do that, it’s above my pay grade.” Now calm down, lest Sheila has to say “yes, dear”.

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      • Bloated oafs as Presidents by quirky circumstances I can sorta put up with; history is like that.
        Officials who won’t do their job of serving the public and sticking to a rule book incur my wrath and ire. (and get included as minor characters in Fantasy novels)😤


  4. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. I seen some bits of the story but did not know the full extent of the horrible actions of the authorities. What have we become to do this to a child, an ill child. What were those adults guarding a door of a small child. How do they justify not closing the door for privacy of the child. Did they think of their children in that situation? Their brother or sister? Dang this upsets me. I agree lets get this story out there. Hugs

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    • Thank you so much for sharing this story. You ask some of the same questions I asked myself as I wrote this, and I have no answers. I hope the nation speaks out in defense of this poor little girl. Thanks again … and Hugs back!

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      • I do not recognize the nation I was born in. I do not remember this country acting this way when I served two tours in the military to safeguard civilian rights and freedoms for all. I do not remember such bitterness as there is now when I worked in the hospital ICU taking care of the sickest of people. How do I get people to see the road traveled has a turn off to a better road. We can stop the plunge to madness and totalitarianism. Do our ICE agents now go after little girls in the hospital because they are afraid of the gangs in the city streets? Is any job worth terrorizing a small child. In my entire life with all the things I have seen and done the answer is no. We give praise and regards to our military over seas when they are shown helping the children, we should expect as much here at home from our people. Hugs

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        • My friend, I wish I had answers to your questions, but as I am sure you already know, I do not. I have been trying since Trump threw his hat into the arena in June 2015 to open people’s eyes, but to little avail. I keep trying, but some days I feel that I am going backward. The divisiveness in this country and the willingness of some to blindly believe what they are told to believe like lemmings following Trump off a cliff are the things that are most frightening. If Trump left office today, I think it would take decades to heal the great divide. We just keep fighting, those of us who have a conscience, who operate with humanity, compassion and love just keep using our voices in whatever way we can, for if we stop, if we turn a blind eye or bury our heads in the sand, then we end up as the Jews did some 70 years ago. At the same time, though, do not let it consume you, for it will drag you down quickly. I often say I live in the ‘rabbit hole’ and every now and then I have to come up for air. Take care, my new friend! Hugs!!!

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  5. Jill, when we lose our empathy and humanity, we are just another country. While the following is a small issue, it goes into the mindset of the Man in the White House. Entertaining the kids of the White House media with Halloween, he asks them if their parents do fake news on them. Why? Why must he compete and denigrate at every moment? What kind of person picks on kids’ parents through the kids? Keith

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  8. I hope ICE are held up to ridicule for this action. Four men who could have been safeguarding Trump’s border until the infamous wall is built are taken to ensure a desparate 10 year old did not break out of custody during an operation.or during recovery. I hope they’ve doubled the team as she’s got better.The damage such a child could do on the loose. I hope her grandmother can get some help from a get access to this little girl and custody of her while these asses make a decision regarding her status.
    Let me make his clear America Your rat in the White House is a disgrace, Not just practicing the worst nepotism I’ve ever seen, but treating his job as the best business opportunity ever. He’s tried to punish the people with the worst health service ever whilst trying to overturn every rule put in place by a good man. You have to change things while there’s still a country willing to deal with you on the world stage.
    xxx Cwtch xxx.

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    • This one broke my heart, as you already know. The inhumanity. My hope is that we can raise awareness and that everybody expresses their outrage until finally something is done to help this poor child, and to prevent this ever happening again.

      And yes, we have gone from a respected nation to a laughingstock and now to an abomination in just nine short months. Where does the madness stop? I ask the question, but I have no answers. 😥

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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