Charles Blow’s Thoughts About Donna Brazile’s Tell All Book On Hillary Clinton

The disastrous outcome of the 2016 election could have been prevented in so many ways, but it serves no purpose to look back and cry. When we look back, it should be to learn lessons from mistakes made. The “new” Democratic Party is being built as we speak, and friend Gronda has shared an excellent post about that. Please take a few moments to read! Thank you, Gronda!!!

Gronda Morin

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I have already stated my opinion that Donna Brazile as the former head of the Democratic National Committee had every right to have her book published. However, my analysis is that her underlying premise that the democratic candidate rigged the nomination process is way overstated.

Here are the thoughts on this subject by one of my favorite columnist…

On November 5, 2017, Charles M. Blow of the New York Times penned the following report, “The New Democratic Party.”

“A year ago this week, America made what I believe history will record as one of the greatest electoral mistakes in the life of the nation: It elected Donald Trump president of the United States.”

“It did so while drowning in Russia-produced propaganda, under a torrent of Russia-stolen emails, facing the stiff arm of renewed voter suppression, and on the watch of a splintering and dysfunctional Democratic Party.”

“All of those…

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23 thoughts on “Charles Blow’s Thoughts About Donna Brazile’s Tell All Book On Hillary Clinton

    • No, she won’t run. She is well-qualified and I think would be a fine president, but she had enough of the b.s. for eight years, and has plainly said “no way”. And in truth, I do not think she could win an election, no matter how qualified. Why? Two reasons, sad to say: a) she is African-American, b) she is female. Sad, but true.

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        • Hmmmm … I’d like to think you’re right and that the nation would rise above the current climate, but even so, she has made it clear since before Barack even left office that she has no interest, and I don’t look for her to change her mind. I would vote for her as I have always admired her and think she would do an excellent job. And frankly I don’t see many on the horizon who excite me. Cory Booker, maybe.

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            • I fully agree. But I think of it this way … these people would do a great job, in part, because they are highly intelligent. Any highly intelligent person would not want the job! That is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I suspect there is a grain of truth to it … I wouldn’t want it … would you? With the current polarization, what I refer to as ‘the great divide’, whoever is president will be subjected to intense scrutiny and hatred from half the nation. Remember when Michelle Obama was criticized for wearing a sleeveless dress? And Barack Obama was criticized for not having his flag pin on his lapel one day? That is why I think it is so important that we, the ordinary people, start talking to each other and stop yelling and hating. There is common ground … you and I have proven that one … but people are too busy criticizing to look for it. And now, I shall step down off my soapbox 😉

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