AG Jeff Sessions Is In Hot Water With His Fellow Senators

You will never, ever, in a million years believe this, but Jeff Sessions lied under oath! Yes, I know it’s incredible, but our friend Gronda has all the details. Seriously, though, this is important information and Gronda has done an excellent job of summing it up for us, so please take a few minutes to read … the rest of the story! Thank you so much, Gronda!

Gronda Morin

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The republican President Donald Trumpโ€™s Attorney General Jeff Sessions who was the former senator from Alabama, finds himself in hot water again. When he has testified in the past before his fellow senators, he has managed to evade uncomfortable questions with carefully worded statements and answers.

With recent revelations, his fellow senators want him to explain under oath certain omissions in his past testimony. It seems that the recently FBI indicted George Papadopoulos has disclosed facts about a meeting where Mr. Sessions and the president were present. The campaign foreign policy adviser was discussing how he had Russian contacts who would share their data on the democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Then Carter Page, another foreign policy adviser has stated that he had advised Mr. Sessions about a trip that he was taking to Russia. Apparently, Jeff Sessions has not been forthcoming with this information when questioned by hisโ€ฆ

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13 thoughts on “AG Jeff Sessions Is In Hot Water With His Fellow Senators

  1. Dear Jill,

    I think of Jeff Sessions as a slippery smart White nationalist who is a zealous ant-immigration advocate.
    When he shut down George Papadopoulis at the March 2016 meeting when the young upstart started talking about his Russian connections which could benefit the campaign, it was because he knew that this was wrong.

    After he was confirmed, he knew enough to make sure he could recuse himself from having anything to do with the FBI’s Russian investigation. He wanted no part of this but he does know things.

    He has tolerated the president’s criticisms of him because he is a true believer who wants to implement policies based on his ideologies which I totally find unconscionable.But because of the surrounding circumstances he has been somewhat hampered.

    He has been too clever by half.

    Thanks again for the reblog.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, Sessions is indeed slippery and smart, and he has played his cards cleverly so far, but I think he may be on his way to his final destiny. Timing is everything, though. Isn’t it a shame that instead of having people in the administration just doing their jobs for the good of the nation, everybody seems to be spending all their time evading and making up lies to cover their butts? How, I wonder, does anybody get any work done in Washington these days? I will be happy when this entire circus gets tossed out on the street. Sharing your work is always my pleasure! Hugs!!!

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  2. Maybe I’m naive but if you have to dissimulate, lie, cheat and bully your way to the top, doesn’t that prove you’re unfit for the position? The problem isn’t with these crooks but with the electorat – any way you shake the ticket barrel. If “the people” believe they live in a democracy and they choose to have known criminals (indicted or not, there’s the public track record to go by) as rulers, then this is just fine. Any attempts at putting “justice” in the picture is really a waste of time.. and counter to the majority wish of the sheeple. Let these crooks give themselves more billions of dollars in bailouts… you know, for the stress of being challenged and questioned.

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    • I fully agree. It’s basically a case of the people voted for him, so they are getting what they deserve. But … the reality is that the majority of people did not vote for him, however the electoral college system put him in office anyway. Yes, he had a track record, but to those who voted for him, even though his poor record in terms of humanity was on display for all to see, the people who voted for him seemed not to care. And in one sense, they are getting what they deserve. But those of us who had the good sense not to vote for him are paying the highest price. Nothing is simple, though it should be. Thanks for dropping by … always good to see you!


    • Ah well … yes, when the highest-ranking member of law enforcement in the nation lies under oath, it is time for him to go. BUT … from the liberal point of view, he is serving the purpose of making it almost impossible for Trump to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller. We know for a fact that Russia did meddle in our election, and we have evidence already that at least some of Trump’s campaign staff were involved in discussions with Russia on how to discredit Hillary Clinton. I want to know … I want answers … who was involved? How high does it go? And I want those people who were involved out of the White House. So, it is important to me that Bob Mueller be left alone to complete his investigation, which is no doubt going to run well into next year. Which leaves us in a quandary about Sessions. Nothing is simple these days, is it?

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        • Well, while I have not yet read Donna Brazile’s book yet (it is on my very long TBR list) I cannot speak to that, but I do realize there are yet questions surrounding Hillary Clinton that should be answered. The thing is, though, that Hillary Clinton is not in a public office, she is not president, whereas Trump is in the office that holds all our lives and the future of our nation at stake. And, the people surrounding him, people who may well have broken the law to get where they are, make decisions every day that affect our lives. It is fine to ask to know more about Clinton’s actions, but it is more important, in my eyes, to find out what the people in office right now have done … and are doing.

          I personally think that Trump’s continued tirade against Clinton is mostly a diversionary tactic to try to draw attention away from the entire Russian-Trump questions. It’s rather like a child who, confronted with his own transgressions, diverts his mum’s attention by pointing out that the dog just peed on the carpet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          • Good points, but frankly, I think the whole Russian Collusion thing is the diversion. The Clintons have done some seriously screwed up stuff if what is on the Internet is true. The media has been chasing after this “Russian” thing for a year with ZERO results. I stopped watching the news altogether a while ago. It’s all propaganda from both the right and the left. I prefer to read and think critically about things. What came out with the Brazil thing is definitely disturbing, particularly how the Clintons were funneling money through the Canadian location of their foundation. Then there’s the whole Uranium thing with the Russians.
            I think both the Left and the Right are in for some real surprises in the upcoming months. As to the Trump Presidency, I agree that we ought to know who is in the White House, but frankly, it has demonstrated over the last few years that the Republican Establishment don’t want to do anything, but waste time. I personally don’t think you have anything to worry about. The President is hamstrung by a Republican Party who is afraid or unwilling to do anything he wants. Thank God for checks and balances right?
            All that being said, we are definitely living in interesting times. I have grown to become more “detached” from all of it.
            I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the Mueller investigation uncovers.

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            • Well … let me start with the parts where I can agree with you, for I don’t always wish to seem defiant and argumentative ๐Ÿ˜‰ I agree that the media often distract and are sometimes a bit more noise than anything else. However, any idea of curtailing their freedom to report as they see fit is abominable to me, for they are the watchdog, and without a free press, we would lose any notion of being a democratic republic.

              I fully understand what you say about becoming detached. I did a post a while back about this … I believe it was in regards to the back-and-forth between Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea, and there was just so much of it every day, with nothing actually happening, that I posited we are becoming complacent, and that is dangerous, but hardly surprising. I, too, sometimes see something and sigh, saying, “yeah, yeah, so tell me something new”. But the problem there is that we get so used to seeing, for example, the words “Mueller … Russian investigation” that we just barely even take note. And yet … one day … the news is new and important, but our eyes are already glazed over and we do not see.

              I would now disagree that there have been zero results on the Russian investigation(s), for there is hard evidence of a number of meetings and contacts between members of the Trump campaign and Russians in positions of authority. Remember Mike Flynn? Have you also read of Papadopoulos’ statements, most of which are not yet made public. And the meeting between Don Jr., Manafort, and Kushner with a Russian operative who offered to provide damning information about Clinton? And by necessity, Bob Mueller is playing his cards very close, as he should, and I strongly suspect there is much more to come, though I don’t see how he can possibly complete his work before mid-2018. But one thing that I think is telling is that to me, Trump acts guilty. He deflects and re-directs public attention every times there is a hint of something coming, and usually his target is back to Hillary, although he likes blaming Obama for as much as he can, too. Why blame a former president or a former opponent. Face up to the accusations and address them, rather than turning attention away from yourself. I see that as a sign that something is not quite right.

              As for Hillary Clinton, I have not taken the time to read the latest, admittedly, for there are only so many hours in a day, and frankly I spend 12 or more of them researching and writing as it is. Having suffered some minor burnout last week, I am trying to pace myself. However, I will soon look into them and do some research on my own, as is my way, and then I will be better equipped to address your comments. But again, I am less concerned with her than I am with the administration that is daily holding our very democracy in its hands. My biggest concerns, as you will see if you stick with me for a bit, are bigotry in all forms, including racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc., and the environment, which I believe will be irreparably harmed by the likes of Pruitt, Perry & Trump himself. And civil rights, which includes racism, but goes further, and with Sessions as AG, I fear stepping backwards in this area. So, I probably have not addressed your concerns, but I’m trying … and once again, I do appreciate you reading and commenting!

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