Mike Pence is WRONG …

I don’t know when it happened, and given that he is not much in the public eye, Mike Pence’s absence was not even noted nor notable.  But sometime in the past few months, Mike Pence had a lobotomy.  Yes, folks, he had a large portion of his brain removed from within his skull.  The proof is in the following editorial he wrote (annotated by my snarky remarks, of course), published in USA Today on 08 November 2017:

One year ago Wednesday, President Donald J. Trump won a historic victory. But even more historic has been President Trump’s record of accomplishment ever since. (Reversing prior sound policy and dividing a nation are not what I would call accomplishment)

It’s been a year of action. It’s been a year of results. And it’s been a year that will be remembered as the time we began to Make America Great Again. (The only actions have been negative, and the only results have been to ruin our reputation abroad and create irreparable divisiveness on the domestic front. And define ‘great’, and ‘great’ for whom?)

Thanks to the president’s leadership, the American economy is roaring. Businesses have created nearly 1.5 million new jobs (employment rate is actually lower than it was for much of the last 4 years under President Obama – see chart at bottom). Manufacturers haven’t been this confident in 20 years. The stock market is setting records (it is an unsupported rise and when it crashes, as it will, millions will lose everything), creating nearly $5 trillion in wealth for the pension, retirement and savings of the American people. And after eight years of lackluster growth, the economy has already expanded by at least 3% for two quarters in a row. (the GDP met or exceeded 3% eight times under Obama)

The U.S. economy is making a comeback because President Trump has taken decisive action to spur a new era of opportunity, prosperity and growth. (The trend began under the Obama administration)

We’ve unleashed American energy, approved the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, and under President Trump, the “war on coal” is over. (There is no longer a vast market for coal, as sustainable energy sources, ie wind and solar, have proven cleaner and less expensive. Coal mining is a dinosaur destined for extinction)

We’re appointing originalists to the federal courts, to uphold the Constitution and all our God-given liberties. And President Trump put Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. (the rights to which you refer are given under the Constitution, they are not “God-given”. You imply God gave the right to carry guns? Further, the framers of the Constitution fully intended it to be a living document, interpreted in such a manner as suited the times, realizing that changes would come that they could not imagine)

President Trump has also taken decisive action to ensure the safety and security of the American people, at home and abroad. He has stood without apology with the men and women of law enforcement. We’re securing our borders, enforcing our laws and taking the gang members, drug dealers and violent criminals off our streets. (The majority of our crime is committed by white male citizens, not Hispanics, not Middle-Easterners.  No wall, no travel ban, can protect us from the average John Doe with a gun)

The president is putting our veterans first. He signed bills to restore accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs and give veterans access to the world-class care they deserve.

We’re rebuilding our military. President Trump has already signed the largest increase in defense spending in nearly 10 years, and we are working with Congress to pass one of the largest investments in the national defense since the days of Ronald Reagan. (We already had the single largest military budget in the western world — see chart below — and yet we would take health care from millions to expand the already bloated military budget)

With renewed American strength, the president is achieving real results on the international stage. (True, we have gone from a well-respected ally to the laughingstock to a pariah, all in just 9 short months)

Our NATO allies are contributing more to our common defense. ISIS is on the run, and its caliphate is crumbling (to the extent this may be true, the credit belongs to many, not solely to Trump). This president reaffirmed the credibility of American power when he enforced a red line against chemical weapons in Syria (killing civilians willy nilly in the process). He put Iran on notice and made it clear that we cannot certify the Iran nuclear deal (the deal was being upheld by Iran and there is no reason for us not to certify it). And our administration has brought unprecedented economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on North Korea. (all he has done is increase the risk of an armed conflict by taunting Kim Jong-un)

It has been a year of accomplishments, and we’re just getting started. Before this year is out, we’ll pass historic tax cuts for the American people. And with President Trump’s leadership, I know: We will Make America Great Again. (If the tax cuts pass, it will only raise the deficit and hurt the very people who most need help, while helping those who need it least)

One year after the 2016 election … I remember crying that night, and now I remember why. Either Mike Pence has had a substantial portion of his brain removed, or he is on hallucinogenic drugs, or he is so afraid of Trump that he is toeing the Trump line.  Whichever it is, he is wrong.

Employment Rates 2007 – 2017

jobs chart

military spending

45 thoughts on “Mike Pence is WRONG …

  1. Well, he would say all this wouldn’t he, being VP an’ all. Goes with the job. ‘Everything is fine’. ‘All is wonderful’
    To modify a quote from Michael Herr’s book ‘Despatches’ . “It’s like the Captain of the Titanic saying ‘Don’t worry folks. We’re just stopping to take on a little more ice for the drinks'”.
    Your comments in blue say it all Jill.

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  2. If you think things are bad in America, (and they are), you should be here in England right now. The government is in meltdown and our prime minister, Theresa May, is acting like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming fire truck.
    The captain of the Titanic did much better than Theresa May is doing right now.
    Love and kisses Jill. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Yes, I was reading a bit about that earlier this evening and considering writing about it. No nation is without its troubles these days … much of which, I believe, tracks back to the Arab Spring movement which led to the refugee crisis which led to the current populist/nationalist movement sweeping the western nations. But … a complex topic for another time. I like your analogy to the captain of the Titanic! Hugs, Jack … ❤


  3. Jill, I am not a fan when people rewrite history to build themselves up, as you noted. As an example, in May, 2017, the current economic growth period was at 95 consecutive months (see below), the third longest growth period ever. It is now over 100 months. The VP may want to subtract 95 months from April, 2017 and it would be during the Obama Presidency when this thing started. The President should thank Obama for passing the baton on a percolating economy, although too few people realize this (some Republicans think the recession started under Obama, but it started when Bush was President). Also, unemployment is down, the stock market is up and job growth continues, but all of that was occurring during the Obama administration as well. The stock market more than doubled under Obama and there were over 11 million net new jobs. I am delighted that has continued under Trump.

    With that said, the President position gets too much credit and blame for the economy. They do provide headwinds or tailwinds. As Warren Buffett has said numerous times, Presidents should not beat on their chest too much when the economy is good, because they will then need to raise their hand when it tanks. The irony here is Trump said the unemployment rate under Obama was bogus saying it was 8 times higher, if true would have put us in a severe depression. The same type numbers continue under Trump and now they have become accurate measurements.



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    • Yes, Trump is riding on the coattails of the Obama administration, while at the same time trying to undo all the good that was done by Obama and Co. They put a spin on it, he takes credit. Nothing surprising in it, I suppose, but what is surprising is how many people buy into the spin. People listen to what he says and either believe it, or pretend to believe it, for to do otherwise would be to admit they made a mistake. The majority of us know the truth, for we take the time to read, to study the statistics, but there are always those who believe everything they see on Facebook, Twitter, Fox News and other less-than-reliable outlets. My fear is that this house of cards will come tumbling down because of foolish decisions Trump is making, and we will all pay the price. Thanks for the link …. interesting article!


  4. I guess it’s a case of “history is written by the victors.” At least, propaganda is.

    I think you’re especially right about the stock market. I’ve been through several of these now, and when that son of a gun collapses it’s going to be disastrous. I wouldn’t be surprised if the well-heeled are already taking their profits …

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    • Hi Kevin! Yes, the propaganda has a very specific purpose and what is disturbing is that there are those who will buy into what Pence says, hook, line & sinker. ‘Tis why I loudly cry “Foul!!!”

      The stock market is a strange creature, but from everything I have seen or read about predictive past behaviour, when it rises quickly, as it has, it is usually resting on a box of air and destined to plunge on the slightest provocation. In this case, the rich, encouraged by Trump’s promises to help them get even richer, invested heavily. Once the tides begin to turn, they will, as you say, start to pull their profits and … SPLAT! Of course that is over-simplification, but the other factor that I find disturbing is Trump’s rollback of Dodd-Frank. Much to be wary of, but it seems to me that it is a house of cards, so to speak.

      Good to see you!

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    • While I don’t know that I would go so far as to say he is worse than Trump, he certainly IS an idiot and a bigot on top of that. I did an analysis not too long ago and concluded that we have to go to the 6th in the line of succession to get one who might … might be a halfway decent president. 😦


  5. I’m sure there has been no operation (or nothing would be left). It’s merely the Ventriloquist’s dummy performing it’s script. I think if there’s a move to oust Trump you’ll see Pence (pretend to) step back in amazement as he puts his hand out for the keys.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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  6. Good post, Jill and great comments too. But what else did you expect? Truth? That would be most inconvenient when the entire Trump circus is a dog and pony show, smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand and outright, boastful, open lies.

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    • Thanks Sha’Tara! No, I never expected the truth, haven’t heard the truth from any of this bunch … but yet, it still amazes me when they take something so badly broken and spin it to sound like the most wonderful thing in the world. And what amazes me more is that people buy it! Not most people, but enough to make a huge racket.


      • I guess these people rely on the truism, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” When DT boasted about draining the swamp, what he really meant was, “You’ll be drinking deeply of its contents” which in context, kind of like the Reagan “trickle down” economic theory, means if enough people drank deeply enough of the swamp, the level would go down. Unfortunately it’s a sure way to poison the entire country and, oh boy, are those alligators hard to pass, not to mention the skunk cabbage.

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        • He drained the swamp … he brought in huge crocodiles to eat all the tiny alligators that were there! And you are quite right … a great way to poison the nation, turn it against itself, which is precisely what he has done, and yet there are those on either side that do not see it. Sigh. I wonder where this leads … 50-100 years from now … is this still a nation, or divided into several nations? A republic, or a dictatorship?


          • To somewhat answer your questions, assuming they aren’t rhetorical, we need to focus on current events and use our power of rational deduction to arrive at the most likely conclusion. 50 to 100 years from now, assuming no major shift in perspective, most nation states will have disappeared. However painful, we are already seeing a powerful force on behalf of non-national groups, i.e., races or religious groups, seeking independence from the nation states that have held them captive since to break-down of old empires. Nation states are corporations. They do not serve the deeper needs of those within and they have arbitrary borders. They separate people, not by natural boundaries easily respected, but artificially. Look at how ridiculous is the Canada-US border, the 49th parallel! Many Canadians along that border have dreamed long and hard to join with their neighbour state… and why not? They are the same people! The moment we speak non-politically nation states mean nothing. There are no legitimate “nationalities” – there are races. Nations make it possible to concentrate power in a few hands and make it possible to “rule” without representing “the people” because that entity does not exist, as such. A smart politician or dictator knows which groupings of “the people” will stand by him and s/he will use those to oppress the rest and secure her/his own base.
            Specifically to “America” let me ask: why did the writers of the constitution not bother to give that entity a name, like all other nations? America defines three continents, the “Americas” – South, Central and North. Thus we’re all “Americans.” Was that the intent, to create in the minds of the people a sense of manifest destiny that would eventually see “America” as the single political unit ruling all Americas? As to the other moniker used: the United States of America, that’s even more shady, or meaningless, definitely not a name. Americans should hold contests to come up with a suitable name, then plebiscites or referendums to decide which would be adopted as the nation’s legitimate name. The next logical step would be to adopt a “moving” capital. Each election would see the national seat moved to a different state, territory or an indigenous territory even if the president wins a second term.


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