Prayers are not enough

I sometimes feel as if I’m talking to a wall when I write about the need for far stricter gun laws than we have in this nation. Actually, I feel like I’m having my head beaten against a wall much of the time, for some Americans feel more strongly about their right to “bear arms” than they do their own children. But I refuse to “sit down and shut up”, as I have often been told when I tackle this subject. Friend and fellow-blogger Keith has written the best piece I have ever read, including my own, on this topic, and has given me permission to share it, so I ask you to please … PLEASE take a moment to read … and think about … what he says. Thank you, Keith!


There is an old joke where a man prays and prays for God to let him win the lottery. After years of praying, he asked God why have you forsaken me and deny me winning the lottery? The clouds parted and God said “It would help if you bought a ticket.”

After yet another gun tragedy, many have offered prayers in public places for the victims and their families, even in the halls of Congress. Being a religious man, I am all for praying, but after so many gun tragedies, it is time we “bought that lottery ticket” and take legislative action. The status quo is not working and legislators are simply not doing their job.

I have written variations of this several times and will have to write it again in the future as our Congressional representatives are too concerned with upsetting the NRA than trying to solve an obvious…

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5 thoughts on “Prayers are not enough

  1. My response to Keith.
    What do Trump and the Republicans gain from 75,000 Social Security mentally health disabled people to be left on the OK to buy a gun list . More likely I should be asking what the NRA gain since all decision regarding weapons seems to revolve around them.OK they gain monetarily from new membership subscriptions but is it as much as they spent on having the issue debated and confirmed. Probably not. I suggest then that those costs were probably covered by the Arms Companies which will benefit from the extra sales.
    With all the wars in the world is this really who should be dictating Government policy?
    Well written as usual Keith.

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      • Jill, there is much too long a list of children deaths or homicides caused by finding a loaded gun. The parents will have to live with their horrible safety mistake. These are accidents waiting too happen with too many who fail to be secure with their weapons. The child sees Daddy, Grandpa, Mama or Grandma cleaning a gun, etc. and the wants to be just like them when they come across it. Keith

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