Keurig vs Hannity — Round #1

Seriously folks?  Have we all lost our bloomin’ marbles here?  From the start, here’s what happened …

Keurig, the company who makes those single-cup coffee brewers like the red one on my kitchen counter, runs advertisements on Fox Network, notably on Sean Hannity’s program.  Sean Hannity came out last week in defense of Alabama’s candidate for U.S. Senate Roy Moore, the one who has been thrown off the judicial bench twice and is recently accused of sexual assault by no less than five women who were underage at the time of the assaults.


Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, a watchdog group dedicated to “correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media”, sent a message to Keurig …

“Good afternoon @Keurig. You are currently sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show. He defends child molester Roy Moore and attacks women who speak out against sexual harassment. Please reconsider.”

Keurig responded …

“Angelo, thank you for your concern and for bringing this to our attention. We worked with our media partner and FOX news to stop our ad from airing during the Sean Hannity Show.”

Are you with me so far? Good, for here’s where it gets strange. Hannity supporters (read, Trump supporters) went on the warpath and began smashing their coffee pots!


At about $120 per coffeemaker, I would have to say these people do not have a lot of sense … but then, they support Trump and watch Hannity, so that was a foregone conclusion. They also called for a boycott of Keurig, using the hashtag #BoycottKeurig.  One tweet reads:

“We CAN use the Power of the Purse to break the back of the corporate fascists. All we have to do is stop buying & stop using their products. It works. Merry Christmas, Keurig–good luck explaining this to your stockholders. #BoycottKeurig” – Linda Suhler, Ph.D.

I could not help myself (Roger, remember you told me to “go full defcon and humiliate them”?) and I responded: “Ph.D.???  In what … Idiocy?  You’re a nutcase, lady!!!” Okay, sure, I could have been a bit more professional, a bit more adult, but … remember who you’re talking to here … queen of snarky. Another tweet puts it on a more personal level …

“Liberals are offended by this video of a Keurig being thrown off of a building. Please retweet to offend a liberal.”

Hmmm … I am not offended … I just think you’re all a bit lunatic, destroying your own property in protest of a company who took a stand against a child molester.  Another tweeter said it best …

“Sorry, I was off Twitter for a while. It appears that people are destroying coffee machines to show their support of child molesters?”

Hannity-keurigHannity, it is said, is loving the brouhaha, laughed gleefully over the videos of people destroying their $120 coffee pots, and even tweeted …

“Deplorable friends, I am buying 500 coffee makers tomorrow to give away!!  Details on radio and TV. Hint; best videos!!”

Since then, Keurig’s CEO Bob Gamgort has said that pulling the ad was not standard practice and constituted “an unacceptable situation.” I am not certain if the ads have been replaced or not, but it really doesn’t matter, for the point is that people have become so moronic, so willing to jump into the fray and destroy even their own property to defend something that is indefensible. I am still scratching my head here, trying to understand this madness.  And shedding a bit of a tear for what we, as a society, have become.

34 thoughts on “Keurig vs Hannity — Round #1

  1. Dear Jill,

    I have had it with the Judge Roy Moore crowd Now, I will have to go and buy a Keurig.

    I was just watching Judge Moore’s lawyer thrashing Mrs. Nelson.

    Judge Moore was the one who said he never saw her before. Now they come out with proof that that Judge Moore signed her divorce orders against Mr. Harris in 1999. That could mean that the lawyers worked things out and the Judge signed the order.Then the lawyer said he found a hand writing expert to dispute that it was the judge’s writing in Mrs.Beverly Young Nelson’s HS yearbook. Then the pundits are assuming what the lawyer said is probably accurate and Gloria Allred should have done her fact checking.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You’ll like your Keurig! If I were rich, I think I would buy everybody I know one for Christmas! Be interesting to check Keurig’s stock a week from now.

      Yes, lies, lies and more lies. Even his friends from that time, people who worked with him, knew that he hung out with teenage girls. The Hill said a republican poll today puts Jones something like 12 points ahead of Moore now. But then … I saw an article that suggests Jeff Sessions might step down from the AG position to run in the Alabama election on a write in vote. They are hell-bent and determined to try to keep that Senate seat, by hook or by crook. I want to see the arrogant, racist pig Moore go down in flames! Am I being too mean?


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  2. Aww thanks for the ref Jill.
    But seriously…… so there I am a person who hates the one side of politics so much that they would rather have a child molester in govt! And what course of action do I take in protest against someone who offends me…..why I destroy an expensive piece of equipment that I paid for an action that is not going to harm the company in any way!
    Oh yeh, that makes perfect sense!……..
    For a law who (A) Bans the marrying of cousins.
    (B) Requires a person to pass an IQ test before being allowed out of the house.
    There were folk like that running around Berlin in May 1945………………………

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  3. I hope Keurig will stop sponsoring the Hannity show now. Whoever takes on the sponsorship can be boycotted by the decent half of society who don’t support pedophilia or maybe the station will decide to drop him to preserve their good name..
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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  4. I believe I mentioned ages ago that the man now in the Oval Office has turned over a number of rocks that should have been left alone. This is just another sign of that. At some point, I suppose, we will no longer be surprised.

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    • Yes, you and I have both mentioned that … and the vermin slithered out and are now reproducing more of their own kind. The day may come when we are no longer surprised, but I hope the day never comes when we are no longer offended. I fear the day coming when the bigots are the majority and those of us with a brain and a conscience are but a small minority.

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  5. Yep. Destroy a coffee maker in defense of a pedophile. Why am I not surprised? What did shock me yesterday and today were Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan telling Moore to remove himself. It felt like I was in an alternate universe where Repubs were doing something decent – and then I heard that they are trying to undo ObamaCare through their Tax bill. There it is!

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  6. Keurig makes good coffee, why not donate it to someone in need instead of destroying it, makes no sense. For all the Hannity/ Trump supporters out there, ur not making a bit of difference except now you have to buy a new coffee maker. I hope the temper tantrum was worth it?


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