And In Today’s Bad Taste Section …

Any who know me well know that I have an extreme distaste for Wal-Mart.  The reasons are numerous, starting with the way they treat their employees, their environmental practices, their poor quality products and much more.  I have boycotted Wal-Mart for years now and will continue to do so.  However even I could not have predicted how low they could stoop, what poor taste they would exhibit with their latest faux pas.

Wal-Mart Is Selling Prints of Japanese Internment Camps as ‘Perfect’ Wall Art

The retailer is offering 15 posters of the forced relocation of tens of thousands of Japanese Americans, which occurred during World War II, including ones of children waiting to be transported and a group of Japanese women within the grounds of an internment camp. The pictures are described as “the perfect Wall Art for any home, bedroom, playroom, classroom, dorm room or office workspace.” – Think Progress, 11 November 2017

What’s next?  Pictures of bodies in the ditches of Auschwitz?  This is not the first time Wal-Mart has come under fire for selling controversial products.

  • In September, 2016, a Wal-Mart in Panama City Beach put up a display that used Coke and Sprite boxes to create an American flag backdrop. In front of it, Coke Zero packages were stacked to resemble the World Trade Center towers. A banner above read, “We will never forget.” The display was quickly taken down amid complaints from shoppers, but still …

Wal-mart twin towers display

  • In July, 2014, a poster, featuring the main gate of the Dachau camp with the slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei”—”Work Makes You Free”—was being sold on Wal-Mart’s website. It, too, was quickly taken down and Wal-Mart issued a statement that it had been placed there by one of their third-party sellers, but still …

Wal-mart auschwitz

  • This past July, a netting weave cap was listed on Wal-Mart’s website, the colour described as “N—– Brown.” Again, the product was quickly removed, the blame placed on a ‘third-party seller’.  But still …

Wal-mart brown capMy best guess is that by the end of the day, the internment camp pictures will be removed, blame placed on a ‘third party seller’, and the incident will fade into the oblivion of most peoples’ minds.  But let me note here that Wal-Mart has full control of their website, that it is viewed by Wal-Mart’s own web developers daily, and that at the end of the day, Wal-Mart must accept responsibility for any and all content.

What is in the mind of whomever first came up with the idea, the person who thought this was a good idea, who thought it would add something to one’s living room to have this picture …

Wal-mart internment… hanging over the fireplace?  I realize that we are fast becoming a society inured to social injustice, placing it far lower on the priority list than greed and profit … but this???  Is there any one person reading this post who thinks this is okay? What kind of people are so greedy that they would profit from the pain of others?

I know a great many people who shop at Wal-Mart, though I refuse to.  They say they save a lot of money there, but I have my doubts, given the shoddy quality of their merchandise.  And those who call for this new “America First”, for the manufacturing of goods to return to the U.S. from overseas, need to note that Wal-Mart imports from China alone were estimated to have displaced some 400,000 jobs from U.S. workers between 2001 and 2013 1  Only one of many reasons to ask yourself if you might do just as well elsewhere.

Shopping at Wal-Mart is a bit like voting for Donald Trump or Alabama’s Roy Moore:  cheap, tacky, classless and tasteless.

1 New York Times, 09 December 2015

44 thoughts on “And In Today’s Bad Taste Section …

  1. Yes, now then I am going ask a very basic question.
    Has anyone at Walwart explained just how they reached the decision that posters of human misery would be a suitable decoration. Or have they sudden gone ‘punk’ and decided that knee-jerk controversy is a cool-way to sell stuff.
    Or are they just a complete bunch of sewer-heads beyond reasoning?
    (How did I manage that without using profanities??)

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    • I don’t know how you did it without profanity, Roger, but you did a great job! As to your question, I think the answer is all of the above. And just between you and me, I did NOT manage it without swearing, but at least I got it out of my system before I wrote the post. 🙂 Interesting times … this is not a world I recognize.

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      • I know the feeling Jill!
        I was a great reader of Golden Age SF (1950-1960s) years (and years) ago. This all reminds me of stories written by Robert Sheckley, who often dealt with the absurd. It has been argued he was the inspiration behind Douglas Adam’s ‘Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’

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        • You know whats odd, though? Some days, even in my own home, I look around and don’t recognize my own life, feel like I just don’t quite belong. Does that make any sense? I feel like a stranger everywhere sometimes. Too much time in the rabbit hole? I dunno, but it keeps drawing me back, even though I think I need a break, it is like a magnet. I see friends’ posts on Facebook about normal things, like their kids’ soccer games, birthdays, outings to the zoo, and I wonder how all this normalcy can be going on? I don’t know if any of it makes sense, and I wouldn’t admit it to just anybody, but somehow i think if anybody understands, it is you.

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          • Thank you so much for your confidence Jill.
            Yeh, I understand that fully. Reminds me of back in the 1980s when Thatcher was in full flood. I can’t recall one happy day, suppose there must have been some. All my memories are of ill-health, shortage of money, struggling to balance job with family and everyone else about me having a good time.
            It’s an old war out there Jill for the soul and the spirit of Humanity, and we who see the folly in pursuit of wealth for its own sake and the corrosion in the concept of Supremacy try and do what we can, as we can. But there are times when we need to take time out and draw back for a re-charge and some refreshing interludes.
            I found much of my WP times is spent visiting other folks blog, reading and leaving comments, which is rewarding. Then I find I’m getting stale and dashing through without reading properly, so it’s time to drop off the radar for a while. Then there are times when the idea pushes into my head that requires a post, or one of the book projects calls (hey! I’ve made a total of 10 sales on the two books thus far this year- that’s stupendous by my standards) and I’m tapping out words there. Some can do both, but it’s not the way my eco-system works.
            So, yes Life can go on. Some folk have shut out the whole thing and concentrate on their own world, family & friends which is cool if they are being happy and kind because that spreads out. Some give a small amount of time to ‘concerns’, then go back to their ‘normal’ life; again it’s a balance. Some are consumed by a cause and are constantly, physically active in that, which can go good or can go bad dependant on their stamina and balance.
            I’ve learnt it’s all about Balance. This of course does not stop me falling off my pulpit, or soap box, or out of my tree. This for me is the most important facet: I have to realise I can be a subject for humour as well; it’s a balance against a very dark anger.
            An’t we complex creatures Jill?
            Take care. Take time out. Refresh. Talk with Nature. Write some funny stuff (as wacko as you can, it’s very liberating).
            Best wishes to you Warrior Jill.

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            • Thank you so much, Roger! I knew you would understand, and it helps to know that I am not just a nutcase who has lost her marbles. Yes, I am trying for balance, but it’s not always easy. You are right, though, that I need to step away sometimes and also that I need to work on my humour once again … I rather let it fall by the wayside, and it is time I dig through the old boxes for my funny side! 🙃 Thanks for being a great friend … 🤗

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              • You’re welcome Jill 🙂!
                We’re all in this together. Sometimes even the bad stuff helps. If it hadn’t been for the disaster that is post-Brexit and the ignorant spiteful stuff dished out by some of the populace I would never have got my history of the Isles off the ground.
                Take care good friend. As your cats might say ‘Pause for Paws’ 😺!
                See you tomorrow…time for 😴 💤

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                • Yes, we ARE all in this together! And were it not for Trump, I might never have met all the wonderful friends I now have here on WordPress, for my blog started out as only book reviews, but then came Trump. Perhaps I owe him?

                  The cats, actually, are interesting, for some of them can tell when I am down and they stay by my side, nudging me with their heads for pets every now and then. But then, there is Tiger Lily who shredded my leg yesterday for no apparent reason!

                  Sleep well, dear Roger … 💤

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                  • Slept ok thanks Jill.
                    Aww good little cats!😽…… Perhaps Tiger Lily couldn’t find a suitable scratching post at the time😼…. One cat across the road from us used to use the front off-side tire of our car……I think she meant it as a friendly gesture, as in ‘Oh your mine now’😺

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                    • No, Tiger Lily is just plain ol’ mean! She was mad because I had her arch-enemy on my lap, so after staring at me didn’t get her what she wanted, she went into attack mode. With 7 moggies, there is never a time I don’t sport scratches 😀 Some days it is a zoo here!

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                    • I had fish a long time ago when my children were very small … a lovely assortment of tropical fish, 55-gallon tank, and one morning I got up to find them all floating. Turns out the kids turned the thermostat on the heater as high as it would go and cooked the poor little guys. :’) Yes, furry friend toys are far less problematic and always there when you need them.

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  2. Dear Jill,
    I confess that I shop on occasion at Walmart as it is conveniently located from where I live, but those days have ended. A COSCO has opened up near me and I now have my membership.
    I started out in the merchandising/ buying business for a huge retail business. I can tell you, that those items as described above should never have seen the light of a catalog (internet of today). I am talking about the years of 1972- 1976.
    It looks like we are going backwards in decency levels versus forwards.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • That is how I see it too, my friend. We are going backward in so many ways, as evidenced by the fact that we elected a president who has been sued for sexual harassment and admits to being a sexual predator. It is as if the world is coming out of some shell and it’s turning into a free-for-all, where there are no rules, no social norms. Sigh. Hugs!!!

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  3. Bad Taste and controversial Rhetoric seems to be rife just lately.

    I was totally flabbergasted yesterday by a blog condoning ‘rape’ by some guy on ‘WriterBeat.’ The world of ‘opinion’ seems to have started down a very dark path. Quite honestly, I feel I want to ‘put my head in the sand’ and pretend it isn’t so, but I keep getting grabbed by the neck and pulled way out of my comfort zone.

    WriterBeat found one of my blogs here on WordPress and (with my permission – I wasn’t aware of any reason not to) cross posted it. I have seen comments in the 100’s…which one might think is good, but WriterBeat is uncensored (a private enterprise) and seems to attract perverse anti best abolishment anything. Some here, might enjoy the rollicking discourse, but I find it negative, dark, dismissive and occasionally downright dangerous. Like Your examples here Jill, there are outlets for the most perverse and hateful things one can imagine going on everywhere. It is discouraging to say the least!
    Stupidity doesn’t enter into it…these are intentional to make society believe that human degradation (especially historical) is nothing more than good entertainment. It is totally sickening!

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      • Colette, I was on Writer’s Beat for awhile, but got weary of group that would gang up on commenters with venom and name calling. I stopped commenting and, as a result, my access was shut down. Keith

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          • Writers’ Beat is just bad news. They troll WordPress and probably other sites looking for material that they know will cause controversy on their website. I let them post one of mine, went there to see the comments and was appalled. So I unsubscribed – I think I had to ask permission to do so – and I would not go there again. I was told that to keep my membership I would have to contribute to comments on other blogs. I think they expected me to comment back on the stupid comments showing up from my article – as Bugs Bunny would say, “He don’t know me very well, do he!” Controversy, and titillating their clientele to keep and add numbers is their game.

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          • Jill, I felt like I was arguing with a fence post when they commented on the posts. Then, others and I were getting beat-up elsewhere inviting others to do the same like it was a club or gang. Interestingly, I keep getting invited back to join, but am still locked out. It is truly not worth the trouble. Keith

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        • I intend to delete myself there too Keith. It is something of a social experiment for the founder I think…with dark intentions. She (or he, who knows) posted a complaint email – again for the carnivores to rip apart. It is a shameful enterprise.

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    • Condoning rape? That’s atrocious! I now know to stay the heck away from Writer’s Beat! I’m with you, I find that type of ‘conversation’ to be dark, depressing, and counter-productive, for nobody is listening to anybody else, just shouting and spewing hate. I have also stopped shopping at Home Depot for home repair items, and am considering leaving Amazon if they continue advertising on Breitbart. If this keeps up, I will have to start growing my own food and making my own clothes before long, as there will be no companies left with a conscience! (yeah, okay, I’m being a bit over-dramatic here, but …)


      • So far I’m with you on boycott of “Homely Despot” and total boycott of Amazon, not because of where they advertise, I didn’t know that, but because Jeff Bezos is a psychopathic slave driver – the worst example of bossmanship anywhere, guaranteed. He’s insane. I can think of several positions he should aspire to: replacing “lil’ Kim” in North Korea, what’s-his-name king of Saudi Arabia or Nut and Yahoo of Israel. He’d show these three what brutality really means and how to apply it with a vengeance.

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      • I need to clarify here…
        Writer’s Beat is a different site to
        The latter is run on a private server by someone calling herself ‘Autumn Cole’ and the site is technically written on a private server (supposedly by her Millionaire Brother).
        I have just removed my post there…obviously taking the hundreds of comments away too. I couldn’t get rid of the profile or delete my Gravitar so I just renamed myself ‘Gone Away.’

        I did leave a final comment on the rape subject blog called “Why Most Women in Hollywood Deserved what They Got.’
        After my final rebuttal, I said that” I am done here!”
        Here is the final note to the creator of the site:

        “Autumn: Take note. You are encouraging the dark and nasty side of life to congregate here.
        Reading through these blogs sand worse, the comments, I have no desire to be here any longer.
        You may like to feed off the energy of all these negative, derisive comments (indeed you seem to encourage them), but people like me have a choice.”

        I do not think that WriterBeat is anything to do with Writer’sBeat. I think it is a dark place…AutumnCote trolls twitter looking for new blog sites with anything written that might feed her wolves. Beware!

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        • When you said that name, Autumn Cote, I remembered seeing email in my spam folder, but I ignored it, for I get some 100 spam a day and have no time to read them, but usually just scroll down to make sure there isn’t anything that doesn’t belong there, then delete them. Sure enough, I had several from her over the last month or so! Thankfully, I have a really good spam filter!

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  4. In all of these cases, and of course Walmart is fully aware of the controversy they’re raising, they are most likely endorsing the old Coca Cola 50’s and 60’s claim that for the corporation “any publicity is good publicity” and notoriety is free advertising. In today’s more informed internet reality, this may not be a smart move but in those days, people just laughed it off (whatever “it” was) and the negative publicity made people more aware of the product, resulting in what they called “incremental sales.” In other words, for the head office, it’s all good. If your sales are flat and you haven’t really got anything new or flashy to advertise, anything resulting in incremental sales is good. Next? Gambling, pornography… just wait for it.

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    • Rather like the child who misbehaves to get his parents’ attention, for ANY attention is better than none at all. My granddaughter said the same thing as I was writing this post. As I’ve said before, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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