🍂 Jolly 🍂 November 🍂 Monday 🍂

Good Monday Morn, my dear friends, and welcome!

Did everybody (in the U.S.) remember to change your clocks back Saturday night?  I did not, and was confused and confounded all day long yesterday, but then that is not exactly abnormal … no, folks, don’t even think about a snarky remark here!  Autumn is here … I know this because one night I had to turn the air-conditioning off and the heat on … all at once.  But, the trees are all in full autumn colour, the leaves just beginning to fall en masse, and the stores already have their Christmas decorations out.  I hope you all had a great weekend and now what better way to start a new week than with a bit of humour, a few chuckles, and many smiles to carry us forth into the unknown.  So, grab a cup of coffee and a donut (or two) and sit back ready to turn the corners of your mouths up!

Welcome back, Steve … donuts especially for you!

Finger-lickin’ good  🍗 🍗 🍗 …

kfc-bath-bombsKFC … Kentucky Fried Chicken … good ol’ Colonel Sanders … has launched a new product, but you won’t want to eat it.  You might wish to bathe in it, however, for it is ‘drumstick bath bombs’, that will leave you smelling just like fried chicken!

Novelty retailer Village Vanguard has worked with KFC to manufacture the oddity. Apparently, it really does smell like KFC’s famous recipe, a homage to the delicacy. The company has launched the quirky bath bomb in Japan as a limited edition. Just 100 lucky winners will get to enjoy it. Still, it’s quite interesting. How on earth do you get a bath bomb to smell like fried chicken? People around the world are excited.

kfc-bath-bomb-2One Twitter user said: “Be thankful you exist at the same time as KFC bath bombs.” Another said: “Might quit my job and sell homemade KFC bath-bombs on Etsy”. Not everyone appears all that keen, however. One Twitter user said: “Somebody out there wants to smell like a bucket of chicken? Really?”  I have to agree with that last one.

Now, what I am trying to imagine is coming downstairs after a nice KFC-scented bath, and how I would be greeted by the Significant Seven!  I suspect I would look something like this …

cat fight

No kiwi fruit sold to minors …

It has been a long time since anybody asked me to show identification in a restaurant, bar or store.  A verrrrrry long time, in fact, since I was last ‘carded’.  But the only things I have ever needed to show ID for were alcohol or tobacco products, never kiwi!  That’s right … you heard me correctly ,,, kiwi … the little brownish on the outside, green on the inside fruit pictured below …

kiwiIn the UK’s ASDA supermarket in Manchester, one must show ID in order to prove they are at least 25 years of age before they are allowed to purchase this cute li’l fruit.  Why, you ask? According to The Independent …

“… the move was designed to protect singer Harry Styles at his gig at the city’s 02 arena.”

Apparently Mr. Styles was pelted with the fruit as he sang a song titled Kiwi at Hammersmith Apollo in London recently.  Then to add insult to injury, the fruit goop made for a slippery stage and Mr. Styles slipped and fell.


Harry Styles

“We know our customers love Harry Styles and we feel it’s our duty to protect a fellow Mancunian from any ‘bad kiwis’ amongst us. We’d hate to see a repeat of the mishap this evening, so to avoid any slippery situations, we feel this is a necessary measure.”

It seemed to me a measure destined to fail, as there are surely other supermarkets if someone wants to get their hands on a kiwi badly enough, and I was right, as the same thing happened again last Thursday.  But now I have this picture of a young teen standing outside the supermarket, and as an adult enters …

“Psssst … mister … over here.  I’ll give you £1 if you’ll buy me some kiwi.”

street kid

It’s the great pumpkin  🎃  …

Hallowe’en may be over, but pumpkins are still in vogue, at least until after Thanksgiving.  In fact, I still have one sitting on my front stoop that I have plans for:  scoop the innards, clean and roast the seeds, and let the cat, predictably the one named Orange, eat a bit of the scooped goop, for he loves it.  So I decided that it isn’t too late for this story about competitive giant pumpkin-growing.

It didn’t set a world record, but the winner of the 44th World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, California, was the heaviest pumpkin in the history of the competition. A forklift hoisted the giant pumpkin onto a scale last week in downtown Half Moon Bay, near San Francisco. It registered 2,363 pounds, making it the seventh win for grower Joel Holland of Sumner, Washington.


Joel Holland’s 2,363 pound winning pumpkin

Holland took home $16,541, or $7 per pound, for his gigantic gourd. But the coveted title of world-record holder eluded him. That honor goes to Mathias Willemijns of Belgium, whose 2016 European champion weighed a whopping 2,624 pounds.

pumpkin-2Hmmmm … Miss Goose and I grew some pumpkins a few years ago (see below) … perhaps we should try our hand again!

tiny pumpkins

A galloping DUI …

In Polk County, Florida, the Sheriff’s department received numerous calls from motorists reporting a drunk driver.  Soon thereafter, deputies arrested 53-year-old Donna Byrne and charged her with driving under the influence (DUI).  Now you are saying to yourself, “so what?” Well, I bet you’re wondering what sort of vehicle Ms. Byrne was driving, aren’t you?  Awwww, c’mon guys … play along here … ask me the question.  AHA … I knew it … I knew Gronda would ask, if only to get me to hurry along here.  She was driving … a HORSE!  That’s right … she was riding her horse right down a busy highway.

horse in duiWhen police arrested her, her blood-alcohol was more than twice the legal limit in Florida; the horse’s, however, was normal. In addition to the DUI, she was also charged with animal neglect for endangering and failing to provide proper protection for the horse. Turns out Ms. Byrne is not a first-time offender, but has been arrested on five felony charges and 10 misdemeanor charges, including animal cruelty and drug possession.  Poor horse!

DUI Horse

Donna Byrne

On playing with food …

Who says it isn’t okay to play with your food?  This Vienna, Austria based orchestra plays solely with instruments made from vegetables!  I scoffed when I first saw the story, but once I listened to them … well, they are pretty darned good!  Take a look …

And now, friends, it is time for my nap … er … household chores! And time for you all to go earn a living or, if you’re retired like some of us, go write a book, listen to some good music, read or … nap. I’ve enjoyed our time together, as I always do on Monday mornings, and I hope you leave with a smile. Remember to share that smile, for we could all use one these days, yes? Keep safe and I wish you all a happy week! Love and hugs from Filosofa!

31 thoughts on “🍂 Jolly 🍂 November 🍂 Monday 🍂

  1. Dear Jill,
    Do you think anyone would be attracted to the KFC chicken smell on someone’s body vs. a bucket. Maybe folks from Japan would be smitten. Since 1974 KFC chicken has been a favorite Christmas dinner.They are crazy for KFC..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Jill,
      I hadn’t finished my response before it posted, all by itself.
      That KFC smell would attract a lot of dogs.
      I wonder what would have happened if the horse hit a vehicle. This does happen in horse country.Would she have been charged with vehicle manslaughter while driving under the influence? Her horse needs to be protected from her. She needs to do some jail time to get dry/ clean.
      Incidentally, I live just south of Polk County.
      The Kiwi mishap is bound to get repeated. Is security going to check peoples out before the enter a concert?. Surely, there are better solutions like a huuuge fine if the thrower hits the mark.
      I am eating my vegetables. With Florida sunny weather in the low 80’s, we haven’t had to deal with leaves, yet.
      Thanks for another fun post. Hugs, Gronda


    • Me too, my friend. Even with the extra hour, I cannot seem to get on top of things and feel as if I am chasing my tail most days. I’m so far behind … really need an extra 4-6 hours each day! But yes, springing forward always throws me off worse, but it is so nice when it stays dark later … I dislike this early darkness.


  2. Delightful mixture of ‘KFC bathbombs’, ‘Stylish Kiwis’, Orange Pumpkin Guzzlers and Horsey Drunk Drivers…..Great Start to the Week! Splendidly topped with Leafy Cartoons….. 😉 Have a Walloping Week! Hugs! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yep, autumn is here too … quite chilly this morning and loads of leaves on the ground. The clock goes back already on the last weekend of October here, so by now I guess everyone has caught up. It does get dark awfully early now though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, that is what I dislike most, the fact that it is dark so early that if we want to go for a walk, it has to be in the middle of the afternoon. And, since I can no longer drive at night, it means I must time any trips out quite carefully. Sigh.

      The clock used to go back on the last Sunday in October here, but a few years ago some brilliant politician decided to change it and add a week of daylight savings time on either end, so now we are out of sync with you guys. Too confusing for this old calcified brain. 🙃


  4. The good thing about the ‘Hour Back’ is you either get an extra hour in bed, or find you have an extra hour of ‘tod things’ or ‘laze about’ in.
    One hates to profile, but Ms Byrne looks just the sort to go out sozzled on a horse; poor horse, at least its safe!
    And more profiling ; well nice thought ASDA, but in the UK it’s likely that the over 25s at a concert would be the ones throwing the kiwis (they have trouble accepting the ‘age’ thing).
    Great selection though Jill.
    Just the thing for a Monday morning!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Here in England the clocks went back a week ago, and my body clock has just about caught up with Greenwich Mean Time. And, all the trees have already cried their leaves into the streets. We are well into fall, (OK I speak transatlantic).
    What kind of idiot would want to put stuff in their bath that smells of KFC ~ oh that’s right some Americans, (sorry about that….) To me, that’s just gross.
    So, minors can’t buy kiwi fruit ~ an over-ripe tomato may be a better choice or throwing material anyway.
    Drunk riding a horse ~ weird. Very odd. The horse probably has more brains than the skank riding it.
    Monday morning here, housework and laundry time for me.
    Have a great week Jill.
    Lots of love, kisses, and hugs.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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