Yet another Greek tragedy…

Once again, I share a post by “From Greece with Love”, the Scottish girl living on the isle of Kos in Greece, and dedicating her life to helping refugees arriving on the island. Her post today brings tears, and reminds us that while we are sitting in our warm cozy homes, sipping our tea or coffee, people are fighting for their very lives. And it also reminds us, I think, of that old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Please take a moment to read this first-hand story of the most recent tragedy … and to remember those who died while simply trying to stay alive. Thank you, Scottish Girl, for sharing this part of your life with us … stay strong and thank you for doing what you do.

From Greece With Love

It has been over two years now since I first came to Greece. Before I jumped on that flight on Sept 29th 2015, with no idea how that decision would utterly change the direction of my life, I had been following the unfolding crisis in Greece for many months.

I don’t know what I expected to happen over all this time, but I had hoped that history wouldn’t continually repeat itself over and over again with no lessons being learnt and no real change.

Yesterday morning I woke up to news of another shipwreck in the region of Greece I now call home. I saw the messages of friends in my new home, the anger of yet another tragedy upon our doorstep. I saw the frantic grief of the volunteers on the island of Kalymnos who have dealt with too much death upon their shores already. I saw the…

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13 thoughts on “Yet another Greek tragedy…

  1. Thanks Jill. We had/have Calais on our doorstep and I can tell you that compassion fatigue is a terrible thing, but it happens. Many of us who spent cold days sorting donations of clothes and bedding and tents both for Calais and Greek islands have long since given up in the face of the extension of the crisis over so much time, squabbles between organisers of the voluntary efforts and official reluctance to help. Petitions to our government to take more refugees have come to nothing. We have crossed by on the other side of the road, here in Britain. It is dreadful. You have reminded me – time to send help even if only small donations of cash to people like Scottish girl to buy food. Thank you.

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    • Thanks, Mary! Yes, the refugee crisis is one with no easy solutions, too much divisiveness, and one that is not likely to end anytime soon. Scottish Girl is my hero, for she is doing instead of just talking, and I always feel a bit ashamed, a bit guilty when I read her posts, for here I am, sitting cozy, safe and warm in my home, whining about something so mundane and irrelevant, while others are on a small, crowded boat in the middle of the ocean, fighting for their very lives. Sigh. Hugs, my friend!

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      • It’s as well that we do Jill. If we knew of every suffering, of every injustice in the world, we would surely go mad.
        The most we can do is cling to Compassion, Tolerance and Respect and give what we can, as we can, when we can to help


  2. Dear Jill,
    Thank you for sharing this story from :Scottish girl.” These deaths and horrors of what fellow human beings are undergoing just for trying to flee dangerous areas is unconscionable
    Surely, we are better than this. I so admire your friend for doing what she can to help.
    Hugs, Gronda.

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    • Thanks, Gronda. Yes, I admire her very much and hope it doesn’t take such a toll on her as to ruin her life, for she is quite young yet. Such a human tragedy, and yet so many would allow these senseless deaths to continue rather than move over and make a bit of room for the refugees. Sigh.

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  3. One would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the Scottish Girl’s story.
    Crying bitter tears will not make it better, only governments can really make this terrible situation better, and what do they care? Governments care nothing ~ they only make a show of caring.
    Thank you for posting this Jill ❤ ❤ ❤

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